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As my wife is a photographer I get to test out some cool gear from time to time. We decided to try out the new flexible tripod for iPhone, Android and DSLR Cameras from Blitzwolf.

What is immediately apparent is the high quality and ruggedness of this Bluetooth octopus tripod. With 3 heavy duty adjustable legs and a mobile phone holder, it is very sturdy. You will be ready to attach this portable mini tripod to any tubular object to get that perfect photograph in seconds.

Bendable tripod stand for iPhone and Android review

Sports photography and video are what I love to do. Taking my kids to the BMX track or down to the park to ride the flying fox means there are lots of opportunities to get some great footage.

This bendable tripod stand is a perfect match for my iPhone which enables me to have a free hand while playing with my kids. Often we will take a GoPro attached to a selfie stick but that can be dangerous if the children are only holding onto the climbing equipment with one hand.

Now the can wrap the octopus tripod around their bike handlebars or onto a tree branch and continue to get some great video memories.

I like that this Blitzwolf tripod even comes with a Bluetooth camera clicker. This is a feature that allows you to take pictures and video with just a click of a button. Cool hey.

Octopus Tripod Bendable legs

Each one of the 3 legs is coated with a soft flexible silicone type of material. They are very strong and once bent into position will hang on tightly. They will wrap around the smallest poles like a fence bar to some very large tree branches.

flexible tripod for iphone blitzwolf

Be sure to always load test your camera. Especially if you use a heavy DSLR Nikon or Canon camera.

I found that the tripod folds down nicely into a 29cm long package. Perfect for those compact camera bags. If space is at a premium you can always fold the tripod legs back to decrease the storage length.

Mounting your iPhone or DSLR

This mini flexible tripod has 3 mounting options which are excellent value.

  • Gopro mount
  • Adjustable smartphone grip mount
  • 1/4″ – 20 DLSR screw mount

tripod for iphone 7 plus blitzwolf

How to pair the Bluetooth tripod shutter remote?

  1. Start by inserting the cr2032 battery into the small Bluetooth shutter remote. You can then select the on/off switch to turn on the button remote.
  2. Next turn on Bluetooth on your Android or iPhone smartphone and select BW-BS7.
  3. Open your phone camera application and test out the remote.
  4. Your tripod remote is now ready to take some fantastic action shots.

Whenever you turn on this remote after the initial pairing it will auto connect to the last known device. If you want to pair it to a new device just turn off all Bluetooth sources and then turn on the Blitzwolf BW-BS7 tripod remote. It will auto go into the pairing mode which you can reset up using the procedure above.

Blitzwolf Bluetooth octopus tripod specifications

Model: BW-BS7
Dimension: Octopus Tripod:285x52x52mm Battery remote: 32x32x10mm
Max Safe Working Load: 800g
Remote Control Distance: Up to 10m or 33 feet
Bluetooth Version: 3.0
Weight Octopus Tripod: 232g
Function Feature: Support IOS 5.0 or above / Android 2.3.6 or above
Perfect for  Professional and amateur photographers. Sports and adventure photography
Phone Support Supports IOS 5.0 and above. Android 2.3.6 and above

Weight load limits

The maximum safe working load is 800g for this flexible tripod. I tried it with a Canon 550d with an 18-55mm lens, and it had no trouble standing upright or hanging upside down.

blitzwolf octopus tripod review dslr camera hanging in a tree

The total weight of the camera and lens are as follows

  • Canon EOS 550D‎ 530g (19 oz) including battery
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens 7.1 oz (200g)

So total was 730 grams and it felt very stable. I would be very confident in using some larger full framed cameras like the Canon 5D mark 3. As long as the lens is small enough to keep the weight central.

mini tripod for dslr blitzwolf bendable legs

Conclusion – Flexible tripod for iPhone and Android

At the end of the day, we needed a small Bluetooth flexible tripod for iPhone, Android and DSLR Cameras. The Blitzwolf BW-BS7 octopus tripod was the perfect beast to solve all of our mounting issues.

I love that it has the 3 mounting options so we can use all of the cameras we have such as GoPro, Canon 450 DLSR, and all smartphones. I wouldn’t use it for large pro cameras like the Canon 5D Mark 3. Even though it fits the camera is slightly heavy for it. Especially with the weight of some pro lenses.

But this just shows how versatile this bendable tripod mount is. For a cheap mini Bluetooth tripod that includes a remote, you can’t go wrong with it. Now get out there and get that perfect shot. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur photographer one of these should be in your camera bag.

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