gifts for fisherman who has everything

Are you looking for cool unique gifts for the fisherman who has everything? But you don’t know what to buy them? Well as a hardcore fisherman myself, I can tell you these next 16 gift ideas will definitely make your present stand out from the rest.

Fishing is all about the sport of man vs fish. Nowadays we have technology that makes even the newest of anglers catch and land that big deep-sea monster.

Your average fisherman usually has a few rods and reels, a few hooks and lures, an esky for their catch of the day, and a good filleting knife. What is more needed?

Well for starters there a literally thousands of cool fishing gadgets that promise the world but fail to deliver. My wife asked me what I would like for Christmas this year?

We had a little chat and I came up with the one really cool gadget that I have always wanted. It’s the personal casting sonar from the company called Deeper. Now I had seen these being used at my favorite Bass fishing lake and I was just waiting for the right moment to quietly drop the hint to my wife. Bait taken, hook, line, and sinker….

All the other items here I personally own and have tested so let’s review all of these gifts for the Fisherman who has everything. Stay tuned for a big review coming up shortly for the Deeper casting sonar.

Nylon Fishing Line Cutting Ring – Best Fishing Gadget

fishing line cutter ring best fishing gadgets

This line cutting ring called Thread Cutterz has literally saved my teeth over the years. No more am I looking for a knife or biting the nylon thread with my teeth. The Velcro strap is adjustable to fit all finger sizes.

There are two-sided stainless steel blades, for convenience in cutting fishing lines fast and easy.

The whole line-cutting ring is made with saltwater in mind. It has a  stainless steel rivet set in a pink, green, or black ABS plastic for ultimate durability and safety. It’s one of my best fishing gadgets.

Cuts yarn, nylon, leader wire, and sewing thread with ease. It’s the perfect fishing gift for him.

Unique Fishing Gift – Personal Water Filter, Life Straw  

lifestraw water purifier
Click for more detailed information from Amazon

I am a big fan of safety. As a boy scout, I have always been told to be prepared. That’s why when I go out fishing in my boat there are a few items I take out with me. One of them is a Personal Water Filter.

This award-winning LifeStraw water filter is a must-carry tool for hiking, camping, international travel, fishing, and all emergencies. It’s a unique fishing gift and one that could save a life.

You never know when disaster will strike, it is the perfect item for a first aid kit.

It is able to filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water before it will need to be replaced. It works without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals. Lifestraw does not require batteries and has no moving parts, so once you take it out of its sealed wrapper you are good to go.

Perfect for freshwater lakes and streams as it removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters particles up to 0.2 microns. This surpasses EPA filter standards so you are in safe hands.

Its an alternative to iodine tablets and bulky expensive purifiers that can take time to work. It weighs only 2oz for ultralight portability and has a high flow rate for drinking from the water source. Just use it like a straw.

It comes in a sealed bag,  that’s perfect for storing in your fishing tackle box or first aid kit. We also have a few in our bugout bag also known as a 72h flight kit… (Yes be prepared) Small as it measures 9 x 1 x 1 inches.

For more information, you can read SurvivalJars review of the large lifestraw.

Dry Bag sack and mobile phone protector

Unigear fishing waterproof bag and phone protector

This Dry bag sack and mobile phone protector has it all in one nice little kit. With a few different sizes and colors available this waterproof bag is perfect for storing your belongings like wallets, phones, glasses, towel, and food while you are out on the water.

I have actually destroyed a smartphone when a rogue wave crashed over our boat. The wave splashed up over the phone which was tucked away up high in the dash.

I immediately went and purchased this 10L Unigear waterproof dry sack to protect my personal belongings. I also use it on my Sea-doo jetski to store all my gear upfront in the hull. It’s perfect.

Dry Sack features:

  • Provides waterproof protection for your phones, camera, clothes, keys, and documents from Water, Sand, Dust, and Dirt
  • Comes with an extra long removable and adjustable shoulder sling so you can easily carry your waterproof miniature duffle bag.
  • Comes in different sizes to meet your all needs to stay dry and still be able to easily carry. The roll top provides you with an adjustable function to make the bag smaller. The range of sizes is from 2L all the way up to 40L
  • As well as the dry bag it also comes with a Waterproof/snowproof/dirtproof universal size touch-friendly mobile phone bag. Its able to fits all smartphones up to 6 inches in diagonal size,  as well as credit cards, wallets, and money.

