BW-FYE1Cheap in ear bluetooth headphones with Mic review

I have been looking to get some cheap in-ear Bluetooth headphones for a while now and I happened to stumble across the new Blitzwolf brand set from Banggood. Being an avid music lover I am always on the go with my work as an electrician. I finally had an excuse to listen to my favorite music and audiobooks all day long.

The problem with wired headphones is when I’m working, the cable is constantly getting in the way when I am bending over to do a job. So I needed a set that didn’t cost the earth and is nice and light in my ears.

Blitzwolf Bluetooth earbuds with mic review.

Blitzwolfs new wireless headphones simply look amazing. This Bluetooth headset came fully charged in a nice little black storage case box. Each individual earpiece is charged from this portable box. The charge box also has an internal lithium battery so you can charge your headphones away from a wall charger. Sweet…

The first thing I had to do was pair the headphones. Once I took them out of the box I quickly read the instructions on how to pair them to my phone. I had to put my reading glasses on because the user manual is so small, but it is easy to read with basic instructions.

bluetooth earphones with mic blitzwolf

Pairing these Bluetooth Version 5 earpieces is very easy on an Android phone, and I presume its just as simple on iPhones. Just open up Bluetooth settings and look for a new connection which will say BW-FYE1. Once the initial connection is done they will auto connect when removing them from the charge box. (Providing Bluetooth is turned on the phone)

This wireless headset uses the new Bluetooth 5 standard which means faster connection and improved battery life for your phone as well as the headphones. I found them always ready to go after removing them from the charging box which fits nicely in my front jeans pocket.

You can use the headphones as a single or dual hands-free earpiece for when driving. The handy button on the side of the Bluetooth earbuds serves multiple purposes such as:

  • Play and pause music
  • Next and previous songs
  • Answer, hangup, and reject calls
bluetooth earphones with mic charging box blitzwolf

What I use them for

These headphones are perfect for me during each job as a tradesman. With the older wired headsets, I was constantly getting them tangled up with my tools. Now I just push them into my ears and carry on with my tasks.

Taking a call is easy now that I don’t even have to remove the phone from my pocket. Just tap the button on the side of the headphone. Either one will answer a call.

You won’t be able to get a full 8 hours of music use unless you recharge them a few times. I usually get around three hours of use before they will need a top-up charge. I tend to put them back into the storage charge box during a lunch break. This will charge both of the earpieces up quickly. I have a portable lithium-ion jump starter in the car that I use as a USB charger. This is great for phones in remote locations, so it is perfect to recharge the earpieces as well.

A fully charged storage box will be able to recharge your wireless earbuds up to 4 times. They are sweat and water-resistant with IPX4 so there are no problems using them in the rain.

Blitzwolf stereo bluetooth v5 in ear headphone features

Sound Quality

I like listening to audiobooks, music, and radio stations through my phone so it is important to have clear sound for hearing it all clearly.

Dynamic Range is really good on these cheap wireless headphones. The base is good for the tiny 10mm driver. I did increase the base a few points in my music application settings so it was richer. Trebble was good and loud and playing music was nice as it has passive noise-canceling capabilities.

Talking through the Bluetooth earphones with the mic was easy with just a press on the side button to answer the call. The person on the other end of the call said they could hear me speak clearly and loudly without any dropouts.

Due to the passive noise blocking headphone feature, they are near silent when you put them in your ears. This is a benefit that allows you to hear each individual piece of a musical instrument at lower levels.

How to answer calls and play the next music tracks

The Blitzwolf in ear wireless headphones uses only one button on the side to do multiple functions.

  • Play and Pause – Press the multifunction button once
  • Answer Call – Press the multifunction button once when the phone is ringing
  • Hang up Call – Press the multifunction button once during a phone call
  • Reject a Call – Long press the multi-function button for a few seconds.
  • Next Song – Long press the multifunction button on the right earbud for a few seconds
  • Previous Song – Long press the multi-function button on the left earbud for 2 seconds.

