Printer Continuous Ink Suppy System (CISS Install)


With the cost of ink for printers now days costing a fortune I decided to look into other options…


ciss install how tooThere are many options for printer ink now days.

  • Refill old ink cartridges
  • Buy a clone cartridge
  • Purchase a retail cartridge
  • Install a CISS cartridge

After trying out all 4 options the one that gave me the best results, at the cheapest long-term price was the Continuous Ink Supply system or CISS.

They say for my system I could save over $1600 for not purchasing genuine ink cartridges for the canon printer.

The start-up cost for a CISS is fairly high. In my case nearly the cost of the printer, so approximate $130 but I didn’t have to replace the ink for over 2 years, and that’s with kids printing nearly every day for school assignments. They can also be reinstalled into another printer of the same model and type. Even if you upgrade, the printer cartridges still may be the same but best to check first.

CISS Install:

My system was purchased from Rihac and they have all the instructions and were very helpful with fast postage other options could be eBay. They Support all Printers HP, Canon, Epson etc. There are many makes and designs out there so have a look what may suit your set-up.

I first had to remove the old cartridges  and I just taped them up in case something went wrong I could re install them. I had to remove the chips from the old ink cartridges and install them for the new ones but this may not have to be done as sometimes you can buy the ciss pre chipped. Each system is sold with full instructions and it is fairly easy to set up only takes about ½ hour.

For More tutorials See Rihac Channel

If you ever run out of Ink it’s as simple as ordering some bottles and pouring it into the reservoir tanks. Use the syringe plunger that came with your install kit to re pressurize the tank.

Equalize Procedure:

Pull out the small plug and the vent. Insert syringe into small plug hole, and fill it with air until it bubbles out the bottom. Put the large plug into the main tank and remove syringe, replace small plug. Remove large plug and insert vent into this hole. You are done easy… You will have to equalize every-time you refill the ink tanks. You now have saved heaps of money over the life of your printer.

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