Personalized Love you Dad Fishing Lure

Love you dad fishing lure engraved
Click to buy from Amazon

This personalized Love you dad fishing lure will sure to give your dad a smile every time he opens his tackle box and sees this lure.

My daughter who is 8 give me this last year for my birthday and I love it. It’s made from the same traditional spinner flashing lure that has proved to work great. Especially in saltwater.

This is also a cool gift for Father’s Day. It’s hand stamped with the words ” Love You Dad”, Plated with silver color. But apparently, there are also other saying like “LOVE YOU GRANDPA” made by the same O.Riya company. It comes with O.RIYA brand gift box, ready to give to your favorite man.

3D Face sun mask and headgear

3D head gear scarf face cover headband pirate

Now, these are cool, really cool. I have one of these 3D picture face masks for the middle of summer and winter. It’s surprising how these face masks actually help to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

I have one that is camouflaged as I also use it for hunting. They do come in a huge range of 3D styles and colors.

One thing I have noticed is how good they are at keeping your face from getting sunburnt. They are nice and thin so it’s easy to breathe through. When it’s really hot I spray it down with fresh water to help keep me cool.

During winter it helps keep my face warm from stopping that chill breeze on my face out on the lake or ocean.

Now I’m at a loss as to what these are actually called. Some people call them a 3D Face Sun Mask, Neck Gaiter, Headwear, Magic Scarf, Balaclava, Bandana, and Headband. This is because there are so many ways to use and wear this cool sun mask.

Heated Jacket for Fishing

Mens heated jacket with battery ororo
Click for more information and prices of the Ororo Heated men’s jacket

Now heated jackets are starting to become very popular. I see them a lot out now for hunting and fishing. They come in a large range of styles and colors with Dewalt and Ororo being some of the more popular heated jackets.

The Dewalt range of jackets uses the same power tool batteries so it’s handy if you already have these 20v batteries at home.

This kit comes included with DCB201 20V MAX Battery and the quick charger so you are good to go if you don’t have any batteries. If you do have the batteries just buy the bare electric heated jacket as it’s slightly cheaper.

The Ororo men’s heated jacket has a more streamlined flatter battery so it is not as bulky as the Dewalt range and is slightly cheaper.

My wife also uses a heated jacket when she comes out with me fishing especially when it’s cold. She says it is the small things that make fishing tolerable, like keeping warm. Check out our detailed post on her favorite heated jackets for women

What’s perfect is as I have a Dewalt spotlight that uses the same battery I know everything is then interchangeable and I only have to charge up the one type of battery.

I also then have a very powerful LED spotlight for my fishing adventures. With a bright red LED to preserve your night vision.

Cold water all day long – Hydro Flask

One thing that really makes my day tolerable is having cold water all day long no matter where I am or how hot it gets. Fully sealed vacuum flasks have started to become very popular due to their ability to keep cold water cold longer than any other insulated product out there at the moment.

They can also keep hot liquids hot for longer. Tea, coffee and Hot chocolate are the icings on the cake when it’s a cold night and the fish aren’t biting. 

We have a couple of these popular Hydro Flasks now as my wife also wanted one to take on her photo shoot gigs. (She didn’t want to take my Hydroflask splattered with fish blood and scales)

My wife finds many people are amazed at how cold her water is after a whole day on a wedding shoot.

She will keep a large 64oz bottle filled up with iced water for the Bride and Groom and some spare cups. It makes all the difference when it’s hot. Check out these other cool ideas on how to keep cool in summer.

With a whole range of colors and sizes available, you can tailor this Vacuum Hydro Flask to suit your outfit.

hydro flask colors drink bottle for fishing

Staying hydrated is my number one priority. If I don’t I get headaches and possibly get dehydrated.  So it’s cold water in summer and hot chocolate in winter. Both stay Hot and cold for longer than anything else I have tried.

Personal Sonar Depth Sounder on your smartphone

Deeper smart sonar for ice, shore and kayak fishing
Click for more information and
reviews over at Amazon.

 All the best fishermen know you have to fish where the fish are. Depth sounders make this easy when you are in a boat. You just motor along until you see a change in the ocean or lake bottom and you should see a whole heap of fish.

