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Underwater night fishing lights always seemed a little gimmicky to me. I was used to the old trusted bait and hook or even a plastic jig. But I am always interested in new tech products so why not apply that to my love of fishing.

In the old days, green glow sticks were used to attract fish. Seeing that these lamp-like contraptions were used for sports fishing could they be used for recreational fishing? After seeing these new bright underwater green fishing lamps at a fishing and camping trade show I instantly knew I needed some.

Underwater Green LED Fishing Lights Explained

Somehow, technology has infiltrated this seemingly simple sport. Initially, I thought that these LED underwater fish lights were used for bragging rights or just to show off to other fishermen the costly gear they all have. However, my first impression was easily proven wrong.

So I bought two of them and guess what? “I instantly was able to see and catch more bream and bass with them.” After talking to another fisherman who also uses these underwater night lights. He told me his secret to why they work.

The ones that topped the list in my fishing circle for LED fishing lures were from Lightingsky and Glow Lion.

  • Lightingski Underwater Green Fishing Light
  • KiloFly Green LED light lure.

These two fishing lures have their own unique characteristics and different physical attributes. However, it’s all about how these lures improve your catch. A nice benefit is that these guys aren’t expensive, which is great if you enjoy fishing as a sport and/or hobby.

Below, I’ve written a comprehensive review of my findings comparing these two underwater fishing lure lights from these two companies.

Product Features and Specifications

The Lightingsky submersible fishing light and the KiloFly underwater night fishing lights are two great products. Here’s a comprehensive list of the features that each item contains.

My favorite underwater green LED fishing lights. 

Submersible Fishing Lights  
Lamp length 20 x 14 x 5 inches; 3.33 Pounds 5 inches
Wire length 30 foot None
Power 50 W
Input Voltage 110v / 12v Battery-powered
Lumens (Brightness) 7500 lumens  Bright
Powered By With a 110-volt adapter with safe 12 volts DC output, 30-foot power cord, and a 3-prong plug included, or 12v external source 3x button batteries
Runtime Hours 50,000 hours around 72h then a battery charge is required.
Depth 5m, length of cable 2100 feet
Color Options Green, Blue, White Green
Where to Buy    

Its also good to see that the KiloFly underwater night fishing light comes with 3 Lithium cell batteries. You also get 4 of these light lures in every pack.

The Lightingsky submersible fishing light comes with 5m jumper connectors for you to connect to your external battery source.

Why do underwater LED lights work?

The light attracts plankton and smaller insects. This attracts small baitfish which in turn attracts the larger predator fish. They didn’t just attract fish, I have found they also attracted larger and more exotic aquatic life, such as squid, crabs, and prawns.

These underwater night fishing lights are also known as LED lures and can also be used during the day. The deeper we go the less light there is in the ocean. Or if it is a muddy lake or river these glowing lights will help attract more fish.

I don’t usually buy items without thorough research, and I quickly realized that these underwater fishing lights are something I definitely need and may have a positive effect on my catch rate and size.

During my first foray into using LED lights as fishing lures, my fishing buddies had different opinions on which ones to get. Apparently, the market for them is a booming one. This means I had many brands and options to choose from.

Fish and other aquatic life may be visual creatures as well. They are attracted to objects emitting light, especially in dark environments, as they may find it aesthetically pleasing or as a source of food. This partly explains why deep-sea fish such as the anglerfish have developed light on their bodies: to attract unsuspecting prey towards them.

Just like small baitfish like pilchards and sardines will shimmer when light bounces off their scales.

What types of fish can I catch with a green underwater fishing lamp?

catch more fish with a underwater fishing LED light just like this triple header catchKnowing that a light source helps in attracting fish, I’m now convinced that LED fishing lures aren’t just a gimmick. The problem now lies in finding the most appropriate ones to use.

Some different fish like different colors but here are the ones that seem to like the color green. In the Northern Hemisphere, I love fishing in Lake Champlain and have had success with catching

Because the fish will now be attracted to the light source, its best to throw out as many lines as you can. For greater success try different types of baits or jigs.

Just like this triple-header catch shown to the left life can get very exciting very fast. In the Northern Hemisphere, I love fishing in Lake Champlain and have had success with catching fish like:

  • Largemouth bass
  • Atlantic Sturgeon
  • Catfish
  • Yellow Perch
  • Black Crappie
  • Carp
  • Bream (bluegill)
  • Baitfish
  • Squid, prawns, and crab (saltwater)

What can you attract and catch in the Southern Hemisphere? (Australia)

Lightingsky and Glow Lion lure both allow you to relax while you wait for baitfish and squid to arrive. The Lightingsky underwater bright light allows you to view the fish and other marine life that gather around your bait.

My kids love looking at what’s being attracted by the green light like Bream, Trevally, Pilchards, Cod, Squid, Crabs, Prawns, Baitfish, and Plankton.

Whether you use nets, fishing hooks, or a compound bow and arrow, these bright underwater lights will give you more freedom in capturing your catch!

With a portable casting depth sounder, you can really see what’s under the ocean.

What I like & dislike about underwater fishing lights

As this is a comparative review, I will be talking about the features of each object in relation to the other. This is to help narrow down all my views on the two.

Battery-powered or mains cable powered?

The most noticeable difference between the two is their battery source. The Lightingsky fishing lure requires a 12v external battery for it to function, requiring accessories such as jumper cables to get it to light up. A boat battery is perfect for this. Or you can you a small but powerful Li-Po car jump starter with a 12v output port.

Glow Lion’s fishing light lure only needs 4 Lithium coin batteries to be inserted in it. The Glow Lion underwater light has a hoop at its top, allowing it to be attached to a fishing line.

