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Updated 2023

Every clothing-savvy woman knows this simple truth: a good jacket can last you a lifetime. Jackets may vary in thickness depending on where you live. For those in tropical climates, cardigans and jumpers are enough to weather out the monsoons.

If you’re like me and live in a place that has four seasons, jackets have to be more than outerwear. I can’t stand the cold and have found myself layering multiple sweaters and jackets to give me the warmth I need. Frankly, I’m sick of it.

I found it ridiculous to have most of my wardrobe filled with these once-a-year items. Traveling has also been a problem since most of these outer-wear layers take up a large bulk of baggage space! I’ve always believed in being a light packer, but my poor resistance to the cold and warming methods has made it difficult to achieve. How could one stay warm without putting on over ten sweaters?

The answer came in the form of being at a kid’s party in the middle of winter at the local park and seeing another parent with a Bosch glowing jacket. Ladies heated jackets aren’t your usual ‘fashion technology’, where only the material of the jacket is engineered for warmth. These types of jackets, in addition to the engineered fabric material, actually contain mini heater elements in them. You literally have your very own electric heater wherever you go!

As of this writing, three heated lady’s jackets from three brands have caught my eye. So it’s time to do a review of the Best Women’s Heated Jackets for 2019.

It’s been tough deciding between these slim-fit Dewalt, Ororo, and Bosch heated winter jackets. All three bands have a reputation for providing quality products, making it even harder to choose!
To help you save time in choosing between the three, I’ve put down a comprehensive list to compare the three!

Best Women’s Heated Jacket Review 





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The Bosch women’s heated jacket uses a 12-Volt system. The package also comes with a charger for the included battery.

The benefit is if you already have Bosch 12v power tools these batteries will fit the jacket too.

The Dewalt heated ladies jacket model DCHJ066C1, has two options for the heater; it can either be 20V or 12 V.

You get a free 20v Max 1.5AH DEWALT battery and DCB107 charger included.

This heated jacket from Ororo has heaters in both the front and back of the jacket. The flat heater battery and charger are included as well.

The Ororo battery is very slim-lined and light.

Battery Life

Depending on the size of the Bosch battery you use but if using the included 12 volts, 2 Ah lithium-ion battery you should get around 6 h on the low setting.

Simply charge the battery when it runs out of electric juice.

These batteries are round like a cylinder so don’t take up much room.

This Dewalt heated ladies jacket can use both 20v and 12v  lithium-ion batteries.

Up to 7 hours of run-time on low settings using the included 20V MAX 30-watt compact 1.5Ah battery

The Ororo battery will last approximately 6-8 hours on low setting. It’s a 7.4 V, 4400mAh battery with the charger included.

4-5 hours on medium settings, and 2-3 hours on high.

The above is dependent on weather temperature.

Recharge the battery when it runs low on power. Which will take around 8 hours from fully flat to full recharge.

Where to buy

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Jacket Material

The Bosch jacket, in my opinion, is one of the best looking here. The material is mainly polyester. This makes it wind and rain resistant.

With adjustable Velcro sleeves and a waist, it will fit snugly to trap the heat in.

The outer shell material is made out of cotton twill, and soft shell polyester, which gives the coat its water and wind-resistant properties.

There are 4 heating zones on this jacket. Chest, left and right. Middle of the back and the collar.

The hoodie can be removed as it zips onto the heated winter jacket.

The outer material is made of a water-resistant material, while the inner jacket material is made of polar fleece. The Ororo lady’s heated jacket is water-resistant and wind resistant.

Plus points. Due to its materials, this jacket is safe for the washer! (really) apparently.

The manufacturer recommends removing the battery, hand washing or machine washing ( in a washing bag) in cold water. Do not twist or wring out. Hang dry only. So don’t use the spin dryer.

For me I wouldn’t machine hash just in case there is a leak or break in the electrical wiring. Water and electricity do not mix.


Bosch covers any defective items with their 2-year battery premium service warranty for batteries and heaters. One year limited warranty is available for this product. the Ororo heated jacket has a one-year limited warranty for the jacket. The lithium-ion battery warranty lasts for up to six months.

