How to Install a Dash Cam in Your Car or Truck (ITRONICS ITB-100HD)


dash cam install kluger itronicsInstalling an Itronics dash cam for your vehicle can be a very wise investment. It is simple to do and with the correct dash camera, you can be sure you have the video you need when required. We show you How to install a dash camera simple.

How to Install A Dash Cam in your Car or Truck (ITRONICS ITB-100HD)

There are only a handful of quality dash cams on the market that will stand up to the harsh conditions on the Australian sun.

Some cheaper cameras on the market will take a good picture but are prone to failure due to a variety of issues. One of the biggest problems of dash cams is overheating. This is due to the camera usually positioned up high on your windscreen in full view of the sun which will heat up the unit over time. An overheating video camera will either slow down the video process so dropped frames or shut down altogether.

For my install, I chose the Itronics 100HD due to if fantastic reviews, performance, and reliability. The cheaper ITB-200L version is installed on my second car. Which has a longer recording time on the same sized SD card.

There is a newer model out now called the ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW. The simple version is it adds WIFI module so you car remote download and view Dash cam footage to your phone or tablet. A handy feature to have. But becoming harder to find due to its popularity.

The itronics is a continuous recording camera which will overwrite the oldest footage when full. A 16 GB sd card will get you around 7 hours of footage whereas a 32GB card will be double that at around 14 hours before it over rights the oldest video footage. Below are the day and night performance of the Itronics ITB-100HD. I have found night performance is great.

Installing the Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Cam:

To install the camera I first need to work out where to place the camera and run the cable. The dash cam cable was long enough to run from the top of the rear vision mirror to the fuse box located near the driver’s side when compartment on a Toyota Kluger / Highlander. Amazon currently has the ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-200SPW. Check it out below.

ITRONICS ITB-100HD SP Specification:

Camera: Lens 1/2.7″ Large CMOS, 2 megapixels 144-degree angle ReCording :
Compression Method: H.264
Variable Resolution : FULL HD(1920×1080), HD(1280×720), D1(720×480)
Variable Frame : 15, 24, 30fps
3-axis Acceleration Sensor: Built-in

Special Specifications
Video out: Supported(NTSC)
Voice recording: MIC Built-in (but its a little quiet)
AV OUT: supports live video with portable AV Devices

Full HD 1080 @ 24FPS
Ultra-high product reliability
Highest rated unit for summer performance approx. 70 deg C
Ultra-wide viewing angle 144′ degrees
Stylish Compact design

Rated Power: DC 12~24V
RTC: Built-in
Dimension : 96.2(L) x 36.5(D) x 40.4(H) mm, 80g
Act Temperature : –4F ~ 158F

-Itronics 100SPW adds wifi to the camera to give you access & wireless viewing with a Smartphone or tablet

dash cam behind mirrorMounting:

I mounted the itronics 100hd in front of the rear vision mirror for 2 reasons.

  •  1. to hide it from people walking by and
  •  2. To keep it out from obstructing the view of the driver.

The itronics is mounted with double-sided 3m tape that was supplied with a dash cam. Remember to leave enough room to be able to adjust the rear vision mirror with the cam installed. Once the dash cam is stuck with the 3m tape, it’s not coming off in a hurry.

This is a very tidy install and most people don’t even notice there is a dash cam installed.

Running Dash Cam Power 12v:

The dash cam supple 12v cable was run through the ceiling cover mat and down the right of the driver’s pillar. This required pulling apart both the pillar and roof covers a little to pass the cable through. Be careful if you have side airbags on the pillars as you will need to route the cable in a place where they will not obstruct the airbags if they go off.

Next, I needed power 12v for the dash cam. This is so when the car starts the dash cam will start-up automatically.

Dash Cam Setting up auto on power:

You can set up the Itronics  100HD camera fuse splice mini bladeto be always on, and trigger recording on movement,  but it will deplete your battery after a few days if you don’t use the car. So we do not recommend this unless you use the car every day. A simple method for auto on, is to splice it into the radio/cd player circuit. So when you start the car the dash cm starts up as well.

Splicing into your fuse box is easy and will require a double fuse mini blade.

Dash Cam Car Fuse Mini blade:

Locate the radio fuse and pull it, install the double fuse joiner in its place. A 2 amp fuse is fine for the itronics dash camera unit. Install the piggyback mini blade holder and crimp the tail to the positive cable on the itronics dash cam. The negative can be attached to the frame somewhere under the dash to provide the earth or negative. This can be done using a crimp lug and bolt.

Now you have two fuses in the one slot. Magic

Install the Radio fuse back in the mini blade as well, and test that it all works. You may have to reprogram your radio stations.

Now when you turn on the car the Itronics Dash Camera will start. When you turn off the car the dash cam will stop.

Whats the Best Budget Dash Cam?

The Itronics  iPass Black ITB-200L dash cam is considered one of the more reliable budget dash cameras on the market. Even though it records in 720p which is a slight step down in quality from the Itronics 100SPW which is 1080p. You will still be able to read license plates at this quality and you can save some money at the same time. Its what I use on my second car.

I have no real use for the WIFI Itronics version. If I need some video footage it’s just a simple procedure to remove the 32G SD card and download the required footage.

With it’s 120′ field of view its wide enough to capture the whole road in front of you. Its good to see Itronics making a budget camera and not skimping on features.

check reviews

Most of the features are still there like

  • HD (1280 x 720) Continuous Recording
  • Battery Discharging Protection. Will not completely drain the car battery on detection of a preset car battery voltage.
  • High Lux Security LED to warn passers-by they are under surveillance 
  • Auto Parking Mode (Impact + Motion Detection). If set up and hard-wired, any bump or motion will trigger the recording mode.
  • Audio Recording – On/Off Button.
  • Small size footprint to mount in front of the rear vision mirror if required.

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