Philips hue outdoor lights

I was extremely excited to see that Philips Hue has brought out a huge range of smart outdoor lights. Not only can I control each inside room to any color range I like, but I can now do it outside as well.

Philips Hue has come out with over 10+ products to transform any garden or outdoor gazebo into a color-filled oasis. Their products include:

  • Lily Outdoor spotlight
  • Calla Small and Large Outdoor Pedestal
  • Impress Outdoor Wall light
  • Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light
  • Discover Outdoor Floodlight
  • Fuzo Outdoor Wall Light
  • Fuzo Outdoor Pedestal Light
  • Econic Smart Outdoor White & Color Wall Lantern
  • Outdoor Motion sensor
  • Lightstrip Outdoor 2 and 5-meter lengths

In this post, we will go over what is so special wit these lights and what you need to connect them up to your smartphone.

Hue outdoor lights review

Philips Hue Outdoor lilly Lights

What’s so good with these outdoor LED smart lights is the ability to change colors with just a swipe of your phone. Also, they do look extremely stylish. Just think about being able to change up to 16 million colors just because you can.

All of Philips Hue’s outdoor lights are weatherproof. This means they can take rain or sprinkler splashes from any direction.

They are easy to install and can be a direct replacement for any current non-smart light you have in your front or back yard. Just be sure to isolate the power circuit before working on any 110v or 230v lights. Beter still use an electrician.

I hope you like black because that is the color all of the outdoor range comes in. White is for inside only so it is a good ide they separate the two.

If you are familiar with the current range of Indoor Philips hue lights you will be pleased to know that setup and installation is the same. Just make a zone for your outdoor lighting and add each light to the Hue App.

From here you can set time zones, colors, brightness, and motion settings.

What do you need to use Philips Hue outdoor lights

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor White & Color Wall Lantern,

For a start, you will need a Philips Hue Hub 2.0. This is the central nerve center that all of the lights will talk to individually. If a light is too far away from the hub they can communicate with each other to bridge the gap. Now, that’s a cool feature.

square hue bridge 3 lights

Your Hue Hub should be connected to the internet so you can receive automatic firmware updates to each individual light in your system. We have some instructions on how to set up a Philips Hue Hub if you are having problems.

If you want automatic lighting then you will need the Outdoor motion sensor. This is a battery-powered wireless setup that you can literally place anywhere. Its also black so it will blend in well with your house.

Philips Hue range of smart outdoor lights

Let’s look at the whole range of outdoor lighting and see what works best for different applications.

Lily Outdoor spotlight

Lily Outdoor spot light

The Lilly Hue Spotlight is a mall high intensity LED lamp that can offer you a range of 16 million different colors. It comes with everything you need to get you up and running like a power supply, extension lead, wall bracket, and a garden stake.

This lamp is designed with IP65: this means that it is protected against low-pressure jets of water. The black aluminum frame is protected against UV rays and looks fantastic.

Technical specifications

  • Lifetime up to 25,000 h LED bulb life.
  • Light source equivalent to traditional incandescent bulb of49 W
  • Total lumen output fixture 600 lm
  • Bulb voltage LED 24 V
  • Light color 2000-6500 Hue White Color Ambiance
  • Mains power Range 220 V – 240 V50-60 Hz
  • Fixture dimmableYes
  • Built-in LED Yes
  • Number of bulbs 1
  • Wattage bulb included 8 W
  • Maximum wattage replacement bulb8 W
  • IP codeIP65 dust protection from jetting water
  • Class of protection III – safe extra-low voltage

You can buy the Lilly Base spotlight kit from Amazon with 3 lights and it would have to be my favorite light here. Mostly because you can angle the light up into trees and shrubs. This is where the fun comes in. Changing a green leaf tree blue, red, or any other color.

You can also just buy an extra Hue Lilly spotlight and daisy chain some extra lights if you need more to run off the same power supply. They are a little bit cheaper. You can add up to 5 Lilly and Calla lights on the same power supply.

Calla Small and Large Outdoor Pedestal

Philips Hue Outdoor White & Color pathway LED light purple

Now, these come in two different sizes 25cm and 40cm. If you want to mark out a path or a boundary fence these would be perfect. Both have the same specifications except for one is bigger. Not brighter.

The come with a garden stake that will hold them upright. For a more permanent solution just drop a few shovel loads of concrete into a hole and push the stake into that.

  • Lifetime up to25,000 h
  • Light source equivalent to traditional bulb of49 W
  • Total lumen output fixture600 lm
  • Bulb technologyLED24 V
  • Light color2000-6500 Hue White Color Ambiance
  • Mains power Range 220 V – 240 V50-60 Hz
  • Fixture dimmableYes
  • LED Yes
  • Built-in LED
  • Number of bulbs 1
  • Wattage bulb included 8 W
  • Maximum wattage replacement bulb 8 W
  • IP code IP65

As per the Lilly lights, you can daisy chain up to 5 of these pathway smart lights together.

Philips Hue Outdoor Wall Lights

Philips Hue Outdoor White & Color Wall Lights black

Depending on the look and style of Hue wall light Philips will have a light for you. Set in the standard black color scheme the look great.

Each one can be connected wirelessly to an Outdoor Hue motion sensor to enable automatic movement lighting. Great for security, parties, and every holiday theme you can think of.

Each light has a weatherproof rating and displays fantastic colors. Now be aware that some Hue smart lights do only display white light so check the specifications on a specific style. From memory and at the time of writing the Fuzo range of smart lighting is white only.

For a more traditional look, the Philips Hue Econic Smart Outdoor White & Color Wall Lantern will suit many homes.

Smart Outdoor Light Strips

philips hue outdoor light strip 5m garden

This is where the fun begins. I have been waiting on these outdoor light strips for a very long time. Since adding Philips Hue strip lighting to my stairs I have wanted some for my pergola.

They come in two different lengths of 2m and 5m. You also can’t cut them like you could the internal ones so make sure to measure first. If you need longer than 5m you will just have to buy a few and use the power supply that comes with each. They won’t daisy chain together. (Plugin together)

Each Hue outdoor light strip has clips that you can use to screw into wooden beams to hold it in place. This is a nice addition.

They will bend around fairly tight corners and are rated for wet areas so don’t be afraid to put them anywhere.

Outdoor Fire Pit Lights

Put a color-changing light in your fire pit surrounded by wood to make it look like a flame.

If you have a portable fire pit you can put a color-changing light in it surrounded by wood. This will give it a nice glow simulating a fire but without smoke. Perfect for smaller areas or when it is raining. Bring the fire pit indoors.

You can read all about portable fire pit care, different types of wood, and why we use sand in the base. But if you use LED lights you don’t need to worry about any of that.


I for one love the new range of Philips Hue outdoor lights. For the past 3 years, I haven’t had a single smart bulb fail. Now they can be slightly expensive but you are paying for quality and features.

We ask Google home to change the light colors all the time. Now we can add outside lighting to the mix for fun Halloween and Christmas-style colors and patterns.

The only common item you need is the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, make sure to keep this updated through the Google Hue App on your smartphone for special features. (If you have an Android phone)

All the best with your installation. It really is a fun project turning your backyard into a world of color.

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