How to replace Yamaha MT 07 battery

In this post, we will be going over the instructions on how to install a new battery on my Yamaha MT07 2019. These instructions will be very similar for the 2016 to 2023 MT-07 model versions.

Now, my motorcycle has the original battery which is a YTZ10S. Most car and motorcycle batteries only tend to last 3-4 years so I’m happy that I got nearly 4 years out of my battery.

Warning signs of a flat motorcycle battery

You will tend to get some warning signs before the battery goes completely flat like slow cranking, hard to start motorcycle on cold mornings, the starter motor running longer than normal, and the headlights may be dimmer than normal when you turn on the key. Let’s get into replacing the MT-07 battery.

How to remove the MT07 battery

I have done a video on how to replace the MT 07 battery so check that out and please subscribe to our channel to keep updated with new motorcycle maintenance tips. Continue reading about the MT 07 battery removal process for extra details.

Start by using your key to remove the rear pillion passenger seat. Under this seat, there are some tools that you can use to remove the main rider’s seat. Use the Allen key to remove the 2 hex head bolts.

Once the seat is removed you can remove the metal battery brace that sits on top of the battery. This gives support to the motorcycle frame and the battery.

How to remove the MT07 battery

Remove the battery strap and use a socket set to undo the battery terminal bolts. When disconnecting the cables from the old battery, disconnect the negative first, then the positive.

You can then lift the old battery straight out. Connect the new battery in the reverse order, first the positive cable then the negative.

battery disconnect the negative first

Double-check all of your connections and then start your Yamaha MT-07 up just to check that the battery is ok and everything works. Saves you from pulling it all back down again if there is another issue.

Now while we have access to the internals of your MT-07 it could be a good time to do the following upgrades.

Attaching smart charger leads

Yamaha mt07 Attaching smart charger leads

Now is a great time to attach some fly leads for your smart charger. I have used Ctek in the past but have just recently upgraded to NoCo GENIUS5 smart charger for my Cars, Jetski, and Motorcycles. All of them have a permanently mounted charging lead so I have easy access.

Motorcycle mt07 Attaching smart charger leads

I leave the smart charger under the passenger seat and the fly lead is attached to the battery via a 10 amp fuse.

Do the MT-07 air filter mod

Do the MT-07 air filter mod

With the rider’s seat off you will have more access to do the MT 07 air filter mod. There are a few options like removing or cutting the snorkel off and replacing the air filter with a high-flow one. This will help your motorcycle breathe better and increase power.

If you have already replaced the stock exhaust pipe with an aftermarket muffler for your MT 07, then upgrading the air filter is a great option.

How much do motorcycle batteries cost?

Motorcycle batteries vary so much in brand and quality. Expect to pay between $50 USD to $200 for a good quality AGM or Lithium motorcycle battery.

The newer lithium batteries are much lighter and have higher cold cranking currents but they are also much more expensive. Time will tell if they last as long as a traditional Led wet cell or absorbed glass mat battery. But so far what I have been reading is Lithium batteries are lasting a long time in our motorcycles.

Where is the battery on a Yamaha MT-07?

Where is the battery on a Yamaha MT-07?

The battery is located under the seat of the rider. You will need some tools to remove the seat such as an Allen hex head and a socket set for the battery terminals. It is great to see Yamaha providing us with these basic tools under the passenger seat.

Yamaha MT-07 battery type

Yamaha MT-07 battery type

The stock Yamaha MT 07 battery type is a YTZ10S, 12 Volt, 8.6(10 HR), 190cca. But you can use any battery of the same size and similar ratings such as YTZ10-S, GTZ10-S, YTZ10-S-BS, MBTZ10S, MG10ZS-C, and VTZ10-S. Or maybe a Lithium battery may be a good upgrade for your motorcycle.

A normal lead-acid motorcycle battery is designed to last for 200 – 300 cycles or 2-5 years depending on use. Whereas Lithium Batteries are designed to last for over 2,000 cycles which could be more than 10 Years of battery life. Another plus is that they can sit unused for over a year without losing much capacity or charge. So you don’t have to hook them up to a battery tender as much.

If you have replaced the battery and you still are not able to start your motorcycle you could have another electrical, fuel, or mechanical fault. Check out our post on what to do if your motorcycle turns over but won’t start.


Replacing the MT-07 battery is an easy job. If you haven’t replaced the battery in over 4 years now is a good time to start. Don’t get the dealer to replace the battery as the owner’s manual says. Do it yourself, as you will save money and learn how your motorcycle goes together.

If you have a smart charger then charge your new battery fully either before installing it or directly after the installation. You don’t want to install a 1/2 charged battery and then leave it sitting for a few months as this could cause internal sulfation to your battery over time.

Good luck with the battery install procedure on your MT 07 and if you have any issues let me know in the comments below and I will try and help you out.

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