Best Variable Temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display 2018

best LCD heat gun review

Having a reliable variable temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display is vital for professional contractors and homeowners. With the release of a whole bunch of new LCD display heat guns for 2018, we thought its time to check out a few top sellers that are affordable, accurate and reliable.

After reviewing a whole heap of mid-range heat guns last month, it’s now time to check out the best money can buy. They may be slightly expensive but they will last a lifetime with perfect set point temperature.

Best Variable Temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display

Brand Dewalt Hitachi Simplistex Steinel
 LCD Heat Gun Specs dewalt yellow with LCD screen Hitachi RH650V Variable Heatgun LCD Display simplistex lcd heat gun steniel hg 2310 review
Model  D26960K  RH650V  SIM3899 HL 2010,         HL 1910 E     HG 2510 ESD HG 2310 LCD
Power  1550 Watts  1500 Watts  1500 Watts  1600 Watts
Dimensions  17.3 x 4.8 x 14.1 inches 245 x 85 x 254mm.         10 x 4 x 11 inches  10.4 x 10.3 x 3.6 inches 8.0 x 10.2 x 3.5 inches (H x W x D 
Weight  2.3lbs  1.74lbs, 0.79kg  1.75 lbs  2.2 lbs
Variable Temperature 150 to 1100 F 122 F- 1200 F  50 C – 650°C 122°F to 932°F  120°F to 1,200°F
Voltage  120v  120v  120v  120v
Air Flow  18 CFM  8.8 CFM to 17.7 CFM    3.6 – 17.6 cfm
Accessories A case, 11 attachments  Hard Case, 5 nozzle attachments  Case, 4 nozzle attachments  Case, nozzle attachments 
Price $$$ $$ $ $$$$
Warranty  3 Years  1 Year  1 Year 1 Year 
Editors Pick All-rounder winner. Huge range of attachments and great temperature. 2nd Place for home use and professionals. Great Value Fantastic for home use, great value if on a budget. Perfect for Professionals that use a heat gun all day every day.
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What is a Heat Gun?

Heat guns are power tools that emit a stream of superheated air at variable temperatures. These extreme temperatures can go as high as 1,300 degrees F (700 C). Many heat guns have an electrical heating element wrapped in ceramic to insulate them and trap the heat. But some heat guns can use a gas like butane, these are called cordless heat guns or torch blowers


To control the output temperatures and are flow many heat guns will have adjustable fan motors and variable heating elements. These 2 adjustments will set air velocity and different temperatures. Heat guns with high airflow output (greater than approximately 20 cubic feet per minute) are sometimes called heat blowers.

Heat guns can be used for a huge variety of applications, these range from copper and plastic welding, paint drying, paint stripping, carbon fiber wrapping, activating adhesives, softening compounds, window tinting, sticker removal, to touching up shrink-wrap.

For heat guns to be an effective paint stripper, it must produce extremely high temperatures. The side effect of this is the heated stripper is capable of igniting paper, wood, paint and varnish residue and similar materials. You should practice on a small area to become more familiar with the tool and develop the proper technique. The very real danger of accidental ignition will be greatly reduced.

Think safety First

To work out the proper temperature and technique, the best thing to do is Practice, Practice, Practice. Work on simple stripping or heating projects, preferably outdoors. (let’s not burn the house down) until you get a feel for the work.

Heat Gun Accessories

Accessory nozzles are usually provided in the kit, are used to shape the hot air stream over a wider area, direct focused area, or direct it around pipes and tubing for even heating. Protecting the surrounding areas such as panes of glass is vital to make sure you don’t burn or crack them from overheating. These different attachments help in solving some of these little life tasks. Some heat gun models also provide a stand to allow hands-free operation.

Now that we know all about heat guns lets look at the top 4 Variable Temperature Heat Guns with LCD Display for 2018.

DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display Review

dewalt case

  • Large LCD Display that allows the user to adjust the temperature within 50-Degree increments.
  • Accurate built-in overload protection will shut down the heating element down and prevent burn out.
  • Built-in hanging ring adds a convenient way to hang this heat gun in your shed.
  • Heavy Duty cord protector keeps the cable from tearing away from the housing
  • Built-in innovative kickstand support provides greater stability and prevents tip over when standing the heat gun up for hands-free usage.
  • Comes with a large storage case with many accessories.

The DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display is what we consider the best heat gun here. Its large LCD display will allow users to adjust the temperature within 50-Degree increments in a range of 150 to 1100-Degree F.

This makes it great to work on temperature sensitive applications like Vehicle Wraps and soldering. It has a built-in overload protection that will instantly shut down the heat gun if it detects overheating. A clever built-in hang ring adds a convenient storage feature, to save on space and an innovative kickstand support provides greater stability and makes hands free usage a breeze. The very comfortable hand grip and lightweight design will let you use this heat gun for hours at a time.DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display

The case includes 12 common accessories like scrapers and different nozzle sizes to accommodate the many different types of heating usage you may encounter either at work or at home. Eg Soldering, Enamel or Acrylic paint stripping, welding, defrosting pipes and fridges, heat shrinking, vinyl wrapping, wallpaper stripping and so much more.

As shown above, the kickstand will let you have a free hand to do more.  Lightweight and compact design weighs only 2.3lbs., reducing user fatigue

dewalt d26960k lcd temp controlled heat gun

Part Number D26960K
Item Weight 7 pounds
Product Dimensions 17.3 x 4.8 x 14.1 inches
Origin China
Item model number D26960K
Color Yellow
Power Source Corded-Electric
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 1550
Amperage Capacity 13 A
Maximum Power 1550 watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Number Of Pieces 13
Air Flow Capacity 18 CFM
Cord Length 10 Feet
Number of Handles 1
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description 3 Year Limited Warranty


If you want the best with the most features and value for money, you should get the DeWalt D26960K Variable Temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display. DeWalt makes some fantastic reliable tools which I love to recommend as I use many myself. I have yet to have a single failure. 

Check out the Dewal LCD Heat Gun owners manual here

I love this heat gun, one of the main reasons I purchased this one for my self-was because of the many positive reviews along with the 5-star ratings. As an electrician it super important to have the correct air temperature when working with heat shrink and bending conduit.

Hitachi RH650V Variable Temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display

hitachi rh650v

  • High and Low Dual heat settings for versatility in a wide range of heat jobs.
  • The clear LCD display allows you to choose from 5 different fan speed settings and temperatures from ranging from 120 Degrees to 1200 Degrees F This is done in 20 Degree steps. This is the perfect low-temperature heat gun.
  • Integrated rear stand support allows you to place the tool upright during cooling or for hands-free use of the LCD heat gun
  • There is constant monitoring of output heat to control the optimal temperature and prevents overheating.
  • Comfortable soft hand grips ensure that you can use this heat gun all day long without getting tired or getting blisters.

Hitachi RH650V Variable Temperature Heat Gun with LCD Display case

The RH650V variable temperature LCD heat gun is the perfect tool for stripping paint, softening or removing adhesives, removing flooring, bending conduit, thawing frozen freezers or pipes, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, molding plastic and PVC, drying paint or plaster, electrical heat shrinking, and much more.

The Hitachi RH650v has 5-speed settings ranging from 8.8 CFM to 17.7 CFM, and a temperature range of 120 Degree – 1200 Degree F, this LCD heat gun has the energy and control needed to tackle a huge range of projects.

The LCD display ensures the accuracy of your desired temperature set-point with a visual feedback, while the constant heat control maintains consistent performance and will prevent overheating.

A soft grip handle and a well designed rear stand are great for hands-free usage or when cooling down.

Accessories include a Glass Protector, Heat spreader Nozzle, Hook Nozzle, Concentration Nozzle for welding, Handheld Scraper, and a large case.

Concentration Nozzle

Spreader Nozzle Hook Nozzle Glass Protect Nozzle Scraper
Image of Nozzle (round) Image of Nozzle (flat) Image of Nozzle (curved surface) Image of Nozzle (glass protector) Image of Scraper (with grip)

Electronic heat sensing will allow you to exactly dial in a set temperature, and then select 1 of 5 fan speeds. The inbuilt heat sensing device will precisely regulate the air temperature regardless of the fan setting. Giving you to the right temperature for any given fan speed.
The build quality is very good in fact Hitachi always makes quality tools. It’s relatively quiet.

It comes with a few different attachments that fit well, they are not sloppy or hard to put on take off. With many positive 5 star reviews, this will be a great addition to your toolbox.

