Heavy Duty Breathable Office Chair

As most of you know I only review products that I actually use in my day-to-day life. So this week I’m showing you a Heavy Duty breathable office chair that I have been using now for 6 months in the control room where I work.

The Herman Miller Aeron was purchased as we were constantly destroying the cheaper no-name brand workstation chairs. Because in our security monitoring station our chairs are being used 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so they sure do get a workout. Each shift is 12 hours long so the chairs never get a rest.

It was time to find a chair that was breathable because no one likes a hot rear end, but most importantly it has to be comfortable. The bonus was finding out that the Herman Miller Aeron actually has a 12-year warranty. This is unheard of in the office furniture space. I guess its why they are so popular because as of last year they have sold over 7 million office chairs.

Heavy Duty Breathable Office Chair review

If you are not comfortable in your office or control room then you are not productive. In fact, studies have shown that a bad posture office chair can actually cause headaches and lower back pain. There is not one chair that fits all people. That’s why Herman Miller has designed 3 chairs that suit people of different body sizes and shapes.

This is the reason we went with the Miller Aeron office chair. Having the operator’s sit with the correct body posture and comfort was our top priority.

Aeron comes in three sizes to fit the most comprehensive range of people of any office chair. Guided by a height-weight ratio so you can get the right chair for you.

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Heavy Duty Office Chair fully adjustable office chair areon herman miller perfect posture office chair aeron
Aeron Office Chair Size Small (A) Medium (B) Large (C)
Total Height 38.5” 41” 43”
Seat Height 14.75-19″ 16-20.5” 16-20.5”
Seat Width 25.75” 27” 28.25”
Depth 16” 16.75” 18.5”
Suitable for body sizes between Best for people between 4’10” and 5’9″ in height.Best weight between 90lbs and 150lbs Fits average people 5’2″ and 6’6″ tall perfect for body weights between 130 and 325 lbs Excellent for tall people 5’3″ and 6’6″Suitable for heavy people between 180 and 350 lbs
Where to Buy

Arm adjustment.

ergonomic office chair heavy duty

The armrests are made out of a soft sponge material which is coated with a pliable black vinyl type material. These armrests can be adjusted in three different ways. Actually, this breathable office chair has so many options for adjustment it took 20 minutes to work it all out.

  • Up, and down, in/out, and rotation swivel.
  • The armrests are 28cm long and 9cm wide.
  • Height adjustment travel of 10cm

This means no matter your height and stature you can get the perfect position for the armrest.

Seat height and adjustment.

The seat and backrest are adjustable not only up and down but you can lock the angle of the chair in various recliner positions. If you like your chair leaning forward it can do that as well.

The seat and backrest material is made from a breathable material much like shade cloth it’s a membranous weave that stretches across the frame. Herman Miller calls it the 8Z pellicle. It has a rubber feel to it and is slightly springy. It is very tough as I have stood on the desk chair with one foot to check the strength of the fabric in one spot. I’m 90kg.

The chair fabric is also slightly see-through. This gives it it’s excellent breathability features. No longer do I have to do a handover after a 12-hour shift and then get to sit down in a hot workstation chair.

see through breathable mesh herman miller worlds best office chair

Click here For the full Herman Miller Aeron posture fit adjustment instructions pdf.

Rolling Casters

The 5 caster wheels on this chair are top-notch. On floorboards and low pile carpet, this chair rolls really well. It actually feels a pleasure and effortless roll from computer station to station.

adjustable armrest herman miller aeron

Even though the desk chair is quite heavy due to the quality heavy duty parts, you don’t feel like it weighs a ton rolling around.

Aeron Headrest

As it is this breathable workstation chair doesn’t come with a headrest, but you can buy the headrest option from here. Its made out of the same breathable fabric and provides nice support for your head.

breathable desk chair headrest herman miller areon
This headrest just clips onto the back of the backrest and is adjustable in its position on lots of different angles. There are a few different styles and shapes available for taller or shorter people.

Rocking ability

I love that this desk chair has the ability to rock back and forth. An added feature is that you can adjust the back pressure required to rock back. Passes the time and gives your legs a workout during the early hours of the morning.

Being able to lean back means my posture gets reset from the demanding work in the upright position. I find that I very rarely lock the chair in a fixed position anymore.

The tension of the back leaning position is also adjustable. So if you want an effortless rocking motion you can set this. I prefer a little bit of restrictive back pressure so to help work my leg and back muscles at times rocking the office chair.

Back Lumbar support.

The mid to lower back part of the backrest has an adjustable soft pressure pad. This is totally adjustable to fill in the gap in your lower lumbar back area. This means no pressure points to cause back pain as it’s evenly filled out. The aim is to tilt the pelvis forward, so the spinal column creates a healthy curve.

It’s also not a solid lumbar support as it flexes on plastic-like spring brackets. This way when you jump into your chair there is a little flex in the lumbar support area.

12 Year Warranty

The warranty on the Herman Miller Aeron desk chair is the best in the industry. At 12 years I know if anything goes to work it will be repaired or replaced. Most times in low-cost chairs the gas lift seals seem to blow out over time. This causes the chair to lose pressure and drop over time.

You then have to replace the gas lift portion of the workstation chair. Most times it’s cheaper to just buy another one. Not with the Herman Miller Aeron, it’s fully covered for 12 years WOW.

Herman Miller Aeron features and specs

As each chair is designed to suit various body sizes and shapes with the 3 models I thought it best to just concentrate on the Aeron B as its the one I have.

  • Aeron Chair Size B provides perfect support for people between 5’3″ and 6’6″ in height and weighing between 140 and 300 pounds this is the most popular range and suits most people.
  • The 8Z Pellicle seat cover and backrest support your body comfortably without causing any pressure points. There are eight zones of varying tension adjustments. It’s also breathable to eliminate heat build-up lets your body breathe.
  • Adjustable individual pads support the sacrum and lumbar regions of the spine, which is designed to maintain your back’s natural S-shaped curve. With fully adjustable arms your body will never feel strained.
  • An updated heavy-duty tilt mechanism delivers a smooth rocking motion and optimal balance point to keep you in control. Also, it includes a recliner with a tilt limiter and a forward seat angle lock.
  • It comes in a range of colors like all black, silver, and gray.
  • Breathable desk chair with heavy-duty gas lift mechanism.

Conclusion – Worlds best office chair

After 6 years I believe I have finally found my perfect breathable office chair, in fact, it’s considered by many to be the world’s best office chair. I now get fewer headaches and its a joy to sit down for an 8 or 12-hour shift at work. We do plan to get one of the larger Aeron C class chairs as a couple of the larger operators in the 300lbs plus range do feel that it’s slightly small. So we will do an update on those when they come in.

This chair is so good that I have now purchased one for my home office. Writing takes time and I need a comfortable chair. In fact, I even use it while taking time out to watch movies and games on the PC. Hooking up the Muse meditation headband for when I need to relax is a joy now that I have a comfortable chair that actually makes my back feel supported in all areas.

It is slightly expensive but when you take into account this chair will at least last 12 years worry-free, that’s a savings right there. Let me know in the comments below what’s your perfect workstation chair.

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