Wireless security camera for renters

In this post, we will be reviewing the Eufycam 2c vs Arlo Pro 2 and which is the best bang for your buck. If you are renting then wireless security cameras are the way to go as there is no drilling or pulling wires required. So read on for all the tips, tricks, and reviews of the Eufy cam.

Wireless security cameras are now considered security essentials in modern homes and rental properties. They provide the owner with a bird’s eye view of what’s going around at home when they’re away and can alert them when suspicious activity is around their area.

Eufy smart wireless security camera for renters

Many insurance companies are now giving a discount on their insurance policies if you have a security camera installed.

With more smart security cameras coming out in the market, there are a lot more options that can fit into one’s budget. Recently, Eufy released a smaller security camera: the eufyCam 2C. A welcome addition to Eufy’s line of surveillance technology. 

The eufyCam 2C is the smaller brother to the eufyCam E and appears to share similarities with the more expensive Arlo Pro 2 from Netgear. Today we are going to look into the eufyCam 2C and check out how it fares after 6 months of use.

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Installation procedure.

eufy Wireless Security Cameras for Rental Property

Now the installation procedure will be slightly different depending on if you are a homeowner or renter. As a homeowner, I can do whatever I want to my house.

As a renter, you may need to get the owner’s permission to drill holes to mount your camera. Or you can use 3M sticky removable strips to mount the camera.

This Eufy wireless security camera from Amazon is perfect for rental properties as you don’t have to drill any holes to mount the WiFi camera.

We can get around this restriction by using a 3M product called dual lock. It is so strong that it can hold a static 1kg load from a 1-inch length of dual lock tape. I have used Duel Lock tape to mount these cameras in the past and it works great. (Just like velcro but heavy-duty)

3M dual lock
3M Dual Lock tape for Wireless Security Cameras.

The WiFi security cameras can be quickly removed for charging or when moving house if using the 3M tape. As my cameras will be permanent then I decided to screw them in using the supplied screws.

I remember installing my first powered Swan security camera and I had cables running all throughout my ceiling. Eufy makes it so much easy now with plug-and-play.

One item that I would like to be seen included in the Eufy camera kit is a right-angled bracket. One of my cameras needed to be installed at a right angle to a brick wall. This could only be achieved using a metal or wood bracket.

Eufycam 2c vs Arlo pro 2

I chose a 25mm x 25mm metal right-angle bracket to mount my camera onto the side of the house. Any hardware store will have a small right angles piece of aluminum. I painted the bracket black to suit the brickwork. I am just waiting for the silicone black camera skin sleeve to make it less visible and then the rest will be painted.

One tip that I can give you is to hold the camera in place and watch the live view on the Eufy application. This way you can find the perfect position and the best image the 1st time.

Product Specifications

The Eufy 2C wireless security camera kit is an affordable wire-free security system. Upon purchasing the product, you will get the following items:

  • eufyCam 2C cameras (number of cameras depending on the kit)
  • 1 eufy HomeBase 2 unit – Made by Anker.
  • Quick mount
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • AC power adapter
  • ethernet cable
  • user manual

The eufyCam provides smart image enhancement, has a built-in spotlight, three months’ worth of local storage, military-grade encryption, and real-time alerts & responses sent to your smartphone.

The camera unit has a built-in Lithium-ion battery that can last 180 days between charges. There are no extra storage fees when purchasing the eufyCam 2C. It’s a one-time payment deal with everything you need… giving you security without breaking the bank.

Eufycam in the rain bolted to a tree

The camera is also waterproof so rated to IP65. No worries about leaving it outside in the rain. The rubber flap on the bottom protects the micro USB port.

If you are after security cameras for a rental property then the Eufy range is the ones you want. They are lightweight, wireless, and can be located anywhere.

Eufy Homebase

The Eufy wireless Homebase has an ethernet port which allows it to connect to your internet router. The wireless cameras connect to the Homebase. It also doubles as a wifi exchanger, allowing more coverage where there used to be wifi dead zones. A whopping 16 cameras can connect to the Homebase. This gives you that extra surveillance coverage when you need it!

You can also move your home base and connect to your router via WiFi if you need more range for the cameras. I ended up moving my home base closer to one of my cameras that was struggling for a good signal.

The initial setup was easy and straightforward forward with the Eufy Security Android app walking you through the setup process. It took less than 5 minutes to get set up and working.

Recorded Video Quality

Eufycam 2c image postman security
Actual footage of our Postman from my Eufy wireless security camera

The eufyCam 2C can record pictures and videos in 1080p resolution. It has a wide field of view of 135 degrees. Smart image enhancement gives clearer and brighter images. This is possible with its built-in AI that can detect the presence of humans and their faces. That’s right: you can now ID the humans that cross by the camera’s field of vision! 

There is a slight fishbowl effect from the camera due to the wide-angle lens used. As you can see in the image above the middle pillar is straight but the door frame is curved.

eufyCam 2C has a Night and Day Color Display feature. The accompanying Eufy application toggles this feature. The Day Color Display is colored, while the Night Color Display is in grayscale or in infrared mode. For there to be a color display at night, the spotlight must be turned on in the app.

It can cover distances as far as 35 feet away from its position. In well-lit situations, images and text are also clear even if the object or person is 35 feet away when.

Security and Storage

Eufy homebase

Eufy uses AES-128 data encryption during transmission and storage. This way you know your security videos are safe from hackers.

