Best exhaust for MT 07 Akrapovic Ti

The Yamaha MT07 is a fantastic motorcycle. It’s light enough for beginners but also fast enough for advanced riders. The only letdown is the stock standard exhaust is very quiet and limits performance.

Being one of the top-selling naked motorcycles every year means that there is a whole range of aftermarket exhaust systems for the MT07.

In this post, we are going to cover the best-sounding, best-looking exhausts for the Yamaha MT 07 and the FZ 07.

Top 10 Exhaust Systems for MT07

Yamaha MT07 ECU flash kits explained Exhaust Systems for MT07

Exhausts not only have to look good, but they also need to sound good. Check out the sound comparison video for the following exhaust pipes for the Yamaha MT 07.

Now sounds and looks are a personal thing. I like my Yamaha MT 07 bike to look slick and trim. This makes underbody mufflers very appealing to me.

This makes the IXIL SX1, LEOVINCE Underbody, and the Akrapovic high on my list for an aftermarket muffler.

In the end, I settled for an Akrapovic Ti carbon as there was a special deal on it. Sure it is an expensive full-system exhaust pipe but it came with a road compliance certificate for my area. Yamaha also sells it as a direct aftermarket upgrade. No extra fuel maps or dyno tests are needed.

Here is another video showing MT 07 and FZ 07 exhaust systems with and without DB Killers. (Decibel Killers)

DB killers are used in silencing the exhaust sound to acceptable DB limits. It quietens the sound so it will be comfortable for your ears, your neighbors, and the police. It is generally a long perforated tube that streamlines the flow path of the exhaust. The exhaust gas is then passed through it, where due to the narrowing of the path exhaust sound is muffled. Simple.

I haven’t removed my DB killer on the Akrapovic as I like to listen to music while I am riding on a Bluetooth helmet sound system. To much exhaust noise while fun, gets a bit much on long rides.

Akrapovic Ti Carbon for MT-07 Review

Best exhaust for Yamaha mt 07 Akrapovic Ti

I wanted to give my honest review of the Akrapovic Ti carbon tip as I have been using it for the past 6 months. It was one of the 1st upgrades I did to my Yamaha bike.

I installed the Akrapovic Ti myself as I wanted to save on the workshop fees. It went in easy and the documentation was good and everything you need is included. Sometimes if you buy a Chinese copy the install instructions are non-existent.

The weight savings are good and I did notice some extra low-down power gain. The biggest benefit is the looks and the sound. I have decided to leave the DB killer attached as the last thing I want to do is annoy my neighbors at 5 am in the morning for the start of work. Read on for DB Killer removal instructions further down in the article.

One tip is to use new exhaust gasket seals. I couldn’t get any in time so I installed the Akrapovic Ti using the stock exhaust header seals. It was a new bike with only 200km on it so the seals were still good. No leaks.

Best sounding exhaust for mt07 Akrapovic Ti

I love that the Akrapovic Ti is specifically made for the MT 07. It is even laser engraved with the Mt-07 words. The full system exhaust is a 3 piece slip-on and anyone with a socket set and some Allen keys can install one.

A cheap motorcycle stand will help the installation process but you can put on a new exhaust without a paddock stand.

It really makes the bike stand out in the crowd and in my opinion, it is the best exhaust for MT 07. It also has a removable baffle, but you will have to break a spot weld or drill out the pop rivets depending on the model.

How to remove DB killer in Akrapovic Ti

To remove the dB killer on the Akrapovic Ti you will first have to take off the muffler from the MT-07. After that, you can remove the carbon shroud using a Torx screwdriver.

Akrapovic Ti DB killer removal spot weld
Akrapovic Ti spot weld is the only thing holding in the DB killer

If you look into the center of the exhaust muffler section you will see a spot weld. You will have to drill out the weld point with a 6mm drill bit. On the outside, you will see where the manufacturer has ruffed up the titanium with some sandpaper this is where you will need to drill.

MT07 Akrapovic Ti DB killer removal spot weld drill out
Drill out the spot weld to remove DB killer

The DB killer can be pulled out with some pliers and a rag. You can then put the carbon shroud back on and reinstall the exhaust back onto the MT-07.

