Dyson V10 not charging problem fix

The Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaner is an amazing piece of engineering. We love our new cordless vac but we have come across a few issues over the past year. Especially the dreaded Dyson V10 not charging and flashing blue light.

Fear not I have the answer as well as how to diagnose and fix a whole heap of issues that you may come across.

These are expensive machines that should last many years. So check out the links below for the problem you have and we should be able to get it running for you good as new.

Dyson v10 not charging and no lights troubleshooting.

The Dyson V10 when charging correctly has 3 LED lights on each side of the battery. These will flash depending on the level of charge required. When the battery is fully charged the 3 blue lights will go off.

Sometimes you may think that the Dyson V10 is fully charged as it has no lights showing but it really is flat. Please check the following Dyson V10 troubleshooting tips:

  • Power is turned on at the wall switch
  • The circuit breaker has not tripped
  • The center pin for the Dyson V10 charge connector is not bent or broken
  • The voltage output of the charger cable is at least 30.45V DC.
  • The trigger for the vacuum cleaner is not depressed
  • All hatches, filters, and covers are in place and locked before charging.

If all of the above items are ok then there is a possibility that your Dyson V10 battery has failed and will need to be replaced. Don’t worry this is an easy procedure to change out the battery for a new one. These aftermarket batteries will let you use the vacuum for longer as they are of higher capacity than stock.

The stock battery has a life span of many years if used every day. This is a design of the internal Lithium-ion battery as they can handle up to around 600 charge cycles before they begin to lose capacity slowly. In fact, James Dyson, who founded the company back in 1987, said that battery life won’t be an issue for the Cyclone V10. “Fifteen years of daily use might get you down to 80% battery,” (let’s see if that is true)

As the Dyson V10 has been around for a few years now if you are noticing that your V10 is not lasting the full 50-60 minutes you will require a new battery.

Dyson v10 3 solid blue lights no power fix.

Dyson v10 3 solid blue lights no power troubleshooting

If your Dyson V10 has solid blue lights but not power then you will often have a jam in either the rotating powerhead or a faulty battery.

The rotating powerheads are designed to stop if it detects a high current draw due to a blockage or tangle. This saves the motor and associated gears from breaking due to a high torque load.

Not only will the powerhead stop, but often the main motor for the vacuum cleaner will stop as well.

If you have no blockage tangles or foreign objects in the powerhead then you could have a faulty battery. The solution, replace the V10 battery.

How do I reset my Dyson V10?

Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaners don’t have a reset button. But there are a few tricks you can do to clear any internal electrical faults you may have.

Most faults are caused by either a blockage in the rotating brush head or one of the covers is not attached properly. Make sure all of the covers are clicked into position and there are no blockages.

Remove the center brush bar by using a coin to turn the holding screw anticlockwise. You can then pull out the brush-bar. Remove and string, hair, rope, and dust that may be jamming the brush bar. Once it is clean and free you can replace it back and tighten the lock nut.

Try removing the Dyson V10 from the charger and turning off the charger from the wall for around 1 minute. Then turn it on again and place the V10 into the charger while pressing the trigger button for 30 seconds. Nothing will happen but it should reset any faults that are preventing your Dyson from charging and running.

You can also try removing the Dyson V10 battery and pressing the trigger for 30 seconds. Place the battery back into the cordless vacuum and recharge it for a few hours.

Dyson v10 filter replacement

Dyson v10 filter replacement

Dyson makes it really easy to replace the filter on the V10. Just turn the rear blue cap anti-clockwise 1/5 turn until it screws off and remove the mesh filter. Replacement mesh filters are cheap and you can buy a pack of three filters for the V10 here.

I like to replace this Hepa filter every year but if you have access to some high-pressure air you can blow out the excess dust. Make sure to use eye protection with high-pressure air.

Some people rinse them out under clean running water but you have to make sure they are completely dry before use. If the filter is not dry you will clog up the filter and your Dyson v10 will be pulsing after cleaning the filter.