Part Number RH650V
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 10 x 4 x 11 inches
Item model number RH650V


Simplistex 1500 Watt DIGITAL Heat Gun

simplistex lcd heat gun

  • Strong 1500 Watt power with LCD Digital Heat Gun
  • Six Stage Digital Adjustable fan for perfect Air Flow
  • LCD Digital Temperature Control anywhere from 122°F to 932°F
  • Attachments Included: Reflector Nozzle, Cone Nozzle, Glass Protector Nozzle and Fish Tail Nozzle
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

The New Simplistex LCD Digital Heat Gun is the perfect tool for all of your home or work DIY jobs. The large LCD digital temperature control allows you to perfectly adjust the output temperature fast for any task. You can adjust the temperature from 122°F to 932°F.

simplistex lcd heat gun

Useful for jobs such as, thawing frozen pipes, shrink wrapping, bending conduit and PVC, copper welding, shaping plastics, removing paint, crafting and much more.

You are in perfect control of both temperature ( 122°F – 932°F) and the fan speed. Having 6 fan speed settings which you can adjust by using the digital controls on the back of the heat gun. The LCD Screen will display the current temperature setting, units of measurement, fan speed, as well as the current output temperature. You are able to see the temperature between °F & °C

Simplistex Specifications
• 1500 Watts
• 120v
• Cord length: 6 Feet
• Measure in °F or °C
• 6 Fan speeds – controlled from the digital screen
• Accurate low-temperature heat gun, adjustable temp anywhere from 122°F to 932°F
• Displays actual current temp vs set temp
• Heat gun dimensions: 9.75″ x 8″ x 3.5″
• A weight of 1.75 Pounds
• Includes 4 nozzles: Reflector Nozzle, Cone Nozzle, Glass Protector, Fish Tail Nozzle
• 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects

Simplistex is a registered trademark of BAFX 

Part Number SIM3899
Item Weight 2.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.4 x 10.3 x 3.6 inches
Item model number SIM3899
Color Blue
Pattern Digital
Item Package Quantity 1


Simplistex LCD Heat Gun Review

I actually liked this LCD heat gun a lot, it was cheap and felt good in my hand. It doesn’t have the huge range of accessories or the high heat output that the Dewalt LCD heat gun has, but if you are just after value for money they make sure to check out the Simplistex LCD heat gun.

With plenty of 5-star reviews online, its great to find a product that may not be a huge brand name, but will keep up with the competition at a cheaper price.


Steinel HG 2310 Industrial Heat Gun with LCD Display Review.

steinel 2310 review
automotive heat gun kit shown

Now if you want an industrial heat gun for your workshop that is going to get used all day every day then the Steinel brand of Heat Guns with LCD display is for you. These heat guns can do it all. From plastic welding, PVC bending, paint stripping, car wraps, copper soldering, and so much more. There is a heat gun kit specially designed for your specific job.

  • Powerful 1600 W fully programmable Heat Gun features a lockable Override Control of 4 temperature and airflow output settings
  • Industrial LCD Temperature control from (120°F – 1200°F) and Airflow (3.6 – 17.6 cfm) are continuously variable and monitored.
  • LCD display enables temperature selection in 10°F increments. Better than the others mentioned here.
  • Safe with double insulated tool housing, very soft grip handle and rubber stand for hands-free usage.
  • Set includes Heat Gun, Welding Iron, Reducer Nozzles, 2 pieces of wire mesh, 16 pieces of ThermoFlex™ Rod, Temperature Guard, Guide Book and Heavy Duty Case.


Steinel Specifications

Heating Element Ceramic encapsulated to resist coil breakage
Weight 2.2 lb.
Dimensions 8.0 x 10.2 x 3.5 inches (H x W x D).
(H is the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is the horizontal distance from left to right; D is the horizontal distance from front to back.)