Note: Some other versions may have pop rivets that will need to be drilled out.

Best Budget Exhaust for Yamaha MT 07

MT07 Budget M4 slip on exhaust system

One very popular budget exhaust for the MT 07 is the M4 slip-on. It improves the sound and performance but you will need to get a tune or an EJK to reduce the popping as it runs slightly lean.

The basic procedure to make the M4 fit onto your stock head pipe is to cut right after the catalytic converter on the welds with an angle grinder. You can then clean up any daggy bits and slip on your new M4.

It clamps into your headers, no welding is required. Yes, the exhaust does come with installation instructions and at less than 1/2 the price of some full systems.

The Generic carbon full system shown below is cheaper again. In my book, it is a copy of the M4 slip-on. The welds are very high quality and it fits well. Install is pretty straightforward but, the lack of instructions is disappointing for someone who has never installed an exhaust system before.

Best Mid-Range Exhaust System for Yamaha MT07

Best exhaust system for mt07 Yoshimura r77

The popular Yoshimura R-77 full system exhaust offers outstanding performance, due to lightweight construction and improved airflow.

It features a trapezoidal design, which allows for an extra volume of muffler packing material to be used. In turn, the Yoshi delivers top performance and a nice rumble sound on the MT07.

I see a lot of Yoshi R-77 exhaust systems around the streets even though they are sold as race track-only systems. If you keep the baffle in it will look and sound nice.

Best exhaust for Yamaha MT 07

how to install akrapovic ti on MT07 yamaha

Without a doubt, the best exhaust for the Yamaha MT07 is the Akrapovic TI. Now you are going to pay for the best as it is also one of the most expensive. You can save some money by installing it yourself.

You should be compliant in most states and territories but just check your local rules regarding aftermarket exhaust pipes. It comes with compliance certificates.

If you don’t want to cut up your stock exhaust then this is the one to get. In fact, check out some of the other MT-07 upgrades in my video below.

Exhaust and Air Box Upgrades

If you stick with the Akrapovic Ti for the MT 07 you shouldn’t have to mess with any Dyno Tuning. Some people like to increase the airflow to the air-filter with this mod. If you find that you get deceleration popping with a different muffler you could have an air-fuel mixture problem.

You are probably running too lean with the muffler upgrade. A quick fix is to install a Power Commander or the user-friendly Dobeck EJK. Having an ECU flash will be the third option but you will most likely have to send your ECU away to get done.

The EJK has simple and patented controls right on the unit, no maps are needed. Just a few touches of the onboard buttons will change the fuel mixture depending on what exhaust you use.

MT07 EJK exhaust settings
Image from

Street Exhaust System vs Race Pipe

Many Yamaha exhaust systems are rated for the race track only. You could be breaking local road rules by using a race pipe. Many have removed baffles and no catalytic converter. This makes them illegal for sound and emissions laws.

Two Brothers S1R MT 07 full exhaust system is rated for a closed circuit race track only. But I do see a few getting around the city. It comes down to how strict your local law enforcement is.

Warranty and Insurance are another issue if you will be covered if something goes wrong. That is a big reason I went for the Akrapovic Ti. It is a direct manufacturer upgrade and most insurance companies know about the muffler.

If you look at some of the full systems out there you notice the header tubes have little horizontal pipes connecting them together. Those little cross-member flow pipes help to stabilize the oscillating pressure in your exhaust system.

This provides a clean exit for exhaust gases and increased power.

Don’t forget to keep that exhaust looking clean so check out our post on how to clean tarnished stainless steel exhaust headers fast.


Hopefully, you are closer to finding the perfect exhaust for your MT07. It is hard to gauge the sounds via a computer monitor and speakers. The only thing I can suggest is to use some quality headphones and watch the MT07 exhaust shootout videos again.

Now don’t forget if you do an exhaust upgrade, you may need to tune your motorcycle for the correct air-to-fuel ratio. Check out my post on all of the different Yamaha MT 07 ECU flash kits available.

Be safe and maybe I will see you on the road one day.

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  1. I like the LeoVince underbody exhaust, the rumble sould is cool. Plus it sits under the bike like the Akrapovic. Slightly cheaper aswell.Anything is better than stock.


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