How to Replace Sliding Door Lock with a Lockwood Onyx

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How to Replace Sliding Door Handle
Replacing Patio Sliding door lock lockwood onyx

Is your current Sliding Door Lock faulty, broken, or just not locking safely? Well, we show you How to replace the sliding door lock, without calling a locksmith. It’s a simple and easy and fairly cheap DIY project. Sliding doors can also be called Patio Doors. A faulty Sliding door Lock can compromise your Home Security.

DIY How to Fix Door Lock

Sometimes it may be as simple as lubing up your door latch or squirting some WD40 in there. If your Door Lock is physically broken the easiest step is to replace it with the same model and brand. You will need some basic hand tools that every man should have.

If there are no identifying marks just remove the Sliding door lock off and take it to your local hardware for a replacement match.

The cost to replace a sliding door lock is minimal and the time involved is short. Fixing sliding door locks is a skill all DIY handymen and women should learn.

Amazon doesn’t sell the Lockwood Onyx but take a look at the Sliding Glass Patio Door Handle Set with Mortise Lock, White, Keyed, 3-15/16 Screw Holes. by TechnologyLK

How to Install a Sliding Door Patio Lock Latch

The first step is to go to your local hardware store and pick out the style brand and color of the Patio door lock you like. Remember to measure the width of your sliding door (some locks only support thin doors and if it is an internal or external locking mechanism.

The lock I chose was a Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock Black. Which was around $70. The white was more expensive for some reason at around $90. This lock supports doors up to 50mm wide. These are Australian prices at Bunning’s.

Some of the cheaper patio door locks only had 1 tab for latching and could be less secure or only supported by 40mm or less sized door frames. So as I had a wider wooden door the Lockwood Onyx was the obvious choice.

Features of the Lockwood Onyx Patio Door Lock

loockwood onyx sliding door patio packageTwin locking tabs for added security

The door Close Detect button (DCD) anti-slam feature protects locking tabs from accidental damage

Lock Alert indicator shows lock condition status at a glance

Dual Select enables two-stage key locking (Inside and Out)

The safety Release function minimizes the risk of being locked in

Ergonomic sliding latch with an intuitive downward motion to unlock

Choice of 3 Colors Black, White, and Cream

How To Replace Your Glass Sliding Door Lock

Depending on the type of latch you have this should be a very straightforward job. My front door lock latch only had 3 long screws holding it on. So once these were removed the latch just came apart. Others may require a cover to be removed first and then the mounting bolts can be taken out.

Another reason for picking the Lockwood was that the latch I was replacing was an old Lockwood sliding door lock so it had the same mounting hole locations.

Installing Sliding Door Patio Lock

Patio sliding doors will require some prep work before installing the new lock. Take the contents out of the package and cut out the template for the mounting screws for the lock handle and latch. My holes lined up perfectly but had to drill them out to 10mm as per the instructions. Old holes were about 8mm.

Next dry mount the 2 sides of the Lockwood handle and see if it all lines up. Take a ruler and measure the thickness of the door and cut the lock tab bar to suit. It was about 15mm. then cut to suit. Remember if you use the spacer plate to add 5mm to your cut. A pair of pliers or side cutters is fine to cut the bar. Remember to measure twice and cut once.

Screw in the Lockwood handles using the supplied screws. I found these were hard to screw in because the handle threads were not recessed tapped. Not sure if this is a manufacturing fault or if it’s made like this, so I screwed them in first to make a thread in a vice. It’s good to have someone help you line it all up while you do this.

I also used the supplied spacer on the inside handle as I found my knuckles hitting the door frame at times during testing. Guess I have large hands then. The spacer made it perfect. This is why you do a dry run before cutting the lock tab past 15mm

Mount the handle and screw in tight using the 2x short screws.

(use the correct length screws there are 3 choices for different width doors)

Door Closer Adjustment

lockwood onyxDrill the holes for the latch and mount it with the supplied wood screws. I ended up using long wood screws that I had to make the latch bracket more secure. I guess I’m a little more paranoid about home security. Make sure it all lines up and make adjustments as necessary.

The only adjustment I needed was to latch and the door was about 4mm too wide to latch closed. To fix this loosen the 2 screws on the ends of the metal wall bracket latch and then loosen the middle screw. This pulls out the inner metal tabs to make the lock line up. Instructions say not to adjust past 4mm.

And that’s all there is. Now go out and replace all of the Patio Sliding door locks yourself saving some well-earned money in the process. This process works the same as replacing your screen door lock.

Aluminum Sliding Door Repair

The procedure will be the same for aluminum security doors to replace locks and latches. Most sliding door handle locks are plastic but buy the metallic handles so they don’t break in the future.

If you have some problems with your sliding door being hard to move our next DIY Project involves repairing the track and rollers with a Silde Ezzz Kit. The one kit will solve all of your Patio Door problems.

Conclusion Review

After 6 months of use on a large wooden glass sliding door, this Lockwood Onyx door lock works extremely well. It’s very easy to Lock and Unlock with a very streamlined latch mechanism. Out young children have no issue with the lock. Time will tell if it really lasts but as it’s made out of Aluminium it should last longer than plastic.

The supplied keys will lock this from the inside and out with a red tab to let you know the key is locked. Go ahead and replace your old sliding door lock you won’t be disappointed.

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