nextpow jump starter 2500 amp review

I was looking forward to reviewing the new NEXPOW lithium car jump starter that has been getting rave reviews online. For such as cheap little jump starter this is a real beast that can jumpstart up to 8.0L Gas or 8L Diesel Engines. Now that is impressive.

It is a no-frills jump starter that has a massive 2500A peak current capacity and a huge 22000nAh internal battery, wow. This is one of the largest peak amps that I have come across in my 4 years of reviewing car jump starters and other products. Technology sure has come a long way.

So I decided to do a full teardown of the Nexpow 22000mAh jump starter to see what is inside. I was surprised there are some quality electronics in this little beast once I opened it up. First the short review.

NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter 2500A Review

NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter 2500A Review Q9b

I have 3 cars that I was able to test this jump starter on with a deleted battery that I have set up to temporarily simulate a real flat battery.

The test battery was depleted to under 12v and proved to be unable to start each car.

  • 2005 Toyota Hilander AKA Kluger V6 pterol.
  • 2003 Ford Focus 4 Cylinder 2L petrol gas.
  • 2020 MG HS 4 cylinder 1.5L turbo.

A good trick is to connect the jump starter to the flat battery and then wait 30 seconds before starting the car.

On each of my cars, the 2500A jump starter was able to start the vehicle within a few seconds of turning on the key. Even the V6 petrol engine which needed a lot of amps from the starter motor ticked over with ease.

There is a reason this Nexpow jump starter has over 7500 positive reviews on the Amazon website.

How to use the Nexpow 2500A jump starter

How to use the Nexpow 2500A jump starter
Nexpow Jump starter on a 2020 MG HS 4 cylinder 1.5L turbo.

There is a little on/off switch on the side that you will need to slide over to turn on the unit.

  • Press the power button to turn on your NEXPOW 2500A car jump starter. It is best to make sure it has over 40% capacity. This is shown with the 4 LED lights on top of the jump starter. If the charge is less than 40%, it may not be able to start your engine.
  • Plug in the jumper cables by opening the rubber water-resistant flap.
  • The indicator light will show blue when it’s on standby waiting to be connected.
  • Before starting your car, please make sure the indicator light on the clamps has turned to steady blue and green. If you don’t connect the clamps with the jump-starter and the car properly, the indicator light will stay blue. I like to wait 30 seconds before trying to jump the car just to put some electricity into the battery.
  • If you connect the clamps incorrectly it will show red and sound an alarm.
  • Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal (+) and the black clamp to the negative terminal (-) of your car battery.
  • When the clamp indicator light turns to steady blue and green, it means that the jump starter clamps are connected properly, and you are ready to start your engine. You may hear a little click in the jump starter this is the relay engaging the battery ready to deliver the 2500 peak amps.
  • Start your engine. After successfully starting your car, remove the clamps, turn off the jump starter, and recharge for the next usage.
  • If you want to turn on the flashlight press the power button for 4 seconds. Pressing the power button again will select the different modes such as flash, strobe, and SOS.

Once you have used your jump starter have a think about why your car is not starting with the battery only. It could be because the battery is old and will need replacing. Another reason is that the car alternator is not charging the battery. You can follow this guide on how to test an alternator with a multimeter.

What is inside the Nexpow 2500A jump starter?

What is inside the Nexpow 2500A jump starter? Q9B
Nexpow 2500A teardown

Being an inquisitive electrician I just had to open up and teardown this powerful jump starter. What I found inside was a 4-cell large-capacity lithium-ion battery. Each cell has a charge balancer wire attached so that each 4S battery pack will charge evenly.

The battery pack is 64mm wide and 83mm long. I decided against unwrapping each lithium-ion cell for safety. But a 4-cell lithium-ion pack would be connected in series with an average voltage of 3.60V/cell. This will provide 14.4v of jump-starting voltage.

Teardown New NEXPOW Huge 2500 Amp Car Battery Jump Starter.
Nexpow 2500A 4S lithium battery pack

The motherboard is well made and the solder joints are clean model number RP-Q9B-4S-V1. It is nice to see a few large common-mode chokes to smooth out the current. Resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits are soldered cleanly.

I like that the larger components are soldered and glued in place. This prevents stress fractures and movement over time.

The electronics are made by Guangdong Boltpower Energy Co in China. This is a quality company.

Boltpower 2500 jump starter circuit q9B
Charge/discharge circuit of Nexpow 2500 amp jump starter.

The battery supplies power from the 8AWG cables to the jump starter leads. These cables are nice and flexible and stayed cool while jump-starting our vehicles. The positive cable is slightly longer than the negative which is handy.

Nexpow 2500 LED light diode inside teardown.
Nexpow 2500 LED light diode inside teardown.

The light is a single LED bead that has tri colors white, red, and blue. This is selectable by the main power button for 4 seconds. Subsequent presses of the button will select the different modes such as SOS, strobe, and emergency blue-red flash. It is nice to see the glue on the electrical connections stop the plug from coming out over time or causing stress movement cracks.

