MT07 how to install bar end mirrors using rhinomoto

One of the first accessories I brought for my 2018 MT07 was bar-end mirrors. There is a huge range of different types and styles available so it basically comes down to the style and shapes you like.

There is one problem, the Yamaha MT07 has a threaded handlebar end for the bar weights/sliders to screw into. Many of the aftermarket bar end mirrors you can buy from say eBay or Amazon have expansion fittings that don’t work on the stock handlebars. These are rubbish don’t use them.

So if you want to know how to install bar end mirrors on the throttle side then follow this procedure.

Yamaha MT-07 bar end weights.

The threaded Yamaha MT-07 bar end weights are a good idea as they lock into place. The problem is if you ever want to add on bar end mirrors these have to come off.

The only proven way to mount some generic bar-end mirrors is to use the Yamaha Rhinomoto bar ends. These have a 22mm (7/8 inch) turned-down section to attach your mirrors. They also have M16 threads, to suit the FZ, FZR, XSR, and MT range of motorcycles.

Yamaha 7/8 bar end mirror adapter from rhinomoto
Rhinomoto bar end threaded 7/8 bar end mirror adapter on the left
Yamaha MT07 stock bar end on the right

So if you want to do it right the first time you are going to have to get some extra accessories to make it work.

Tools and parts needed to install MT07 bar end mirrors.

Tools needed to install Yamaha MT07 bar end mirrrors

How to remove stock MT07 mirrors.

Removal of MT07 stock rear vission mirrors

Now be aware that the stock mirrors unscrew from the handlebar mount. If you sit on the motorcycle your left mirror unscrews counterclockwise whereas the right side mirror unscrews clockwise.

Don’t strip the screws on the right side mirror by unscrewing it clockwise. All you are doing is tightening it.

To make the job neat it is best to screw in some mirror hole plugs. These are special screws that are made with a left and right-hand thread. The screw diameter for these is M10x1.25.

Yamaha MT07 mirror plug screw cnc

The plugs will stop dirt and water from entering the hole, gumming up the threads. A trick is to use some cloth between the screwdriver and the screw to not damage the paint.

Installing threaded Rhinomoto bar end mounts.

Check out our video on how to install bar end mirrors on your Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle the correct way.

Remove the old MT07, FZ07 stock bar end crash weights by using an 8mm Allan key. They are screwed in tight so don’t be afraid to put some muscle into them.

How to remove yamaha MT07 bar end weights

The Rhino moto bar ends come in two pieces. An outer crash bobbin and the inner metal screw mount. Remove the outer crash bobbin by using a small Allan key.

Rhinomoto yamaha threaded 7/8 bar end mirror adapter
Rhinomoto Gen2 MT07 bar end adapter.

You can now use the 8mm Allan key to screw in the larger Rhinomoto bar end. If you have access to a torque wrench set it at 10 Nm / 7.2 lb-ft for the bar end weights.

The Rhinomoto bar ends will screw right in. I use a little dab of blue thread lock to make sure they stay in place. Your mirrors will clamp onto these so we don’t want them to unscrew.

How to Install 2018 MT07 Bar End Mirrors 8mm allan key

Once they are in tight you can screw in the crash bobbin onto the Rhinomoto end. Apart from the tools mentioned here I also have these 17 special tools for motorcycle repairs.

Mounting MT07 CNC mirrors

CNC glass metal bar end mirrors for 2018 MT07

Depending on the clamp arrangement of your mirrors you can now attach your mirrors. Check if the mirror clamps have any burrs on them. Some sandpaper will quickly get rid of them.

These are cheap mirrors so sometimes the build quality needs some fine adjustment.

Don’t do up the bolts too tight on the mirrors as you could strip the fine threads. Just tighten enough so that you can’t move the mirrors on the handlebars.

Sit on your motorcycle and adjust the mirrors so that you have some good vision behind you. I find that these mirrors work better than the larger stock ones. The old stock mirrors often show my elbows.

Yamaha MT07 MZS bar end mirror

Once you have them in the correct position you can use a small Allan key to tighten up all of the bolts. This will lock the bar end mirrors into position.

Check out how these bar-end mirrors look on my MT07 in the below video.


This is a great little upgrade to your MT07. It is the start of my Yamaha MT 07 weight reduction project.

I just wish the Rhinomoto bar end mirror mounts were cheaper. I have heard of people using KiWAV Motorcycle Bar End Adapters. These threaded bar end mirror adapters will work on any FZ07-2015 up to MT-07 2020 models.

I have yet to come across a competitor that makes something similar.

2018 Yamaha MT07 with bar end mirrors

Many people go with the CRG Arrow bar-end mirrors from Amazon but they are expensive and that price is only for one. But they are the best out there. They are also slightly larger than the cheap Chinese knockoffs.

I like the cheap ones. They do the job and have yet to let me down. If you do find that one or both are blurry when riding you could have a loose piece of rear vision mirror glass. A small dab of clear 100% silicone between the mirror and the frame will fix this vibration issue.

Check out my other MT07 mods if you would like to upgrade your motorcycle. Ride safe.

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