What I like about each battery-powered heated jacket

Before I begin discussing all the things I uniquely like with each brand’s heated jacket, here are some of their similarities. For starters, all the ladies heated jackets are sewn in a similar fashion. The style is basically a very basic black jacket. Secondly, I usually wear a size small. For the Bosch and Ororo heated jacket, I wore one in size small. I got a medium-sized jacket for the Dewalt brand.

Product Features and Specifications

Power Source, heating zones, and sizing.


I enjoyed the three heat settings this jacket had to offer. What was also quite interesting for me, is that the settings are assigned different colors. These are pretty intuitive colors for me, where cooler colors stand for the low heat settings and warmer colors for the settings at higher temperatures. I found that pretty nifty as I don’t have to take a second look when changing the heat womens heated jacket

It sure did a good job of keeping me warm through chilly days. My husband actually brought me this jacket as a gift last year, so check out our more detailed review of the Bosch heated women’s jacket.
I also find this jacket to be good for days when I want to take a jog in a chilly morning. The power source for the heater also has sockets for different electronic devices, so it functions like a power bank for my phone—perfect for making sure I always have my jogging music on!

The  3 Heater zones are powered up by a Bosch 2Ah battery. The item comes with a charger to charge the battery when the power gets low. There are three levels of heat one can choose from in this heated winter jacket. Selection is easy with a touch-sensitive button near the top collar. High heat is in shown in red, medium heat is labeled with green, and blue stands for low heat.

Two heat zones are placed in the chest area, while one large one is at the back.

best women's heated jacket heating pads bosch

With Bosch, You have the option to choose from Small, Medium, Large and up. With one color black to suit all heated jacket sizes

You can also charge your electronics with the included battery while wearing the ladies heated jacket. Simply plug in your electronics (i.e, iPhone) to the Bosch battery, then slip it into your jacket pocket. But be aware that you will deplete the jacket battery faster when charging your phone as well as using the heater.

Dewalt Women’s Features

There are four heating elements in this jacket, which definitely gives me a lot of warmth. I also enjoyed that it came with a complimentary battery. There is three heating zone temperature settings, and they were the usual low, medium, and high settings. I found it quite a good jacket. dewalt womens heated jacket

A 20-volt 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery powers up the Dewalt jacket heater.  With the four core heating zones in this jacket. Two in the front and one in the back and one in the collar, its one of the warmest around. 20 volts is also nearly double the voltage of the Bosch battery. This makes the battery larger and more powerful.

The jacket heat is activated with a button on the inside of the zipper, and it glows flashing red during pre-heat, red on high, white on medium, and blue on low during heating. I like how its hidden not like the Bosch which is shown on the outside.

You can choose to run the heater with either Dewalt 20 V or 12 V Max batteries so this is a big plus in options to power up the battery-powered heated jacket.

Ororo Women’s Coat Specs

oroco Ladies Electric Heated JacketThere are four heat settings in this jacket, and I enjoyed that I had more options to choose from with this jacket. Since I run in the morning, this coat was useful in chilly mornings and I found the detachable hood also useful. I could put it on when it’s drizzling, and I could take it off when I want to wear the jacket elsewhere.

So what’s the extra heat setting?

Well, its a preheat setting. You just select preheat say 10 minutes before putting on your jacket. When you do put it on its nice and toasty.

  • 7.4v 4400mAh Lithium Battery+Charger; Working Hours Up to 8 Hours on low heat.
  • Rechargeable and Easy to Use
  • Cycle Life: 500-800 Times – So many years’ worth of charge time with this battery.
  • Includes a USB Port, so it can also power most compatible devices such as cell phones and computers. (NO USB cable is included)
  • Suitable for ORORO and Kobalt heated clothing

best women's heated jacket oroco ladies heat zones jacket

Carbon Fiber Heating Technology with four levels can be selected with this jacket. Choose between Pre-heat, Low, Medium, and High. Like the rest, the Ororo women’s heated jacket also has three heating zones. One is at the left chest, another is at the right, while the third heating zone is in the middle of one’s back!

Choose between small, medium, large and extra large Ororo women’s heated jackets. You also have the option to add a detachable hood for jackets that are in size small. Take the measurements for a perfect fit.

oroco size chart women's heated jacket

Ladies Electric Heated Jacket Cons 

Each battery-powered jacket had its faults, just depends on what you can live with.


