Briggs and Stratton carburetors types

With the huge amount of gas petrol motors available for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, generators, and other small engines it is time for a complete list of Briggs and Stratton carburetor types available.

Briggs and Stratton are one of the most popular engines for lawn mowers all around the world, especially in America where its market share is huge.

Sometimes it is just cheaper and more simple to replace a lawnmower carburetor type rather than tear it down and repair it. Often it is simple as looking at a picture to work out Briggs and Stratton carburetor identification. It really is that simple.

Briggs and Stratton different types of carburetors explained

We have listed a few of the more popular Briggs and Stratton carburetor types so you can match it up with what you have. This is if you are missing your lawnmower model numbers.

799866 Carburetor

799866 Carburetor

The 799866 is a genuine replacement carburetor for single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engines. This OEM part is used on select 12 cu. in. vertical shaft L-Head engines and ensures proper fit and performance.

  • 799866 Carburetor fits Most 122000 Model B and S Engines.
  • 799866 Carburetor 128L05, 128L07, 128M02, 128M05, 128M07, 128T02, 128T05, 128T07, 12F802, 12F805, 12F807, 12F809, 12F812, 12F882, 12F887, 12F889, 12H802, 12H805, 12H807, 12H809, 12H812, 12H882, 12H887, models.
  • 799866 Carburetor Fits B and S 790845, 799871, 799866, 796707, 794304.

It is aluminum and has an inbuilt choke with a float bowl setup. Very reliable.

Check out the Amazon Price and Availability here.

591378 Carburetor

591378 Briggs and Stratton Carburetor

The 591378 is a genuine replacement type carburetor for Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder engines. This OEM part is used on select 20 cubic inches. horizontal OHV engines and ensures proper fit and performance.

For Fitment: for Briggs & Stratton # 697978, 796321, 696132, 696133, 796322, 699958, 697351, 699966, 698455, 695918, 694952, 695919, 695330, 796323, 695920, 695328.

Replacement 591378 Carburetor found here.

594058 Carburetor

594058 Briggs and stratton replacement carburetor

This 594058 carburetor is for the 163cc engine, which on my lawn mower is marked 7.25hp.

594058 is the reliable carburetor listed for engine Model 104M020008F1.

  • Fits models: 104M02-0001-F1, 104M02-0002-F1, 104M02-0003-F1
  • FITMENT: Compatible with Briggs and Stratton 09P702-0001-B1 Engine 09P702-0003-F1 Engine 09P702-0005-F1 Engine 09P702-0006-B1 Engine 09P702-0007-F1 Engine 09P702-0010-F1 Engine 09P702-0024-F1 Engine 09P702-0033-F1 Engine 09P702-0045-F1 Engine 09P702-0046-F1 Engine 09P702-0047-F1 Engine 09P702-0055-F1 Engine 09P702-0075-F1 Engine 09P702-0098-F1 Engine 09P702-0104-F1 Engine 09P702-0115-F1 Engine 09P702-0116-F1 Engine 09P702-0119-F1 Engine
  • Fits TB110 TB200 Poulan Pro 550ex 625ex.

Check out the price on the 594058 Carburetor here.

799868 Carburetor

799868 Briggs and Stratton aftermarket carburetor

Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Carburetor 799868

  • Briggs & Stratton 799868
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton Carburetor
  • Fits Most 124000 Model Briggs & Stratton Engines
  • Replaces Old Briggs # 498254, 497347, 497314, 498170, 497586, 497410

Buy the Briggs and Stratton 799868 carburetor here.

593599 Carburetor

593599  O.E.M. Briggs and Stratton Brand carburetor

593599 Genuine replacement Briggs and Stratton carburetor type for select model 12 engines with auto choke.

  • This product is O.E.M. Briggs and Stratton Brand authorized part
  • OEM Part Number 593599
  • 591137 Carb for 2700-3000psi pressure washer Troy Bilt 7.75 Hp 8.75 Hp engine
  • This kit includes: 1x carburetor, 2x gaskets, and an o-ring
  • This product is manufactured in China
  •  Suitable for Troy Bilt 020676-00 and Troy Bilt Power Washer 593599 2700-3100 PSI

Genuine Briggs and Stratton 593599 from Amazon

591299 Carburetor

591299 Carburetor

The 591299 carburetor is a genuine replacement carburetor for single-cylinder engines. This OEM part is used on select 120000 series OHV engines.

591299 Carburetor Fits Briggs & Stratton 591299, 798650, 698474, 791991, 698810, 698857, 698478, 694174, 690046, 693751.

  • For Briggs & Stratton 798653 791077 790290 693865 697354 795069 698860 698859 696981 694508 790182 790180 591299 798650 Carb
  • For Briggs & Stratton 698474, 791991, 698857, 698478, 694174, 690046, 693751 Carb
  • Fits Briggs and Stratton 110432 110437 110452 110492 110412 110415 110417 111412 111432 111452
  • Fits Briggs and Stratton 120202, 120212, 120232, 120252, 120292, 121002, 121012, 121212, 121232, 120000, 121000.

This will fit and work on a 121012-0114-e1 engine motor replacement carburetor.

