Wagner Flexio 590 Spitting Paint Fix

I have been using the Wagner Flexio 590 for a few months now painting my home inside and out. The main reason for purchasing this airless paint sprayer was due to the outside walls of the log cabin were pine logs which made it extremely difficult to varnish with a roller or brush.

One of the problems I encountered was that occasionally my electric spray gun Wagner Flexio 590 was spitting paint at the start of pressing the trigger. Now don’t get me wrong this is a fantastic indoor/outdoor paint sprayer that had me stumped on why sometimes the paint was coming out either in a stream or in globs.

Flexio 590 problems

Each time I would take the airgun head apart and clean it, it would work well again for a while until I needed a refill, and then it would spit paint out again. Not always but enough to start to become annoying.

The common denominator was when I was refilling the paint storage jar. So a total investigation was needed to find the problem. Part of the trial and error was using water instead of paint to see if it was the thicker varnish that I was using.

I was able to replicate the problem with water so it wasn’t a thickness problem. So it had to be mechanical. A closer inspection of all the internal valves in o-rings showed no obvious problems. They were all cleaned and inspected.

The last place to look was the trigger and this is where the problem is, finally after a full crime scene investigation a culprit was identified. The trigger was not seating correctly.

Wagner Flexio 590 spitting paint fix

It seems that either when attaching the paint gun head or when screwing on the paint container the air trigger mechanism is getting knocked out of alignment with the paint trigger.

flexio 590 problems spitting paint
Wagner Flexio yellow trigger in the proper position

With the Wagner 570 and 590 there are two triggers rolled into one. There is the first air trigger that starts first and provides a high volume air in preparation to mix the paint when the second trigger is activated.

What happened is the first trigger can get knocked and it only takes less than 1/16 of an inch to become dislodged out of it holding bracket. It then cannot fall back into its guide hole so when you press the trigger the paint will spit out first and then the air will come on. Any stopping and starting of the trigger will spit out the paint in either globs or a fine stream until the air will come on.

wagner 590 spitting paint fix yellow trigger jam
Yellow trigger dislodged out of its guide hole

The temp fix is to force the yellow air trigger back into the black trigger hole. I think this is a slight design flaw but I do understand because of the many fine adjustment features available. This problem can be easily fixed with a dab of hot glue.

Start by making sure the yellow trigger is moving freely inside the black trigger hole. Press the yellow trigger slightly so you have some room to add a glob of hot glue to the back of the yellow trigger nob. There are 3 cutouts that will cause the glue to run into this is fine and will provide a great bond. But it needs to be made flush to activate the black push button.

spitting paint fix for electric airgun
Yellow adjustment nob with 3 fins

What we need is for the hot glue to extend past the nob slightly on either side so that it cant be pulled back through the black hole. In fact, we will build this area up slightly. That’s it should never come out again.

A second option is to file down part of the 3 yellow support fins about 1mm so that if the trigger is moved out of position it will easily move back in.

How to clean Wagner paint sprayer

Cleaning your Wagner 570 or 590 paint sprayer is something you should always do after every use and even between coats of paint like if you are taking a break for 1/2 hour.

I first like to clean out the paint pot and run a full canister of fresh water through the airless paint sprayer. This will clean 90% of the internals. Remove the empty paint jar and wipe dry. Remove the whole paint gun from the electrical Wagner motor body buy unclipping the base lock tab and twisting anticlockwise.

Next, unclip the front yellow nozzle and rinse under water. The paint may have already dried on the front to it may require some extra scrubbing.

Now we can unscrew the retaining locknut and remove the internal mixing plate. Rise all these parts under warm water and dry well. I like to replace all of the parts and test out the paint sprayer to clean water out of any small tubes and gaskets.

Place in its storage case ready for use next time. Failure to do these steps will cause gumming and be spitting the paint next time you go to use it.

How to unclog a Wagner paint sprayer

If you have some paint clogging the paint tube or nozzle it’s important to clear the blockage immediately to stop any further problems.

First, work out where the blockage is. This will require a full strip-down of the spray gun head unit. Don’t worry this will only take 30 seconds and no tools are required.

  • Remove paint tin
  • Remove front paint direction twist nob.
  • Unscrew the locking mixer lock nut and remove them
  • Remove the flexible clear hose by pulling out the hose on the top and unscrewing the one-way valve.
  • Remove the pick up white paint tube.

Hopefully, now the blockage will be evident. In my experience, it’s usually a glob of dried up paint in the first twist nozzle. This can be scraped or poled clear. Using fresh paint will solve these types of blockages.

Mixing older paint with a battery drill and a propeller mixing bit will help break up any large lumps of ould paint but personally if you have lumps just get some new paint. It’s not worth the trouble using 10-year-old paint.

How to thin paint for Wagner sprayer.

Most water-based paints can be thinned using simple tap water. Always follow the instructions on the back of the tin and I wouldn’t go over 10% thinning.

The main reason to thin your paint is if it’s not atomizing properly as it’s too thick. most modern paints nowadays are already at the correct viscosity. Older paints may be thicker and already dried out a little bit.

how to thin paint for wagner sprayer

Always only add a small amount of water at a time and use an electric drill mixing bit to properly mix in all of the water.

Wagner Flexio 590 troubleshooting guide

My electric paint sprayer is not spraying paint.

  • Make sure your paint or varnish is not too thick.
  • Check that the paint jar is secured tightly and all o-rings are in place.
  • Be sure that the electrical power is turned on and plugged in.
  • Clean the paint sprayer to clear any blockages.

Wagner airless painter sprays out too much paint

  • Check the air pressure dials in the front of the gun and turn it down a few notches.
  • Turn down the motor speed on the Flexio 570 and 590.

The angle of the paint spraying out is wrong

  • Be sure to adjust the front mixing twist spryer. Horizontal and vertical adjustments are available.
  • If the mixing sprayer adjuster is loose it will leak air. be sure to tighten it regularly.

Spray Paint pressure is low

  • Make sure the motor speed and all adjustment switches are turned up too high.
  • Lube and check all o-rings between the moving parts.
wagner 570 590 blue one way seal valve
  • Check the blue one-way valve attached to the clear air tube.
  • Screw the paint jar on tightly so that the container seal works well.

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