Although Bosch gives outsize measurements for their electric jackets, to ensure that every customer is pleased with their fit. If you live in a very cold climate and like to layer your clothes, you may need to order a larger size. Do your measurements with your normal clothes on which this jacket will fit over.

I so love this woman’s electric jacket, that I bought one for my daughter as well. The only wish I have is why didn’t it come with heaters in the pockets. But this is a complaint about each of these coats. Also, the battery is slightly bulky. If you stick with the 2.0 Ah battery and don’t go up to the 4 Ah you will be fine for comfort. I have a few spare Bosch tool batteries due to my husband’s job, so it made sense to get another one of these jackets.

The jacket battery is primarily made for power tools first. This means the battery is not as slick or compact as the Ororo coat. To add to the problem, it’s designated location in the jacket is the front pocket—giving the jacket a slight bulge if using the large optional 4Ah battery. (just get 2x smaller batteries)bosch heated jacket battery

There is also a LED light on the front of the jacket. This will glow when the heaters are turned on. I quite like it, but others may like to go incognito.


Like the Bosch coat, the Dewalt women’s heated jacket runs on removable power tool batteries. This may mean additional costs for some users if you need to buy extra batteries as a spare. Can be a pro bonus if you already have them. These batteries are quite bulky and heavy compared to the other 2 jackets tested.

That’s my biggest peeve with the Dewalt heated jacket is that its batteries are large and bulky. I found it quite uncomfortable with a heavy battery pack, compared to the other two coats reviewed here.

Saying that this women’s Dewalt heated jacket is one of the warmest jackets tested, but it runs on the small size. If you regularly buy small sizing then, spring for the medium and it will be perfect. Amazon has one of the best return policies so there is no problems exchanging it if it’s the wrong size.


Like the Dewalt heated jackets, the Ororo heated coat has been noted to be a bit on the tinier side in the past but looks like they have corrected this. Ours was a perfect fit but if you like to layer up then best to order the next size up. It is the cheapest among the three coats, and for all its features so it’s quite worth your buck.

The Ororo wins in the battery department for comfort and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.) Can I wear any of these battery-heated winter jackets on a plane?
Seeing that these jackets have heaters and battery packs on them, the most probable answer would be “No” to avoid any potential explosions that may happen in flight. Kindly check with your aircraft carrier if you plan on wearing or bringing these jackets.
2.) How do I wash any of these electric-heated jackets?
Because of their nature, it’s not advised to simply pop them in your washing machine. These heated jackets are best cleaned by hand washing them with a damp cloth in cold water. Electricity and water don’t mix well.
3.) Can this stand up to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius?
For temperatures that cold, you are still advised to layer items. These heated jackets may cut down the number of layers you need depending on your tolerance for the cold.

4.) How long does the battery last? On low settings, you will get great run times out of all of these jackets. For the Ororo heated jacket, the heater can last up to 8 hours of use. The Bosch heated jacket lasts 6 hours on low setting. If you are using the battery that comes with the Dewalt heated jacket, it would last around 7 hours.

And the winner of the best women’s heated jacket is…..

The Ororo heated jacket is the best buy you can get in this variety of women’s heated jackets. The rechargeable battery is flat and light. There are a good number of features for its low price tag. Actually, it’s the lowest price item here at the time of writing.

The Bosch jacket comes in second, with its stylish look and glowing temperature-setting badge. If you already have spare batteries for this coat then it’s a very good buy.

The dewalt jacket looked fantastic and felt very comfortable. The 20-volt battery was the only thing that let this jacket down being slightly large and heavy. But with the 4 heat zones, it was one of the warmest. If you are already invested in the Dewalt range of battery power tools then it will be a cost-saving not to have to buy extra batteries.

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  1. Fun to read well written, unbiased and positive review. I am a 23 year old male, was curious about one of the brands. Thank you. You are very good at this.

  2. Yeh I love my Ororo Jacket the low setting is fine for me as I am fairly active at work. Just remember to turn it off when you take the jacket off. Save that battery power.

  3. Thanks for this review, I’ve been wondering how the Ororo stacks up against tool manufacturers and seems it does just fine! I’ll get one as soon as one is available in my size, winter plumbing in Melbourne is bloody cold hahah

    Also unrelated note, thanks heaps for the Brivis cleaning video, saved us a lot of money!


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