Charging the rechargeable wireless headphones

The really cool thing with these in ear Bluetooth headphones is the storage box they come in. The easy way to explain it is that the container is a charging station and weatherproof storage box all in one.

wireless bluetooth in ear headphones blitzwolf charging box

The Charging Box has a 700mAh lithium-ion internal battery which has enough reserve charge to top up your headphones 4 times during the day. Nice little LED lights will let you know how much battery power is left. These also eliminate when you are charging u the storage box with a micro USB cable from a wall charger, solar USB charger, or computer USB port.

As soon as you put your Bluetooth wireless headphones into the storage box they will begin charging. A red LED light on top of the bog will indicate that the headphones are charging. Once they have finished charging the LED will turn blue.

The charging box is small enough to fit into your pocket and its a comfort to know that these headphones will be fully charged and ready to go at a moment notice. This is due to the quick charging time required of only 1.5 hours from fully flat for both the earbuds and the charging box.

Check out this post if you are having issues with your wireless earbuds not charging fix.

New Blitzwolf True Wireless Earphone Stereo Headphones Specifications.

Brand  Blitzwolf
Model No.  BW-FYE1
Color  Black only
Wearing Type In ear Bluetooth headphones
Material  PC+ABS plastic
Weight  Total Weight 60g
DimensionsCharging Box —61.5x 43.5x 30mm
Earbuds —34.2 x 17.5 x 23.8mm

Technical Parameters


MicrophoneBluetooth earphones with microphone
Bluetooth VersionV5.0 backward compatible
Supported ProtocolsHFP1.7, HSP1.2, HD Voice, Voice Prompts, A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6, IOS Battery state, Voice reporting, Multipoint
Transmission Distance  ≥ 33 feet (10m)
Dynamic Driver10mm
Impedance16 Ohms
Frequency Response100-10kHz
Battery Capacity of the rechargeable wireless headphonesEach earbud: 50mAh/ 3.7V Lithium-ion.
Charging Box: 700mAh/ 3.7VMicro USB charging.
Charging Time (h)1.5h
Talking Time3h
Music Time (h)2.5-3h depending on volume level
Standby Time (h)77h

Bluetooth V5 vs Bluetooth V4.2

These wireless headphones use the new Bluetooth V5 protocol which is a huge improvement over the older versions. Compared to V4.2 you can expect a massive improvement in music quality, battery life, connection range, transmission speed, and pairing.

bluetooth headphones with microphone Version 5 vs 4.2

What’s in the box

Blitzwolf packs all of their products well with great padding. I found the headphones already charged to 75%. There are 3 spare silicone earbud tips for those with different size ear canals. This is great because you will require a snug fit for the perfect sound.

stereo bluetooth headset with mic BW-FYE1 Blitzwolf
Bluetooth 5.0 Blitzwolf BW-FYE1 TWS True Wireless Earphone Stereo Headphones with Charging BoxBluetooth V5.0 Blitzwolf BW-FYE1 TWS True Wireless Earphone with Microphone.
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
3 pairs of different sized silicone ear tips
User Manual


If you are after a cheap set of Bluetooth earphones with mic, then these from Blitzwolf will fit the bill perfectly. In fact, compared to some brand name models these sound just as good at 1/4 the price.

These are more of a compression fit in your ear. For a Apple clone look then Soundpeats are a good option.

I like that there is no cable running between each headphone like some other Bluetooth models. This is because each earpiece connects to each other wirelessly. This is the benefit of Bluetooth 5.

If you find they are not charging you can try reinserting them again into the case. Jeck out this post for more detailed instructions on what to do if your wireless earbuds are not charging.

You can also only use one earpiece for mono music and telephone calls. This is perfect for hands-free driving and those that need to work and talk at the same time. It makes it one of the smaller hands-free kits around at a great price.

Blitzwolf has taken the world by storm with its reliable and budget-friendly tech gear gadgets. I like my products to serve a purpose and last the test of time. I’m glad that I stumbled on these cool stereo wireless Bluetooth headphones. Now I just need to stop my kids from taking them all the time. Well, I now know what to get them for a stocking filler for Christmas.

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