LG oe fault fix repair DIY

As an electrician, I am beginning to see a lot of LG appliances failing just as the warranty runs out. This is disappointing so rather than sending out a technician to repair a simple fault problem I like to give my readers some easy repair tips.

In this post, I will show you what to do if your LG washing machine has an error code OE and won’t drain fast. This is one of the most common washer faults I come across.

Often it is a simple fix of cleaning out the drain pump filter located either at the back or front of the washing machine. This depends on whether it is a top or a front loader.

LG washer not draining fix

LG washer not draining fix OE error code

A design feature of most LG washing machines is to trap small particles from entering the water drain pump. This blocks the drain if enough particles get trapped.

In my opinion, this is more of a design flaw as small metal objects and particles should not be able to find their way to the water pump. The agitator should be a close fit that prevents objects from finding their way into the washing machine. Yet here we are.

It is a 5-minute fix to empty the LG drain trap and I will show you how to do this.

Now there are two types of LG washing machines, front-load, and top-load washers. Both have different filter locations.

LG front load washer drain filter location

The LG front load washer drain filter location is at the front of the washer down low. It is covered with a pop-out hatch.

LG front load washer drain filter location cover

Before working on the LG washer it is important to turn off the power and turn off the water supply for safety.

Once the white hatch is open you can pull out the hose and unscrew the small hose plug. This will drain most of the water left in the bottom of the washer.

You can now unscrew the main washer drain filter by turning the large black plug anticlockwise. A small amount of water will come out so have a towel handy to mop up any spills.

LG front load washer drain filter location

Remove any material trapped in the filter or stuck in the pipework behind the filter.

I like to lubricate the filter o-ring if it is not being replaced. O-ring grease is best aka silicone grease/lube. This will make it last longer.

I clean my washer drain filter once a year and it is often full of hair clips, coins, rings, and plastic. I try to educate my family on emptying pockets before putting clothes in the washer but with a house full of teenagers its hard work.

LG top load washer drain filter location

The LG top-load washing machine has the water pump filter located at the rear of the washing machine near the bottom.

In this picture, an LG WTG8521 top loader washer has a small drain filter in the rear.

LG top loader washing machine filter location
My LG top loader washing machine filter location bottom

It is best to turn off the water supply and electrical power before removing this filter. No tools are required and it should be part of your yearly service to make sure the washer lasts for many years.

Move the top load washer to the side to get access to the drain pump filter. I like to place an old towel under the drain filter as some excess water will come out.

Turn the drain pump filter anti-clockwise to remove the filter.

Remove any debris that may be attached to the filter and make sure to look inside the drain plug hole and scoop out any debris. I often find coins, hair clips, rings, washers, lint, hair, and other rubbish.

Wash the filter in clean water and lubricate the o-ring before installing the washing machine drain filter.

Give the top load washer a quick run without any clothes on a low water level to check for correct operation and no water leakage.

How to remove lint filter from LG washing machine top loader

Lint is collected by two fine catchment traps located on the side of the internal drum. Depending on your model these two filters and be removed by pressing the white tabs.

TCL error code - LG washer clean the lint filter
LG washing machine top loader lint filter location

I clean mine in the sink every few weeks and they do collect a lot of lint. Placing a fine drain filter in the sink helps prevent the lint from going down the drain and possibly blocking up your pipes.

All LG washer error codes explained.

LG IE Error Code – LG Top Load Washer

An IE error code means the LG washing machine is unable to fill with water within a given time period. This could mean frozen pipes, failed inlet solenoid valves, water taps turned off, kinked water hoses, blocked water inlet filters, or low water pressure.

OE Error Code – LG Top Load Washer

An OE error code means that the LG washer was unable to drain the water from the tub. This error code will come up if the water has not drained for longer than 13 minutes.

Check for a kinked drain hose, blocked drain filter, or discharge drain blockage.

UE Error Code – LG Top Load Washer

A UE error code means that the washer load is not balanced. The LG washing machine will try and fill and agitate the load 3 times before the error code will come up.

Remove the clothes and try again. I sometimes come across this problem with towels and quilts. Make these loads smaller for fewer problems.

Turn on the washer and press rinse/cycle to see if the problem occurs with no load in the washer.

LG E6 Washer Error code – LG washer top load

This error code shows up if there are coins or hair clips stuck between the washer drum and the pulsator tub. It is an agitator problem.

Remove the agitator using an Allen key and pull it out. Remove any coins or metal objects that have made their way down.

Follow these instructions if your LG washer is making a grinding noise. You have metal in there. Remove it quickly or damage will occur.

CL code – LG top loader washer

A CL code means the child lock is active and has been set. To reset the CL alarm or child lock press the Child Lock button for 3 seconds.

LG TCL error code – LG washer

A tcl error code is a reminder to run the tub clean cycle. Add some washer-cleaning tablets to an empty tub and press the tub clean cycle button.

You can skip the cycle clean and the alarm will go away after a few washes until it is triggered again.

DE Washer Error code – LG washer

A DE1 error code means that the drawer is unable to be locked. Open and close the drawer to rectify the problem.

LG DL washer Error code – LG washing machine

A DL washer error code means that the door latch switch is not working properly. Often this is just a case of the door not closing properly due to clothes being stuck between the door and the frame. Remove the material, close the door, and restart the washer.

DR Error code – LG washer

A DR error code means the washer has timed out. This is often the case of the machine being turned on and no program selected for more than 4 minutes.

If the washer is started and then paused for longer than 8 minutes a DR code will show and the washer machine will automatically start draining the water.

LG CE error code – LG washer

The CE error code means that the washer drum did not get up to a minimum speed of 20rpm within 3 minutes or 6 attempts.

This could be due to a drive motor fault or the agitator/drum blocked with something. Remove the agitator and inspect. Call a technician for motor issues.

FE error code – LG washer

An LG FE error code means that the washing machine will level is too high. This is often due to a leaky water inlet solenoid valve. Fill with only hot or cold water to work out which valve is leaking. Replace the water inlet valve.

LG UE/UB error code – LG washer

An LG UE/UB error code means that the washer is out of balance. It will try to balance the washer itself but may need some assistance. Remove the clothes and rewash them.

LE error code – LG washer

LG LE error code

An LG LE error code means that the main motor is overloaded. Check that there is nothing jammed between the agitator and the drum. Also, remove any clothes that could be overloading the washer.

Turn the washer off for 5 minutes at the plug to reset the overload.

PE error code – LG

A LG PE error code means there is an issue with the water level sensor. It could be dirty or failed.

LG – SUD error codes

If the LG washer displays the Sud error code it means that it has detected too many suds in the washer machine. It will add 2h to the wash cycle to try and remove the excess suds. I recommend using less washing detergent to stop this alarm fault from coming up. Clean the lint filter.

LG DE error code LG washer

A DE error code means that a coupling has come apart eg motor agitator/drum. This is a low current alarm that has been detected by the machine. It will require a technician to repair the fault and reattach the coupling.

LG TE error code – LG washer

A LG TE error code means that it is a thermistor fault. This could be an overtemperature of the main drive motor. Caused by overheating or lack of cooling. Technician/electrician to investigate.

LG PF error code – LG washer

A LG PF error code means that a loss of mains power has occurred to the washer. Sometimes just pressing the start button will restart the washer. If not it will require a reset.

Turn off the main power to the washer at the wall outlet. Then press and ho;t the start pause button for 5 seconds to clear the memory. Turn on the washer power and restart the machine.

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