Dyson V7 extended battery replacement procedure

The Dyson V7 is a great little handheld vacuum cleaner. It is a great upgrade from the Dyson V6 but it is still not a user-friendly design when you need to replace the battery.

In this post, we will be going over some of the Dyson V7 battery problems and how to upgrade and fix it yourself.

Dyson Flashing Blue or Red Lights

Dyson V7 Battery Upgrade because of flashing red or blue LED light

The Dyson V7 has LED indication on the top of the battery. This is to notify the user of the status of the battery. All Dyson V6 and V7 cordless vacuums use Lithium-ion battery packs.

A solid blue light indicates that the Dyson V7 vacuum is in normal operating mode or charging correctly.
A flashing blue light indicates that there is no or low battery power, please charge the battery.
A flashing amber light indicates that there is no power or a temporary fault in the V6 or V7 (e.g. Battery too hot or cold).
A flashing red light indicates that there is a fault. Usually, this is due to a faulty battery. You will need a new Dyson V7 battery upgrade.

Over time these lithium-ion battery packs will fail. On average you should be able to get around 500 charge cycles on a lithium-ion battery pack before they begin to fail. This is normal and it is a condition of all lithium batteries.

Symptoms include short run times, pulsing vacuum motor speed, slow charge times, and flashing red lights.

A replacement high-capacity battery for the Dyson V7 can be found here. These 5Ah batteries will give you a longer run time than the stock battery.

How to replace the Dyson V7 battery

How to remove dyson v7 battery for extended battery upgrade to a high capacity 4000mAh
Remove these screws from the Dyson V7 to take out the battery.

The short video below shows how to replace the Dyson V7 battery in only a few minutes.

  1. Open up the Dyson V7 top bin using the red latch and pull the dirt separator out.
  2. Remove the clear bin by releasing the red toggle latch on the bottom near the battery.
  3. Use a small Philips head screwdriver to remove the 2x screws on the bottom of the V7 battery.
  4. Remove the single screw on the back of the handle near the charge port.
  5. Slide-out the battery and replace it with a new V7 lithium-ion battery.
  6. Replace everything back in reverse order.

Dyson V7 Troubleshooting Common Faults.

Dyson V7 pulsing troubleshooting tips

Dyson V7 flashing red light 32 times

If your Dyson V7 is not working and you press the trigger button you will get a blinking red light 32 times if the battery has failed. This is due to the internal lithium-ion batteries being at a low voltage. Replace the battery.

V7 cordless vacuum stops and starts.

This is usually a clogged motorhead or full collection bin. The Dyson uses a protection circuit when it senses a high current draw from the battery. This is usually caused by a blockage.

You can read more on how to clear a blocked V6 motorhead or brush bar here. It is the same procedure.

Dyson V7 not charging

Sometimes when you try and charge the Dyson battery that is faulty you will either get no lights or flashing red lights 32 times.

You will need to replace the V7 battery using the above procedure.

Dyson V7 short run time

This is a classic problem that your battery will be starting to fail. With a full charge, the V7 runs for around thirty minutes on its standard low power settings.

Pressing the boost button will reduce the run time considerably.

If your cordless vacuum shuts off after a few minutes it is time for a Dyson V7 battery upgrade.

Motorhead not turning

Check for hair or objects stuck in the motorhead. Empty the bin and clean the filter. Check if the belt has broken that turns the brush bar.

If the battery is failing there may not be enough capacity to turn both the vacuum suction motor and the brush bar. Replace the battery.

Sometimes it would be obvious what is jamming the turbo head. We have the smaller Dyson turbine tool for the car and it sometimes gets clogged with dog hair and stones.

Dyson V7 extended battery high capacity long run time.

If you want a longer run time battery for your V7 then you will have to upgrade to a high capacity battery.

This aftermarket V7 extended battery has 5000mAh extra high-capacity lithium-ion cells inside. This will give you an extra long run time on the Dyson V7 compared to the stock battery.

  • Capacity: 5000mAh;
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion;
  • Volt:21.6V;
  • Compatible with V7 Motorhead, V7 Animal, V7 Animal Pro+, V7 Trigger, V7 Trigger with HEPA, V7 Car+boat, V7 Absolute.
  • The battery is 100% compatible with the original charger station.
  • The function and size are the same as the original battery
  • Upgraded 5.0Ah capacity provides 10-12 minutes longer life for your cordless V7 machine depending on the mode used.


Many items nowadays are thrown away when they stop working, but with the high cost of these Dyson V7 cordless vacuums, they should last a lifetime.

These batteries are good, but they could be better. If you use your V7 every day then you should get around 2-3 years out of the battery if you run it completely flat.

If you have a few simple tools then you can upgrade the Dyson V7 battery yourself to a high-capacity one. It will fix all of your problems and give you a longer vacuum run time.

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