dyson v6 extended battery how to remove

Is your Dyson V6 or DC35 battery getting tired and not lasting very long? Well, your lithium-ion battery may need to be replaced. These high-performance batteries only last around 500 charge cycles until they start to lose their charge.

Usually, this is not a big deal as you may only use your vacuum cleaner every few days. This means your battery should last around 4 years.

But you have to make sure you get the correct type of Dyson V6 extended battery. This is because there are 3 versions or redesigns of batteries for the different types of Dyson cordless vacuums. I will explain the differences further down in the article.

How to tell if your Dyson Battery is failing?

The biggest telltale is the runtime. Usually, you should get around 26 minutes of vacuuming on the standard setting. By pressing the boost button on the back of the Dyson V6 you will get extra suction but your runtime will be reduced to around 6 minutes.

This is a big difference and it shows how much power the boost function is pulling from the battery.

If you find that your cleaning time is less then you should look at a few simple problems before replacing your battery.

  • Are you stuck in boost mode? As shown by the blue indication on the back. Press the button while running to take it out of boost mode.
  • Do you have a blockage in the vacuum tube or canister? Empty the canister trap and clear any blockages in the tube.
  • Is there a jam or excess hair wrapped around the motorized v6 brush bar head? Remove the V6 head and remove any hair or string. Check out this post on how to fix a Dyson V6 brush bar that’s not turning.
  • Is your wall charger plugged in and turned on?
  • Is your cloth filter clean on the top of the V6 handstick?
  • Dyson V6 not holding charge.
  • The Red or blue LED charge light constantly flashing.

How to remove the battery from Dyson V6 cordless.

The only tool you will require to remove the Dyson V6 battery is a Philips screwdriver.

dyson dc59 battery removal

First, make sure that you empty and remove the rubbish canister. Then unscrew the 2-star screws from the top and bottom of the handle and then pull out the battery. It may be a little stiff the first time due to all the years of dust build up in the handle.

Make sure to only replace the same type and size of the Dyson V6 battery. It should look identical and slide right in with a slight tap to seat it fully.

how to remove dyson replacement battery dc59

If you are having trouble inserting it have a look at why. Has something fallen into the handle slot or is the battery protector contacts cover still on?

Don’t forget to replace the two screws to secure the new battery to the Dyson V6 handle. It’s now time to fully recharge your new battery before use.

Charging should take around 3 1/2 hours from a fully discharged battery. A blue light will illuminate when charging begins and turn off when the battery is full. It’s now ready for cleaning duties again.

Dyson V6 battery removal process video.

Difference between DC35 Vs Dyson V6 Cordless Battery

These two batteries from the Dyson DC35 and the V6 are not interchangeable. They are slightly different shapes. Both use high-power internal lithium-ion batteries and replacing the battery pack with a new one is really easy.

Lithium-ion batteries only have around 500 charge cycles until they start to degrade. Now, this doesn’t seem like much but if you only use your battery-powered vacuum cleaner every second day you still will get around 3 years of usage.

The symptoms of the Dyson V6 battery failing are less runtime than the usual 20+ minutes or the battery will not charge. Just remember that using the power MAX boost vacuum button will only give you around 6 minutes of runtime due to the extra power draw.

But it sure does have a great deal of extra power in the max position. This is why it’s great to carry a spare.

DTK Dyson V6 extended battery – DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, DC72, and DC74

dyson v6 extended battery how to remove
The Dyson V6 uses another redesign of the previous version of batteries. It’s a shame that if you have two different cordless handheld vacuum cleaners you would need 2 different batteries.

The Dyson replacement battery dc59 shown above is the current model for all V6s handsticks or cordless vacuums. I wish they would stick with a simple naming method for their vacuum cleaners.

  • Li-ion battery, 4.5Ah Real Capacity, 21.6V, which is made with high-quality 18650 cells
  • Compatible With Dyson Models: Dyson DC58, DC59, DC61, DC72, DC62 Animal 595, 650, 770, 880, SV03, SV04, SV05, SV06, SV07, and SV09.

Having a spare battery or two is very handy. It only takes a minute or two to remove the screws and push in a new Dyson V6 replacement battery dc59. Many people think that this is like maintenance or should only be done at a repair center. Anyone can do it, in fact, my 8-year-old daughter removes the battery herself when she cleans the house for some pocket money.

Replacement Battery for Dyson DC31 DC34 DC35 DC44 917083-01 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner -Not for V6

dyson dc31 DC34 DC35 DC44 battery
This is the battery for Dyson DC31 DC34 DC35 type A (except DC31 34 35 type B). Please check the connector of your original battery. It should look like the picture above.

  • Compatible with 917083-01, 17083-2811, 18172-01-04, 17083-4211, 18172-0201, 917083-03.
  • Upgraded Li-ion battery, 2Ah Real Capacity, 22.2V, made with high quality 18650 cells.

Dyson battery DC34 DC35, DC44 DC45 – Type B -Not for V6

Dyson battery DC34 DC35, DC44 DC45 - Type B

This is the newer upgraded model but is not compatible with the older machines.

  • Battery for Dyson DC43H DC44 Animal Type B Handheld Rechargeable Battery 965557-06 DC31 DC34 DC35.
  • This particular version of the Dyson DC35 battery is a “Type B” and is held in place with two screws. And this is the replacement for new Dyson DC35 handheld cordless vacuum.
  • Li-ion battery, 2Ah Real Capacity, 22.2V, made with high-quality 18650 cells.


As a family with a larger home, one Li-ion battery is just not enough to get the whole house clean. This is why we have 2 spare batteries in the garage fully charged and ready to go for those longer cleaning jobs.

If your Dyson V6 is not holding a charge then it must be replaced. I have yet to see a wall charger fail. It is always a faulty Dyson 6-cell battery.

There is no real way to charge the battery when it is out of the V6 vacuum cleaner. That’s why we do the quick swap out and leave the screws out until all of the spare batteries are charged and then we screw in the final battery.

If you have the dreaded Dyson flashing red light not charging problem you will have to replace the battery.

This was the cheapest way I could work out to get extra life out of my Dyson V6 rather than buying another vacuum cleaner. I guess this is the future now with them scaling back their research on corded vacuums and diverting their whole attention the cordless handsticks.

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  1. I have two v6 Dyson vacuums and they both have the same issue. the battery faild and do not charge in less than two years at a minimal use. For the price they should have done a better job on their batteries.


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