MT07 FZ07 cheap mods and upgrades

Every motorcycle owner likes to personalize their bike is some way or fashion. In this post, we will look at the top 10 mods you can do for your MT07 / FZ07 to make it stand out from stock.

I consider the Yamaha MT07/FZ07 to be one of the best looking naked motorcycle on the market today. Due to its aggressive pricing and styling, it is no wonder that it is also one of the top-selling motor-bikes in the world.

Why they have different model numbers for different parts of the world blows my mind. Who knows, but I believe they are starting to call this bike MT07 from now on everywhere.

Most of the modifications I will show here are cheap but there are a few that are quite expensive but I will try to explain the difference and give you a few options. Ok, let’s get into it.

MT07 Windscreen Upgrade

The standard MT07 bike doesn’t come with a windscreen. It is like there is something missing from the front end. Three options that I really like are the plastic Givi Windscreen, Puig, and the CNC aluminum windshield.

Best MT07 Mods windscreen Puig
Puig Naked New Generation Sport Windscreen
Windscreen upgrade for MT07 FZ07
Givi Windscreen for MT07

The see-through smoke Givi windscreen and the Puig screen will block more wind than the CNC one. But since I do a lot of city riding at slower speeds it is not much of a big deal but I think the CNC looks better and is cheaper.

Metal CNC windscreen for MT07
CNC metal front windscreen for MT07

The mounting holes are slightly different for 2016-2017 models compared to the 2018 – 2019 so make sure you order the correct one for your motorcycle. Adding a windshield will really make the bike stand out.

MT07 2018 windshield windscreen

FZ07 Bar End Mirrors Mod

fz07 mt07 bar end mirrors mods

Having bar end mirrors will make your FZ07 look very aggressive. I even find that I do get a better image from stock due to the mirrors being further apart. The tow choices you really have are round or any other shape other than round, like a diamond for instance.

Do check your local motor vehicle regulations on minium size motorcycle mirrors.

I find for round side mirrors that convex shape will give you a better viewing angle. The only problem with bar-end rear vision mirrors is that it will add a few inches to the handlebar length. Just be sure to swing them in if parking you motorbike in a small tight area.

The bar end mirrors that work well for me are called Driven Racing D-Axis – Silver DXM-SL. I like these as they clamp onto the handlebar sliders. I found that cheaper plastic mirrors clamp to the inside of the handlebar and over time they will vibrate loose.

Front, Rear, and Frame Sliders.

EVO tech mt07 frame sliders

This is a must for anyone wanting to protect their motorcycle in the event of a crash or a dropped bike. They are designed to take the brunt of the crash sliding force and will grind down. This protects your plastics and other bike parts from hopefully getting damaged.

G and C rear slider jack stand

The R&G axle sliders also serve as a pivot point for rear jack stands. This way you can prop up your rear wheel up to do maintenance like chain lubrication, puncture repair, and oil changes. But you must install the rear slider spools to use these paddock stands. Well recommended upgrade.

MT07 Fender Eliminator – Tail Tidy Mod

To meet most state road regulations, Yamaha has included quite a large numberplate/indicator setup on the rear of the bike. This just looks weird so I like to remove it and replace the unit with an MT07 fender eliminator kit.

This tail tidy comes with a bright LED light for the number plate and mounts for the indicators. To make the install neet, I just cut the wires and splice them into the existing rear indicators. With a little bit of solder and electrical tape, you are good to go. Or you can use the included cables but you will have to trace the wires back.

Now your MT07 rear end looks nice and slick. Attach the number plate, mount the indicators, and test that everything is working. This should be the first upgrade mod you do to your Yamaha.

Check out our post on how to install a MT-07 Fender eliminator yourself.

LED Indicators

The world is moving to LED everything, so it is nice to see that LED lights are now becoming commonplace in the motorcycle and vehicle industry.

Don’t go out and buy the cheapest LED indicators you will find as you will have issues with water ingress. A lot of cheap Chinese import LED indicators don’t have seals between the plastic and the electronics.

I’m not a fan of the very thin line turn signals as they can be hard to see during the daytime. It is better to be safe and seen by cars.

If you have the old incandescent light bulb type turn signal you can buy just the globe that is LED these work very well.

Aftermarket Exhaust

akrapovic Ti MT07 exhaust upgrade
Akrapovic Titanium with the Carbon end piece.