Variable Airflow

Up to 17.6 cfm
Variable Temperature Selectable from 120°F to 1,200°F (49°C to 649°C)
LCD Display Indicates actual and target temperatures in 10°F increments.
Double Insulated Power Cord Rubber construction
Length: 6 feet
Output 1,600 watts.
Voltage 120 VAC / 60 Hz at 12.5 amps
Warranty One year limited
Nozzle Diameter 1.30 inches (33.02 mm)
Programs Four customizations pre-set temperature/airflow programs
Switch Cool air stage, variable temperature & airflow
Model No. HL 2010 EHL  HL 1910 EHL  HL 1810 SHL  HL 1610 SHG  HG 2510 ESDHG  HG 2310 LCD
Output 1500 W 1500 W 1400 W 1300 W 1600 W 1600 W
Temperature 120°F – 1150°F (49°C – 621°C) 120°F – 1100°F (49°C – 593°C) 120°F / 750°F (399°C) / 1100°F (593°C) 575°F (302°C) / 950°F (510°C) 120°F – 1200°F (49°C – 649°C) 120°F – 1200°F (49°C – 649°C)
Airflow 3.6 / 10.6 / 17.6 cfm 3.6 / 10.6 / 17.6 cfm 3.6 / 10.0 / 15.9 cfm 8.5 / 14.8 cfm variable 3.6 – 17.6 cfm variable 3.6 – 17.6 cfm
Warning in case of Heat accumulation      
Cool Air Stage  
Silver Case Kit        
Automotive Kit        
Plastic Welding Kit        
Multi-Purpose Kit      
General-Purpose Kit        
The Steinel auto body welding kit is one of the most powerful LCD heat guns on the market.  The HG 2310 LCD heat gun, which can pump out a whopping 3.6 to 17.6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow at temperatures ranging from 120 to an extreme 1200 degrees F. This range can make great use of the auto body welding accessories for use in many different applications.
Similar in shape to a hair dryer, (let’s not confuse the two) the programmable LCD heat gun has lockable override control of temperature and airflow settings, a cool air stage, four pre-set temperature/airflow programs, and a large LCD that displays temperatures in 10-degree increments. The other heat guns in this roundup here can only to 50 deg and 20 deg increments.heat gun lcd screen steinel 2310
The kit also includes two special reducer nozzles designed for heating small areas. This is for heat concentration like plastic and metal solder welding. A nice heavy-duty carrying case finishes off the package nicely and will provide great protection for your heat gun.

Who is Steinel?

The Steinel brand is a leading manufacturer of heat guns, glue guns, gas torches, and infrared sensors. The company was founded in Germany in 1959 by Heinrich Wolfgang Steinel and is still going strong today thanks to their focus on industrial LCD heat guns.

STEINEL is now a worldwide organization dedicated to the development of technology for the delivery of extreme controlled heat. Professionals and home users around the planet have come to expect the best, superior performance, and reliability that only Steinel can provide

Over 50 years of design and manufacturing have made the Steinel brand name mean quality over the world.

Steinel Silver Anniversary Edition Heat Gun KitHL2010E anniversary edition

For those on a budget the Steinel Anniversary Edition, Heat Gun Kit has been released to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Steinel has wowed everyone by cutting prices by up to 50% on a state-of-the-art HL 2010 E IntelliTemp heat gun and added all the essential accessories you need to do a huge range of jobs. The LCD heat gun is stored in a rugged quality aluminum carrying case.
The Steinel HL 2010 Heat gun has an easy to read LCD screen and features microprocessor control. The large rear LCD display will let you move temperature set-points up or down in 10°F increments to lock in the exact heat you need for any task at hand. You get an Industrial Heat gun at a cheap price.
The exclusive DuraTherm heating element is entirely enclosed in a molded ceramic. This is to provide exact heat to the job, extend the element life, and insulate the heat gun outer shell from this very powerful element.
With a huge range of attachment nozzles and accessories included, you will be ready for any job.

The Aluminium box kit includes:

  • HL 2010 E IntelliTemp Heat Gun
  • 75mm Spreader Nozzle
  • 39mm & 14mm Reflector concentration nozzles
  • 9mm Reduction Nozzle
  • Plastic Welding Tip
  • Assorted Welding Rods
  • Assorted Shrink Tubes
  • A Pocket Guide
  • Heavy-duty Aluminium Case


  • Temperature: Continuously variable (120 – 1150°F)
  • Airflow: 3.6 / 10.6 / 17.6 CFM Switch: 1) Cool Air (120°F / 3.6 CFM) 2) Var Temp/10.6 CFM 3) Var Temp/17.6 CFM
  • Output: 1500 watts
  • Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Weight: 30 oz.
  • Warranty: One-Year



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