Can you charge your phone with this jump starter?

Yes, the Nexpow 2500A has a large internal 22000mah lithium battery 4S that can fast charge your phone fast. This new generation of dual USB outputs (5V/3A 9V/2A; 15V/1.5A) means your phone or tablet will charge much quicker than a standard 2-amp wall outlet.

Can you charge your phone with this jump starter?
Nexpow 2500A jump starter with 2x fast USB out ports.

It is handy when out camping or if your car doesn’t have USB outlets for the kids. Just whip out this jump starter for the glove box or from under the seat and let them use it as a power bank.

It comes with the newer USB-C cable for charging the jump starter which could take around 4-6 hours depending on battery level. I have a Motorola g50 Android phone that uses the same cable so it’s handy.

What safety protection circuits are in this jump starter.

What safety protection circuits are in this jump starter f19
Nexpow jump starter LED alarm descriptions F19.

As demand for portable power continues to increase, so does the safety concern for portable power pack products like jump starters. It is critical to test these temporary power sources, equipped with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, for safety.

This is why Nexpow has been approved for UL2743 standard certification. The intelligent clamp has 8 advanced safety protection technologies included such as reverse polarity, reverse connection, over-current, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit.

I am confident that I can give these jump starters to my children and they would be protected if they connect them up incorrectly.

The instructions for what the LED alarm light means are written on the back of the jumper cable plug. You may need a magnifier glass if your eyes are bad like mine as the text is very small.

Basically, if you have a red LED then something is wrong such as:

  • Low jump starter power – charge the unit.
  • The reverse polarity of the jump start leads to the battery.
  • Short circuit eg the leads are touching.
  • Jump starter unit over temperature. Waite a few minutes before trying again.
  • The car battery voltage is high.

What’s in the box – Unboxing

What's in the box - Unboxing nexpow 2500a jump starter

Nexpow includes everything you need to get your car on the road again.

  • NEXPOW Q9B 2500A car battery starter.
  • Smart-jumper cables and protection circuit F19.
  • USB Type-C cable.
  • Lighter socket adapter 12V rated at 10A
  • User manual in English.
  • Padded carrying case.

What was nice to see was the internal battery came fully charged. Usually, other lithium batteries will come at 50% charge or less. There was no waiting to charge this little beast up.

nexpow 2500 what in the box

Also, the lighter socket was a great addition for 12v devices such as air-compressors and GPS devices.

NEXPOW Specifications

Nexpow 2500A 22000mAh jump starter specifications
  • 4 LED Modes (Spotlight/Strobe/SOS) & Red Blue Warning strobe.
  • Up to 8.0L Gas/8.0L Diesel.
  • Intelligent Jump Cable.
  • 2500A Peak Current.
  • 22000mAh internal lithium-ion battery.
  • 81.4 watts.
  • 2x USB ports one is a quick charge port.
  • Battery Life: 1000+ Cycles.
  • Waterproof EVA bag easy to store and carry.
  • USB Output 2: 5V/2.1A
  • USB Output 1: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • DC Output: 12V/10A

What I like

NEXPOW Specifications

The large 2500 peak amps are a huge plus as well as the 22000mAh internal battery. So it will charge your phone and jump-start your car if required many times over. The storage case is nice and padded and comes with some nice accessories.

The jump cable size of 8AWG is thick enough to handle the current for a short time.

It has a USB-C cable included that can be used to charge the device as well as charge your smart phones.

This powerful jump starter is solid and heavy. The internals is quality components and it gets great reviews online. I can see why.

What I didn’t like

The main thing I didn’t like was just cosmetics. I would have liked to see some rubber or antislip coating on the plastic jump starter to stop it from sliding around on the engine when it starts. I may glue some thin foam or rubber under the unit. This is an issue I have seen now on many other brands of jump starters so it is not a deal-breaker.

You are unable to simultaneously charge your devices like mobile phones and recharge the jump starter at the same time as this is not supported. This is not a big deal as most phone power banks and other jump starters have the same issue. You have to either charge the jump starter or discharge it via USB output but not both at the same time.

All in all, it is a sturdy jump starter that will find a home in one of our three cars. It has our recommendation.


The Nexpow jump starter 2500A is a very powerful jump starter that is well-protected in a padded case. It is well-priced and has thousands of positive reviews. If you are after a quality, powerful jump starter that will start anything then check out the Nexpow 2500A it is a beast.

If you only have to use it once to start your car it would have paid for itself rather than having to get roadside assistance out to get your car going.

This jump starter size is large due to the huge capacity internal battery which is a good thing. If you need a smaller jump starter for a motorcycle then Nexpow has some smaller models available. Check out these pocket jump starters.

If your car still won’t start after connecting the jump starter then there is another issue. Check out our 16 Reasons why your car turns over but won’t start.

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  1. I noticed that you hooked cables to terminals for 30 seconds. I could not do that. When I hooked mine up, the green light came on and went back off almost immediately. I didn’t even have time to hook up, get green and get to ignition key to start car.

    What am idoing incorrectly?


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