How to Repair Your Sliding Patio Door from Coming Off the Tracks or Being Hard to Move.

repair sliding door patio DIY
repair sliding door patio DIY
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Do you have a sling patio door that is hard to open and close? Or does it seem like you need the strength of 10 men and a horse to slide it open? We have a simple solution for you that you can do yourself simply and cheap DIY project. Using only One Product. SLIDE EZZZ Patio Door Repair Kit

Why is my Sliding Door hard to Move?

There are many reasons for your sliding door to jam up and become hard to move. The top 5 reasons I have found over the years that cause a Sliding door to bind up and cause wear are.

If the patio door is not sliding check the following

  1. Your Sliding Door Tracks become worn or damaged
  2. Metal Sliding Patio door Wheels or Rollers are seized or hard to turn
  3. Sliding door roller wheels are worn
  4. Tracks full of dirt and grease.
  5. Sliding door clearance is not correct and scraping against tracks or door frames.

Sliding glass door off track

This is often an easy fix but may require two people to help you lift the heavy glass sliding door back onto the track.

Check the wheel if the patio door that they are not working, is jammed or broken. Use a large screwdriver or crowbar to gently lift the sliding door back onto the track. Check that the door is level and adjust with a small screwdriver on the side of the door.

Clean the track to prevent the sliding door from coming off the track again.

If the rollers or tracks are completely worn you can look into using the sliding door tracks that many people are going with.

How to Fix your Stuck or Jammed Patio Sliding Door Track.

slide ezzz kit patio door contents

Well, you could first diagnose the problem outlined above and then try to buy the appropriate spare wheels or track that will fit, which may require some specialist help and extra dollars $$$ to replace. Apparently, there are over 200 different sliding door wheels on the market. Or you can go and get a Slide Ezzz kit and do it yourself and problem solved. Sold at Amazon, eBay, home depot, or directly from them.

Slide-ezzz sliding door repair kit review

Now I was a little skeptical of this product at first as I have such a large wooden sliding door that has one of its wheels and tracks worn down over the years. I did a lot of research prior to getting this kit to see what is the best fix for my Patio Sliding Door.

The Side Ezzz came up a lot with great reviews. So why not give it a shot and save some money. For around the cost of a carton of quality soft drinks, it’s money very well spent.

As my glass patio door had worn wheels and tracks, this would have normally required the replacement of the patio track and wheels. With the slide ezzz kit, I was able to get rid of both problems with one product.

How Does the Slide Ezzz Kit work?

They make the sliding door slide by using a hard, Teflon Impregnated, slippery plastic on the sliding door track and guides on the door frame threshold.

The sliding door will no longer use sliding door wheels or rollers. You have 2 choices either remove the rollers altogether or just wind them up out of the way. The “Sliding Door Repair Kit” uses the sliding patio door track rail as a guide, so the door slides straight. Lasts for thousands and thousands of cycles. Even if your track is damaged.

  • So it fits most sliding doors
  • Can be installed in less than an hour
  • Don’t need to remove the sliding door. Installed in place
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Will Fix Sliding Doors with most problems
  • Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair Kit, Black

Installation Procedure of Slide Ezzz

Basically, all you have to do is Clean the track, lay down the Teflon Strips, Mount the Door Guide sliders, test out then Glue in the Teflon strips. The job was done. Happy days.

Detailed Instructions to Fix your Sliding Door with Slide Ezzz

Repairing sliding door track

First, open the Slide Ezzz Package and straighten out the track Teflon strips. I used a concrete floor and a hairdryer to straighten out my 10-foot length of Slide Ezz strips.

Next, clean out the tracks with warm water and sugar soap. Dry it out completely. Very Important.

Next Either screw up the Sliding door wheels or remove them completely. Usually, turn screw anti-clockwise to retract the wheel into the door.

Slide in the Teflon track strips and leave a gap of approximately 1/8 inch or 3mm between the center riser in the track. Cut the Teflon sliders to length using pliers or side cutters

Mount the door slider guides with screws and check if the door closes completely without gaps on top or bottom. If there are gaps then use the spaces that are included in the kit.

If it all slides well, glue in the Patio Door Teflon track with the supplied Quick Grip glue, and leave to dry for a few hours. Screw-in the Door Guides.  Oil the track with either Teflon spray or silicon oil.

Try and keep the track well cleaned and it should last a lifetime.

Word of warning: Try not to throw your door through the other side, as it slides so easy now. One finger patio door sliding now possible.

Problems you may encounter with Slide Ezzz

Because the Patio Slide Ezzz adds height to your door with the extra track and Teflon sliders, make sure you have at least 6mm free gap space at the top of your glass, wood, or aluminum sliding patio door.

If you use spaces to level your door this gap will decrease further.

The other problem I had, was due to the thickness of the Door Teflon sliders, which were screw mounted on the sliding door. It caused the door to not close and lock properly. A simple fix was to just route out a small section on the bottom of either the door or the door frame. This made the door sit flush when closing.

If you have added in extra spaces your door lock may be now miss-aligned and not close and lock. This can be fixed by adjusting your sliding door latch. We replaced our sliding door latch with a Lockwood Onyx with great results.


Stegbar sliding door roller replacement

Don’t replace your rollers just get the slide ezzz sliding patio door repair kit. It’s fast and cheap you can do it yourself with the door still on the track.

If all went well you can now repair glass patio doors with ezzz. (No pun intended)

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