The problem is that if the filter is not secured properly then the limit switch on the Dyson v10 won’t activate and it won’t startup.

Dyson v10 not working after cleaning filter repair.

If your Dyson V10 is not working after cleaning or replacing the filter then it could be a limit switch error. The problem 99 times out of 100 is because the rear HEPA filter is not screwed on correctly.

Remove the filter and clean out any dust and dirt that may be trapped between the threads of the blue filter. Replace the filter and screw it on. There should be no gap between the grey body of the cordless vacuum and the blue filter.

If your Dyson V10 is pulsing after replacing the filter then check for blockages, tangles in the brush head, or a wet filter. These problems can cause the vacuum cleaner to pulse during operation because of extra power draw.

Dyson V10 won’t turn on fix.

If your Dyson V10 won’t turn on then could be a number of reasons for this. Most often it is a hatch or cover that needs to be closed correctly, or you could have a flat battery.

In extreme cases, the lithium-ion battery could be faulty due to over-discharge. Always charge your cordless vacuum after use. This will prevent the battery from going to a low-power state that will not be able to be recharged.

If you have no blue LED lights showing on the battery and it is unable to be recharged you should replace the battery. You can get new aftermarket Dyson V10 batteries from here. These high-capacity Dyson V10 batteries will have longer runtimes than the stock battery.

If you have the dreaded Dyson v10 flashing red light when charging, then unfortunately your battery has failed and will need to be replaced.

Dyson V10 battery specs

Dyson V10 battery specs underneath lithium ion battery
  • 25.2 Volts DC
  • 2600 mAh Lithium-ion
  • 66 Wh
  • 7 internal battery cells.
  • Runtime 50-60minutes.
  • 206340 model number

Suits Dyson V10 Absolute, v10 Animal, and v10 Motorhead.

As the battery is a sealed unit there are no user-replaceable parts inside the battery. If it fails you will have to replace the battery. This is an easy process.

There are only 3 screws that are holding in the Dyson V10 battery. Two are on the bottom and one is on the side near the hand trigger.

Remove these three Philips head screws and the battery will slide right out.

Can you use Dyson V8 attachments on V10?

Yes, I can use my older Dyson V8 attachments on my V10. They both have the same connection piece and fit well together. I’m glad that Dyson has not changed the design for now.

You can check out our post on V6, V7 to V10 Attachments Interchangeable where we test some different fittings on a few different Dyson models.

Can I leave my Dyson V10 on charge all the time?

Can I leave my Dyson V10 on charge all the time BMS

Yes, you can leave the Dyson V10 on charge all the time. The internal battery management system (BMS) is designed to cut off the charge voltage once it reaches a pre-set charge capacity. This protects the lithium-ion batteries from overcharging and overheating.

Once the BMS detects a drop in voltage or you remove and replace the Dyson handstick it will start charging again.

Each battery has its own charge and over-discharge protection circuit to make sure the internal lithium-ion batteries are kept within a specific voltage range. This is around 2.5V to 4.2 volts per cell.


If your Dyson v10 is not charging then hopefully the above troubleshooting tips will get it working again. Lithium-ion batteries are great until they run low on battery voltage then there is a possibility of them never charging up again. If you keep the vacuum charged up you will have no issues with the batteries failing.

Never leave your cordless vacuum discharged for a long period of time. Your batteries will continue to discharge every day until they are fully depleted and unable to be revived or charged up.

The world is moving forward in battery technology and it is good to see household appliances keeping up with innovation. The Dyson V10 is a beautiful piece of engineering and I hear the V11 is better.

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  1. Hi Matthew, very interesting article, could you help me with my Dyson V11 battery? I bought it used without battery and so i made a battery pack. I connected the poles to the square pins inside the handle but the are two more circular pins that come from the motor control board, do you know where I have to connect them and what they are? I’m really frustrating because I don’t want to spend a lot of money for a new battery! Thank you very much!


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