Aftermarket Briggs and Stratton 591299 carburetor.

594593 Carburetor

594593 Carburetor Replaces Old Briggs #796109

New 594593 carburetor Replaces Old Briggs #796109

Replacement for Briggs & Stratton: 594593, 591731, 796109, 31H777, 796078, 590400 Carburetor.

Suitable for use in the following engines.

31A507-0111-B1 Engine, 31A507-0111-E1 Engine
31A507-0113-B1 Engine, 31A507-0113-E1 Engine
31A507-0114-B1 Engine, 31A507-0114-E1 Engine
31A507-0116-B1 Engine, 31A507-0116-E1 Engine
31A507-0117-B1 Engine, 31A507-0117-E1 Engine
31A507-0118-B1 Engine, 31A507-0119-B1 Engine
31A507-0120-B1 Engine, 31A507-0121-G1 Engine
31A507-0122-B1 Engine, 31A507-0123-B1 Engine
31A507-0124-B1 Engine, 31A507-0126-B1 Engine
31A507-0130-B1 Engine, 31A507-0131-B1 Engine
31A507-0132-G5 Engine, 31A507-0133-G1 Engine

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498809 Carburetor

plastic 498809 Carburetor briggs and stratton

Briggs & Stratton 498809 Carburetor Replaces 497619

This is the famous plastic carburetor that is mounted to the metal fuel tank. It includes the gaskets needed and the rubber fuel pump gasket and the red primer bulb. Nice to see it also has a fuel filter included so you don’t need to use your old one.

Carburetor Replaces engine # 795477, 795469, 794147, 699660, 794161, 498811, 498809, 494775, 497619, 494407.

Works on Model 98902 Type

Check out the price on Briggs & Stratton 795477, 498809 Carburetor

498298 Carburetor

498298 carburetor OEM part is used on select 133000 L-Head engines

This 498298 carburetor OEM part is used on select 133000 L-Head engines

This new Carburetor replaces # 498298 692784 495951 492611 490533 495426

  • Fits model: 112202, 112212, 112231, 112232, 112252, 112292, Engines
  • Fits model: 133202, 133212, 133232, 133237, 133252, 134202, 135202, 135212, 135217, 135232, 135252, 125292, 136202, 136212, 136217, 136232, 137202, and 137212 engines.

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Old Briggs and Stratton engine identification

Old Briggs and Stratton carburetor identification from engine plate
Briggs and Stratton engine and carburetor identification from lawn mower model, type, codes.

All Briggs and Stratton engines have a type, model, and code number stamped into a metal part of the engine frame. Often this will be close to the muffler, spark plug, or motor tab.

You can use this number to work out what type of carburetor you have to order parts or buy a new carburetor.

The above image is of my old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower serial number. The model is 98902, Type is 036301, Code is 9706025

Model is the type of engine. Eg Displacement, Design series, Orientation of crankshaft, Type of bearings, reduction gear or auxiliary drive, and the type of starter.

Type is the number that identifies the mechanical engine parts, color, decals, governed speed, and original equipment manufacturer.

Code is the manufacturer date and reads back to front. Eg on my lawn mower 9706025 is on the 25th of June 1997.

For more information, you can look up this engine table on how to read a Briggs & Stratton model codes.

How do I know if my lawn mower carburetor is bad?

If you have any of the flowing lawn mower symptoms you could have a bad carburetor.

  • Hard starting of the lawnmower
  • The Lawnmower dies after starting
  • Blowing smoke when cutting the grass
  • Irregular idle and fast running
  • Leaking fuel out of the carburetor seals
  • The lawn mower will not stop with the throttle closed.

Check out this post on how to fix a lawn mower that runs for a while then stops.

Can you clean a carburetor without removing it?

Can you clean a carburetor without removing i

Yes, you can but it is best to remove the carburetor before cleaning it. You can try carburetor cleaner by removing the air filter and squirting the spray into the lawnmower carburetor. Using some engine start spray can also fire up your small bore engine to double-check if there is an issue with the carburetor or something else.

Remove the spark plug and pull the lawn mower starter cord a few times to work the carburetor cleaner through the carburetor.

In my experience have found that you will need to remove the lawn mower carburetor to tear it down to fully clean it.

It is best to do a yearly 4-stroke lawn mower service yourself to keep your grasscutters in tip-top condition and easy starting every time. You can do it yourself it really is easy.

Why Choose Briggs and Stratton parts?

Briggs & Stratton is one of the world’s largest producers of gasoline petrol engines for outdoor power equipment. Including lawnmowers, generators, pressure washers, lawn and garden, turf care, and job site products. Its Briggs & Stratton®, Simplicity®, Billy Goat®, Snapper®, Ferris®, Vanguard®, Allmand®, Murray®, Branco®, and Victa® brands are well known throughout the world.

These motors are built tough and as such sold and rebranded all over the world. For over 110 years, Briggs & Stratton has had a history of innovation and performance.


With our Briggs and Stratton carburetor types list shown on this post you will be able to find the appropriate replacement part for your old lawn mower that is not running correctly. These are direct bolt-on replacement parts so there is no need to service your old carburetor.

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