Each fishing lure gives out a different experience. The Glow Lion fishing lure allows me to cast out and reach areas further from where I’m located. Sometimes, a spot further away near some snags can have more fish, allowing this light lure to attract those fish hiding in them.

The problem with this is that since it’s small its light output isn’t huge.

LED Light Output

The Lightingsky fishing lure has a 360-degree view and a much brighter light output. This effect is due to the lure composed of 5 LED fishing lights. Unlike the Glow Lion fishing lure, this variant from Lightingsky is similar to a glow stick one would use in a concert, or a traditional flashlight. The downside to it is its need for an external battery source.

A wire connects the lure on one end and two jump cables on the other. The wire is quite long and can reach up to 5m. If you use a longer cable you can make it compatible with deep-sea fishing as well. The cable and wire combination is great for ensuring a steady supply of power for the deep-sea light.

This underwater green led fishing light is my favorite one between the two. Due to it requiring an external battery to function, the LED lure is brighter and will last longer than the battery-operated one. But you are limited to where you can drop it down to like off a jetty or from your boat at the anchor point.

This is due to the length of the wire of 5m. But there is nothing stopping you from adding more cable length. Just remember to waterproof the cable connections well with heat shrink and silicone.

Don’t forget that 5m length must reach the battery and go over the side before touching the water. I usually keep it at the 3m depth.

Underwater green LED lights fishing video

How Effective are Underwater fishing lights?

Fishing lures that emit light have been proven to increase the catch rate of most pro fishermen. However, certain light colors can affect the catch depending on the area and type of water you fish in. Eg is it Salt or freshwater?

Three different color underwater lights, click for more information at Amazon

Both brands have their fishing light lures emitting a green light only. This makes them great for catching most types of fish and squid.

There are other colors to choose from, such as bright glow blue and white,  which is great for customizing your fishing experience to your desired catch. Blue lights attract more prawns & fish. White lights are more versatile—they can attract fish, squid, and prawns!

Although many brands have great fishing led lights, I find that green works best in my area. With a wide range of colored lights to choose from makes them more desirable in creating a more effective fishing experience. But I find that green LED lights catch more fish. This generic brand of underwater fish LED light is cheap and works well.

How to Use the Glow Lion Underwater Fishing Lure

I have been using these amazing underwater green LED fishing lights for around 6 months now and they are simply fantastic.

Attaching the LED fishing lure light

Battery powered underwater fish and squid lights

1.) The Kilo Underwater green Fishing light is best used with fishing rods. This makes casting easy. Although a hand line can also work if just dropping over the side of a boat or jetty.

2.) Take the fishing line and attach a 3-way swivel, which is attached to one end of the fishing rod’s line. Add on another piece of line and a hook.

3.) Attach the Glow Lion Underwater Fishing Lure the fishing lines spare 3-way swivel ring.

4.) Tie on the LED lure light to the fishing line.

5.) Cut any of the leftover lines.

6.) And now you’re ready to start fishing!

If you would like to know my trade secrets check out this more detailed post on How to use submersible LED fishing lights.

How to turn the fishing lure lights on or off

  • Simply flip the batteries inside the lure to create a connection. This turns the fishing lure lights on.
  • To turn the lights off, flip the batteries over again, or remove them completely.

Lightingsky Underwater Fishing Lure

Turning the underwater fishing lure on

1.) Get yourself an external 12v battery that‘s meant for heavy-duty use. Items like car batteries or the smaller 12v motorcycle batteries are great for powering these underwater lights.

2.) Place the external battery in a dry area near the edge of the fishing area.

3.) Attach the red jumper cable of the fishing lure to the positive terminal and the black jumper cable to the negative battery terminal.

4.) Lower the fishing lure to the water to your preferred depth. We found it works best at around 3m down.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I return this product if I change my mind or if there are any quality issues?

Quality issues with the product may allow you to return, exchange, or get a refund for the product, depending on trade laws in your area. I like to add a little bead of silicone around the joins just to make sure the lights don’t leak.

2.) What is the depth at which the light can be still seen clearly?

This question depends heavily on the eyesight of the user, making it a unique experience in different waters! There may be times when the light won’t be seen clearly by the user but that’s nothing to get worked on.

Fish can see the light at even depths of 2,100 to 2,500 feet deep, making it a win in my books. Not that you would ever go that deep but greenlight has a very short wavelength so it can be seen at a great distance.

3.) These are great underwater! Can I use them on dry land too?

The Glow Lion fishing lure can be turned on out of the water for a while without much consequence — except shielding your eyes from the bright light!

The Lightingsky fishing underwater LED should only really be turned on in the water. As these lamps are totally enclosed in a small space they may build up heat which may shorten the LED lifespan. (water serves as a cooling medium) and cause the LEDs to burn up.


It would be unfair to say that one lure is better than the other, as they both have properties that make them interesting additions to a collection. Overall, the Glow Lion fishing lure is cheap and best for hobbyist fishermen.

The pocket-sized fishing lure is great for attracting fish as a sport—whether you prefer to fish alone or with friends. The Lightingsky fishing lure is a great addition to your tackle box. The larger underwater light lure isn’t attached to any fishing rod, but onto its own power cable, making it perfect for fishing in both social and professional situations.

Another option is to use Cyalume Green Glow snap light sticks. These are another cheap option that works well for up to 12h of light. Although not as bright its a budget option if you don’t want to worry about cables and batteries.

Poor mans underwater light the humble glow stick.

Have you experienced using these LED underwater fishing light lures? What are your thoughts and favorite colors? Let me know in the comments below!

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