Dyson not charging fix flashing red light

The Dyson range of cordless vacuum cleaners is fantastic. We use them over corded vacuums due to the long run time and ease of use. The problem is when they play up they can be hard to fault find.

In this post, we will cover how to fix your Dyson V6 not charging issue as well as explain why it flashes red 32 times. My Dyson V6 Animal developed a fault where it wouldn’t run and it had a flashing red light when it was on charge or the trigger was pressed.

Dyson Flashing Red Light Fix

The Dyson blinking red light means there is a serious problem with your cordless vacuum cleaner. Nine times out of ten the problem will be due to the lithium-ion battery failing. It is easy to test the battery.

I removed the Dyson motorhead to ensure it was not a jammed rotating brush bar or a fault in the wires. The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner would still not charge or run. So the next step was to replace the battery pack.

Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners use a Lithium-Ion battery pack and these are good for around 500 cycle charges. If you have had your cordless vacuum cleaner for a few years now it will be getting close to its battery use by date.

The flashing red light is located on each side of the battery pack and is an indication of an under-voltage fault in one or all of the battery cells. So the only way to repair this problem is to replace the V6 battery pack with a new high capacity one (Amazon).

How to replace the battery on a Dyson V6 Animal

All Dyson V6 models are the same and use the same battery. Such as the V6 DC59, DC58, DC61, DC72, DC74, DC62, Animal 595, 650, 770, 880, SV03, SV04, SV05, SV06, SV07, and the SV09.

Other models like the D45 and the Dyson V8-V10 use a different battery so it is best to check the model you have and get the correct battery.

The only tool you will require is a small Philips head screwdriver.

Dyson Flashing Red Light 32 times fix

First, make sure that you empty and remove the rubbish canister. Then unscrew the 2-star screws from the top and bottom of the handle and then pull out the battery. It may be a little stiff the first time due to all the years of dust build-up in the handle.

Make sure to only replace the same type and size of Dyson V6 battery. It should look identical and slide right in with a slight tap to seat it fully. The capacity can be higher eg 4Ah or 5Ah which will mean the run time will be longer.

dyson v6 extended battery how to remove

The video below shows the correct procedure to replace the flashing red light battery problem on your Dyson V6

Dyson flashing red light 32 times causes.

The main issue with the Dyson flashing red light while charging is a failure in the battery pack. This is usually caused by a 18650 lithium-ion cell going low voltage.

This battery pack is very hard to open. I have seen a few people online opening them up to replace an individual 18650 cell but you will really hack up the case.

It is a lot simpler to just purchase a quality replacement Dyson Battery pack for the V6. You can buy a higher capacity quality battery for your Dyson V6 here. It will fit the following models and should give you longer run times than the standard Dyson Battery.

Dyson DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, DC72, DC74.
SV03, SV05, SV06, SV07, SV09, Animal Dyson V6 portable vacuum.

Product Details:
Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
Battery Voltage: 21.6V
Battery Type: Lithium-ion.

How to prolong the life of your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner battery.

Lithium-Ion Dyson batteries are very rugged and should last you a few years of everyday usage. They are a disposable product but with some good care and management, you can get the maximum life out of your 18650 battery.

  • Always charge the battery after usage. Don’t leave the vacuum cleaner out of the charging port.
  • Charge the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner in a cool dry area.
  • Don’t overheat the battery by leaving the Vacuum cleaner in a hot place like in direct sunlight or in the boot of a car.
  • Replace the battery if the blue LED light doesn’t stop flashing or is constantly on.
  • Replace the battery when the runtime is 25% less than normal or you have the Dyson flashing 32 times red light of death.


Hopefully, this post has helped you repair your Dyson flashing red light not charging problem. Don’t throw your handstick away, all that you need is a new battery. Many aftermarket batteries have a higher capacity than the stock battery so it is a good upgrade to get one that is 3500mAh or higher power rating.

Just be sure you get the correct battery. Remove the battery first and check that it looks the same as the one shown above. It will be a good feeling to fix something yourself rather than sending the whole Dyson V6 to a landfill. Saves you from spending a lot more on a V7 or V10 vacuum cleaner.

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  1. i replaced the battery and it worked, however, not for very long… went to use it,it was fully charged and it blinks red and blue when i press the trigger.

    • Mine has just done the same thing replaced the battery and worked then when it ran out of battery put it on charge it is green when plugged in and then flashes red and then blue when unplugged???

  2. I have a similar problem.
    The battery would not charge.
    Replaced with a new battery.
    Immediately had a flashing red light.
    Does Dyson monitor this site?


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