The Footage is located in the local storage, which is in the Eufy Homebase. It has 16GB of internal memory which is worth three months of recordings. It will overwrite the oldest videos once the storage is full.

As of writing, the eufyCam 2C does not have expanded storage options, but there is a USB port. Eufy has stated that USB storage expansion is coming soon in a future firmware update. This means that it may be like the eufyCam E, which has expandable storage up to 128 GB.

If you are struggling with the WiFi range try to lift your Eufy base station higher to get past furniture and other obstacles. Security cameras for rental properties are a must. Who knows when your landlord may pop over for a visit unannounced or the crazy neighbor.

Eufycam 2C Battery Life

The eufyCam 2C has an internal Lithium-ion battery that can go six (6) months between charges. Although this is impressive battery life, recharging times depend on its use. This may be more or less frequent depending on the user. It will be shorter if you have lots of triggers or you use the 2-way audio communications.

One caveat that comes with the built-in battery: you would need to remove the camera from its mount to charge it. Aside from being quite easy, this may pose a bit of a security problem. There are a few hours of downtime to get the camera charged up if there is no nearby electrical outlet. The same problem is true with the eufyCam E.

The removal of the wireless camera is simple and only takes a few seconds. This way you can take it inside and charge it with the included micro USB cable. Charging will only take a few hours depending on the output rating of your wall phone charger.

I have worked out how to charge wireless security cameras without removing them, using a portable power bank. It looks funny but it works.

how to charge wireless security cameras

You will get a warning on your smartphone when the battery starts to get low so just plan it in one day for a quich charge up.

Application and AI Features

Eufy app android

Smart integration is possible by downloading its partner app, the Eufy Security app for Android and Apple IOS. Through the app, you can customize Smart Detection Zones (areas where your wireless camera can detect motion and send alerts).  Through the comfort of your mobile device, you can access all the controls for the camera. These controls are for footage, color display, face detection, record time, alarm, spotlight controls, among others.

Eufy smart intergrations

You can also set up smart integrations if you have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or a Homekit.

The mobile app also allows the user to perform real-time responses via two-way audio. This is a cool feature that lets you communicate with anyone without them actually seeing you. Great for if you receive a package from the postman or Amazon you can just ask them to leave it in a secure place.

It also has three security modes for users to select: home, away, and scheduled. You can change these settings in these situations, making sure that it’s the way you want it to be.

Spotlight, Alarms, and Anti-theft

A built-in spotlight is in the frontal plane of the camera. This provides a good amount of light for its direct surroundings. It is a strong LED light, like what you can get from the Eufy floodlights. There is one downside: the spotlight is not automatic. It does not turn on upon action detection, which is a bit of a downer. Maybe a firmware update will fix this.

There are sound choices for the alarm siren. It also has a maximum volume of 102db at 20 feet– almost like hearing a jackhammer drilling in front of your street! The Eufy Security app houses the volume controls. 

Unlike eufyCam E, the eufyCam 2C does not have anti-theft technology. This means that if your camera is yanked off from its mount, it will not ring its 100 dB siren. Yet, the eufyCam 2C makes up for it by being smaller and more discreet. (you can now buy black silicone leaves to make it even more hidden.)

This allows it to hide in areas and be more inconspicuous than its bigger brother. Both cameras are weatherproof by IP65 standards. This allows them to attach to outdoor fixtures without worrying about weather-related damage.

The features are comparable to the Arlo Pro 2. Both are small, wireless cameras that can be either plugged in or wire-free. Below is a table showing the stark similarities between the two:

Best security cameras for rental propertieseufyCam 2CArlo Pro 2
Battery LifeBuilt-in Li ion.Built-in, can be charged with a solar panel
Weather resistance
Smart Siren
Two-way audio
Resolution and Field of View1080p, 135°1080p, 130°
Activity Zones
Motion detection
External storage
Night vision

Eufy Wireless Security Camera Pros & Cons

With that said, there is some trade-offs that come with the eufyCam 2C. Here’s where we weigh in:


  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent image and video quality
  • Provides a range of features that provide the basics of a wireless camera (siren, two-way audio, infrared display)
  • Activity and human sensors function 
  • Alarms and notifications come out with low lag times (~10 to 20 seconds)
  • Cheaper than the Arlo Pro 2
  • Perfect security cameras for a rental property


  • Average recorded audio quality
  • The speaker quality is not super loud but is ok.
  • Spotlight requires the app to turn it on.

These observations are congruent with the Arlo Pro 2. But the latter costs twice that of the eufyCam 2C. They’re just about identical– save for the price tags.


The eufyCam 2C is a great wireless camera for anyone needing one for their rental property. Its compact, sleek body allows for discreet placement. It has decent image resolution, coupled with motion sensors and facial recognition. It provides the basics of a good wireless security camera while giving a little more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

At half the price of an Arlo Pro 2, eufyCam 2C is a great budget wireless camera that provides you the bang for your buck.

If you are a home renter then these cameras are great to attach to any wall with some simple dual lock tape. This way you don’t need to drill into any internal or external walls. When you move to a different rental property then just move your camera system easy as pie.

Promotion / Discount Codes

Eufy is currently running a promotion code for free products and discounts so be sure to check out Eufy’s prices here if you are in the market for one.

I have been using these cameras for 6 months now and they are a great addition to our home security and holiday home rental properties. I love seeing my children come home from school. If I am quick enough I can also say hi once I received an alert on my phone that they have been detected.

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