Toyota Kluger / Highlander after market GPS Navigator Install

S100 navigation toyota
Cheap After market GPS navigation for your Car

S100 navigation toyotaI wanted to install an in-dash double din DVD Navigation in my Toyota Kluger, but I didn’t want to spend the huge amount that the local audio shops were charging. So I did some research and found out about the s100 Navigation units.

Information on the RoadNav S100 Navigation

Brand RoadNav car DVD player with built-in GPS navigation system,  the S100 Navigation platform has been developed based on WinCE 6.0 OS. Which is the old mobile windows platform. It is quite old now but very stable and doesn’t need much memory to run.

Perfect support for WiFi, and 3G network, but you will need an extra USB dongle for access to those features.

Support for 1080P HD video, a reverse camera was included in my pack but sometimes it may be sold separately. Inside is a Dual-core A8 Chipset, 1GMHZ main frequency, 512MB ROM, and 4GB RAM, this seriously is one of the best car radio GPS out there. + Its Touch Screen

So where did I order it from? Well, there are a lot of places online that now sell this unit due to its popularity, but I got it locally from BrashImports in Australia, mainly so I could talk to someone locally if there were any issues during the installation.

David from Brash Imports was fantastic in answering my questions before I had even purchased the unit.

The s100 comes in many different designs and configurations depending on your vehicle type, that’s why the s100 navigation unit will look different from car to car.

How to Fit 2 Din Head Unit GPS Navigator Stereo in A Highlander / Kluger

The hardest part was working out how to remove the air con/radio shroud. This will show you how its done video from Delreycustoms thanks.

Next was to remove the old Toyota radio unit. To make more room for myself I also removed the air-conditioner control unit this opened up a large space to run all my cables through.

Some of the extra optional cables I pulled through are.

  • Reverse camera
  • Microphone for hands-free
  • Audio and video cables for my in-car headrest video screens for the kids.
  • Wifi and 3g USB cables

Here is the install of a Head Unit for a Toyota Hilux but the procedure is similar for most model cars.

Thanks to powerfulukltd

So what can the S100 Navigation unit do?

  • Well, it Plays the radio fine, great sound, in fact, I think it’s slightly better than stock.
  • Plays audio CD and DVD movies with great sound and quality. Although you shouldn’t watch movies in front while driving. There is a mod explained in the manual about enabling/disabling this feature.
  • Has Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls. I found that sometimes my phone wouldn’t auto-connect when getting in the car sometimes, but it was usually after my wife was driving so I think it must get confused sometimes but no dramas on a manual connect. Updated firmware apparently fixes this
  • Navigation is where this unit shines. It comes with the IGO navigation software and the are plenty of places online that have updated maps, poi, etc.
  • Reversing camera kicks in when reverse is activated the hardest part was running the cable all the way down to the back rear door, I routed my cables under the carpet and door trim.

So after a year of testing, it still works great never had a software crash or malfunction. The only complaint is the screen is a little glossy so it reflects the sun, making it hard to see the screen, but an aftermarket matt screen protector should fix this problem.

Keep a backup of your GPS software which is supplied on a MicroSD card just in case it gets corrupted

For updated firmware for the S100 unit see RoadNav forums

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