But what do you do if you don’t have a boat with sonar depth-sounding capabilities? Well, you either fish by trial and error or get yourself a personal sonar depth sounder from a company called

Now, this product is what I have wanted for a while now. It is perfect to take out on my Kayak onto the lake and just slowly paddle around till I find the fish. It comes in a few different models like a WiFi version and a pro version.

The Bluetooth version 3.0 has been discontinued and a new WiFi model has been released which has most of the features of the premium pro versions. It is a shore castable budget model called the Deeper Start so check out our review on that.

Castable Sonar Fishfinder – WiFi and Bluetooth

The Deeper Wifi depth sounder connects wirelessly, to your smartphone of choice be it Android or Apple devices. WiFI is much better than Bluetooth as it will have more range and a better signal.

It’s castable, and one of the smallest portable smart fishfinders around. With a few different models to choose from you will land that big bass in no time.

It’s the perfect tool for all styles of fishing: shore fishing, beach fishing, ice-fishing, bank fishing, boat-fishing, kayak-fishing, river fishing, and most importantly lake fishing.

High tech fishing gear Bluetooth sounder
High tech fishing gear

You are able to mark and find anything up to 3 inches size objects in water up to 130ft deep. With adjustable sensitivity, you can fine-tune your settings to the way you like. It’s easy and very user-friendly. My 12-year-old loves to cast it around to find the perfect fishing spot. Connection range up to 130ft in clear conditions.

I like that it works in Fresh and Saltwater. Another cool feature is its dual frequency sonar beam (290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)). This means one beam is for deep range and the other for fine detection in shallow levels.

What can I see on the Deeper app?

deeper sonar best gifts for fisherman who has everything

Simultaneous detailed sonar readings of the bottom contour with auto fish tagging. You are also able to see water depth, temperature, underwater vegetation, structure, and bottom composition. 

The above image shows a large drop-off at 5m down with green vegetation at the bottom like seaweed. If you would like more information then check out our very detailed review of the Deeper vs ibobber castable fishfinders.

Underwater LED Green fishing light

My latest and greatest gadget is a green underwater LED fishing light. This is something that just amazes me every time I take it out how well it works. Basically, it’s a light that will attract smaller marine life like plankton, shrimp, baitfish, and prawns. This, in turn, attracts the larger fish which we are after.

My success rate has increased 10 fold since using these underwater lights at night. I use the green LED light but there are a few other LED colors as well like blue and white.

If you would like to read more about how these work, then check out my detailed post on how I use my Underwater LED green fishing light.

These must be powered by a 12v power source like a car battery or your boat’s electrical circuit. Now not many people use these underwater lights yet mainly due to the fact it’s new and not many know the secret. But once the word gets out these green LED lights will be the hot item for the fisherman that has everything.

Backlit LCD Scales Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance

fishing weigh scales and tape measure electronic

Every fisherman needs a set of scales and a tape measure due to size limits. These Backlit LCD scales have both built-in.  An extra feature is that you can use it at night with its nice blue LCD screen.

This Portable digital scale has a metal hand strap and is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included. It is able to measure accurately up to 110lb/50kg with a 10g discrepancy. I have tested this myself with a set of gym 10kg weights and it was fine. The LCD screen displays weight in g/kg/lb/oz so lots of options.

  • Built-in tape can measure objects in cm/in/ft within 1m length
  • Convenient weighing unit switch, data lock, and auto-off function

Fishing Rod Case Organizer

Gifts for Fisherman who has Everything rod holder organiser

Here is a nifty idea, store and carry up to 5 rods and reels in the pockets on the outside of the bag. This way you quickly grab and run all of your rods immediately.

Securely fastened with double straps at the top of the bag and features a quick fastener strap around the outside center that secures gear during transport. It’s made out of heavy-duty grade high-tech polyester.

The interior compartment has plenty of room to store equipment, extra reels, tackle, and more, think duffle bag. Extra long 34″ pocket on the outside to take even the longest of rod handles. The padded adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying easy.

The only problem I had with this fishing rod case organizer is it won’t stand upright very well on its own. To fix this problem I just had to insert a 48″ x 8″ diameter cardboard sonotube into the center. This will give it support. These sonotubes can be purchased at your local hardware store like Lowes.