The stock MT07 exhaust is very quiet. To me, it sounds like a scooter. The only option is to replace the stock exhaust with an aftermarket one. Some well-known exhaust manufacturers for the MT07 are:

There are a few benefits to doing this. Apart from sounding way better, you will get an increase in power and some weight reduction.

The only problem is the price. Some of these exhausts can really break the bank with Akrapovic Ti Carbon being the most expensive of all.

You can check out our installation instructions for Akrapovic Ti on a 2018 MT07. If you only do one upgrade this year then make it an exhaust.

Often due to the extra airflow through the exhaust, you may find that you get some detonation or popping when you roll off the throttle. If this is excessive it could mean the FZ07 engine is running lean.

To fix this problem you will need either a Power Commander or Dobeck EJK fuel controller. These basically enable you to load in some fuel maps to optimize the engine to peak power. It will reduce the popping most people experience when slowing down or coming off the throttle.

EJK MT07 FZ07 fuel electronic jet kit

I use the EJK fuel injection programmer as it is easy to use. Not to mention it is also the cheaper option.

  • Plug N’ Play Installation- takes minutes to install
  • Uses unique Load Based Technology
  • Does not interfere with stock ECU operation
  • Water-resistant
MT07 EJK exhaust settings map
Image from

So which exhaust is best for the MT07? Well, it is going to come down to your budget and the style you like. For me, I prefer the Akrapovic Ti as it is has a slimline look under the bike and a great rumbler sound.

Getting rid of the stock muffler will be one of the best MT07 mods you can do to your machine.

If you want a cheap option then the M4 slip-on exhaust is a great addition and gets a lot of good reviews online. You will have to cut your stock pipes in half to use this exhaust though.

For a budget upgrade why not try the Ransoto or Anodising Racing exhaust. They are made of stainless steel with great welds and have an awesome sound. You could buy 4 of these exhausts for the same price as some of the more expensive brand name exhausts. A good review of these exhausts can be found here.

R & G Radiator Guard and Grill

I see these radiator guards around a lot while out riding. They are popular as it protects the radiator from stone damage but still lets in cooling air.

  • Easy to install, FZ 07 radiator guards and grill can protect your radiator from sand or stone damage, which will extend its service life
  • The FZ 07 radiator guard made of high-quality CNC aluminum alloy, which is sturdy & corrosion resistant.

Tank Wraps

Car and motorcycle wraps have become all the rage. They are very easy to install as long as you have a variable temperature heat gun. There is literally an endless variety of colors and designs to choose from.

I like the carbon fiber wrap look and the great thing is if you get sick of the color or if it gets scratched up just remove the wrap and put on a new set.

When wrapping your tank take it slow, clean your petrol tank inside and out, and use knifeless tape. Tanks can be hard to wrap as they have a lot of curves and odd shapes. In the video below it shows you how to use the knifeless tape to do a tank wrap like a professional.

Motorcycle Alarm

The WSDcam anti-theft alarm has been a new addition to the MT07 and it works quite well. In the past, I have used a disk brake lock. But I was getting sick and tired of having to disconnect it and store the lock.

The motorbike alarm will register any little bumps or movement on your MT07. It was very easy to connect and runs off an internal battery.

  • Vibrationally triggered alarm suitable for Bikes, Electric Bike, Motorcycles, Doors, and Windows
  • 7 level adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat
  • Deterring thieves effectively by 113 dB loud alarm
  • Easy to find your vehicles by 6 kinds of bells with a range of 66 feet.
  • IP55 waterproof pc material shell
  • Installation with a double-sided sticker or tieing it with a strap.

MT 07 Shorty Levers

MT07 shorty levers front brake

I installed the MT 07 shorty levers as I like to ride using 2 or 3 fingers on the brake and clutch. These also look great and are well made. There is a slight weight loss as they are short by about 25mm.

They look so much better than the stock silver ones and give the motorcycle a rugged street look. Check out my review and installation of the MT 07 shorty levers.

Best MT07 mods conclusion

At the end of the day, there are literally hundreds of MT07-FZ07 upgrades that you can do to make your motorcycle faster and more unique. All of the upgrade parts mentioned here are quality and I have not had any issues.

Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite parts to upgrade your Yamaha beast.

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