Gifts for fisherman who has everything sonotube rod holder organiser filler

I am surprised that these cardboard tubes are not already pre-inserted into the fishing rod case organizer. Apart from that, it’s a very well-made handy gift to store fishing rods.

FREETOO Sensitive Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm Indicator LED Sound Alert On Fishing Rod 

Fishing strike alarm freetoo electronic

These little rod fish bite alarms are simply amazing. They will alert you when a fish bites your line. No longer do you have to hold onto your rod or watch the rod tip bend over. You are free to do what you want and just listen to the loud alarm.

Gone are the days when we used to attach little bells to the rod tips. If we are at the beach or talking loudly sometimes we would miss the fish. Or the rod would be pulled over and possibly lose it into the water.

It’s quite small and well-designed, easy to carry, and very easy to install. You only need to clip this alarm onto your rod in front of the real. Then wrap the fishing line around the two little nobs. When a fish bites the nobs will rotate causing the alarm to sound.

So will this device damage or tangle my fishing line? 

No, it will not damage your fishing line, it’s super sensitive when fish swallows your bait. So when your line moves the alarm goes off. It won’t ring in the wind only when fish strike.

Its powered by three LR44/AG13 button cell batteries. These are also great for fishing at night, due to the little light that will glow when activated.

LED Headlamp, 4 Modes, Battery Powered Helmet Light for fishing

Cheap helmet head lamp popular best gifts for fisherman

LED headlamps are great for fishing at night. I bought one to keep my hand free while out on the boat fishing. Often I need light to tie on a new hook or cut up a piece of bait.

Make sure to get one with at least 4 lighting modes, with 3 levels of white light brightness (2 LEDs, 10 LEDs, and 18 LEDs) as well as a red flashing mode LED light.

What’s great is this is waterproof with an IP44 rating. Powered by 3 AAA batteries which I just use rechargeables. The LED headlamp is also fully adjustable on the sides and the top so you can get the perfect fit. 

Ddyoutdoor™ Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap Neck Face Flap Hat Wide Brim

Fishing gift for dad a sun protection hat with side flaps full face cover

It’s quite a mouthful for a hat but if you don’t want to get sunburnt then this is the fishing hat for you. The sun cap has side flaps (Flaps are removable), and a mesh sidelining so the hat can breathe well to keep your head cool.

You have a choice of 5 colors so there is variety for you fashion-conscious fishermen. I have the gray color as I think black will just heat up too much in the summer sun.

I just throw it in the wash after each trip so it’s fresh again for the next time I go out.

ROBOCUP  Best boat Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rods or Pole

Fishing cup and phone holder spring clamp for pole

Now the Robocup is a nifty little device that I wonder why I didn’t buy one earlier. It’s a drinks cup and mobile phone holder that you can attach to virtually any boat or chair pole. Think Bimini shade poles.

It’s a clamp on clip-on holder for two drinks, two mobiles, two sunscreen bottles, or one of each.  This newer model has reinforcements added to the dual clamping jaws improving the strength of the clamping force. Its quick attachment and removal in seconds mean it’s a set an forget device until the end of the fishing day.

I like that it has rounded corners and is made from a poly resin material that has UV-inhibitors for added longevity against the elements.

Pulabecs Men’s Polarized Fishing Sunglasses For Men And Women.

Unbreakable fishing glasses polarised unique fishing gift
Click image for more information
and reviews on Amazon

Every good fisherman knows that they need a pair of polarized sunglasses. These unbreakable frames from Pulabec are one of the more popular brands out there.

Now, mine stay in the boat all the time and they get thrown around a lot. What great are they say the frames are unbreakable. This is due to the  AL-MG Alloy design used. A very strong Magnesium Alloy.

My kids have sat on these a few times and so far all good.

The lens is Polarized with 100% UV400, which means it blocks 100% of harmful UVA, UVB & UVC sun rays.

Gifts for Fisherman who has everything conclusion:

I love to promote fishing tackle and gear that I use every day in my angling adventures. This way I know you guys and girls that are looking for unique fishing gifts will not be disappointed with a low-quality present.

Hopefully, this huge range of useful fishing gift ideas will help you on your quest to land that perfect size monster fish. They are must-have items for any boat.

If you have any other fishing products that are slightly unusual please let me know in the comments below. 

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    • Your welcome, some of the above fishing gifts are really cool and different. Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure your father in law will love them.

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