What size car jump starter do I need

Here in Australia we really have a hard time getting some quality portable power bank, car jump starting gear. I don’t know why. Maybe its due to the Lithium Ion Batteries inside and shipping these units may cause a hazard, or maybe no one cares about us.

So I wanted to review a few units that you can purchase yourself directly from Amazon. These are quality portable power bank jump car starters, which are often cheaper than comparable re-branded models in the local stores like Repco, Super-cheap, and Autobarn etc.

So let’s check out one of the most feature packed and in my opinion the best Lithium Ion Jump starters here that is available to us Aussies.

Our top-rated Lithium-Ion Jump Starters

Brand Suaoki Gooloo Car Rover Elinz
best australia lithium ion jump starter u10 suaoki gooloo jump starter 800a australia car rover A8s jump starter yellow australia maxlee jump starter 600A red with light
Our Pick #1 #2 #3 #4
Model u10 E-Power-37 A8S Maxxlee
Amps 400A (Start) 800A (Peak) 800 amps peak. 800A peak 600 Amps peak
Internal Battery 20000mAh 18000mAh 14000mAh 24000mAh
USB Yes 2x USB 5V-2.4A 5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A also 12V output at 10A 2x USB 5v-2.1A

also 12V/16V/19V outputs

3x USB ports 5V 2.1 Amps
Size 18.4 x 9.1 x 3.9cm 15.7 x 5 x 6.1cm 15.9 x 7.6 x 3.2cm
Best for Up to 6L gas and 5L diesel engines. Also great for motorbikes, forklifts, jet skis, ride on lawnmowers and boats. 12V cars and boats up to 7.0L Gas and 5.5L diesel. Perfect for Motorcycles, RV, tractors, light-duty trucks, lawnmowers, vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, and PWC. Up to 6.0L gas or 3.0L diesel engine with up to 30 times jump starting power.

Has a bright LCD Display Screen & LED Function button.

Car and Truck engines up to 5.8L Petrol and 3.0L Diesel.

Best for multiple phones and tablets with the large internal battery and 3 USB ports.

LED light Yes 3 high power LED lights which can also change color to red. Yes with strobe function. Yes, single high power LED light with various strobe options. Yes single strong power LED light
Safety Protection Overcurrent, overvoltage, reverse charging, anti-access battery polarity protection. Over-current protection, Short-circuit protection, Overload protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-charge, and discharge protection. Over-current protection, Short-circuit protection, Overload protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-charge protection Over current protection; Short circuit protection; Overload protections

Over-voltage protection; Over-charge protection. Fuse protection. Anti-reverse plug

What’s in the box Suaoki Jump Starter, Pair of Intelligent Clamps.
AC Power Charger Adapter
1x Car Charger
1x Micro USB Cord
Multi-Language Manual
Handheld Bag

Comes with free shipping.

Smart Jumper Clamp, Wall Charger (With UL Certification), Car Charger, Micro-USB Cable, Carry Bag, User Manual, our 12 + 6 month extended warranty Intelligent jump cables, 12V Wall Charger, 12V Car Charger, User Manual

Tough case box and extra laptop power connectors

Hard case box with 240v wall recharge plug and 12v car recharge plug.

4 in 1 USB phone charger cable.

Where to buy

Top Pick Suaoki u10 review

It was nice to the Suaoki design a great performing lithium-Ion jump starter. I like that it has a large internal battery which means you will be able to boost your car and charge your phone for longer and more often.

There are some really cool features of the Suaoki u10 such as fast USB outputs to charge your phone, and full internal safety features to protect your car and the unit. The 3 color charging LED torch lights are also a cool feature. They are a lot brighter than the standard one light models. Tapping the power button will cycle through the LED options such as SOS, strobe and red night safety light.

The nice blue LCD screen will tell you the internal battery capacity left so you know when its time to recharge it. It will also tell you the amp output to your phones and to another car battery.

To jump-start a car with a flat battery just connect up the power leads and turn on the unit. Once the safety LED light stops flashing from red to green which is located on the jump cable and stays on green solid you are ready to try cranking over your vehicle.

The rated capacity is 800 amps so this little jump starter will be perfect for small cars such as Toyota Corollas all the way up to the big Prados and Land Cruisers.

I have yet to have a vehicle I couldnt start with the Suaoki Jump Starter. We have even started the forklifts and topper trucks with it. So lets get onto the full review.

5 Mini Jump Starter reviews in Australia

We decided to review 5 best Lithium Ion jump starters available to Australians which have a history of reliability from well-known brands. We have updated our list shown above with the Suaoki just outperforming the Gooloo 800A model, due to the larger internal battery and a nice LCD screen for vital information.

A word of warning…Be careful of somecheap  jump starter clones available on places like eBay. Some have inferior internal parts and substandard safety features. These can be a fire trap and a safety hazard. They are usually the ones making outlandish claims, at very cheap prices.

That’s why we like to recommend an online retailer like Amazon, which sells real appliances from real companies. Plus their warranty return service is fantastic. Stick with brand names.

So let’s see what is available: Good value portable power bank jump starters for your car in Australia

Rugged Geek INTELLIBOOST 600A Portable Jump Starter.

portable power bank jump car australia rugged geek

This Rugged Geek 600A jump starter model is in the mid-range of what they have to offer. It’s perfect for most families who need a boost jump starter for 4 to 8 cylinder cars. It can jump start larger 6 and 8 cylinder cars with ease, like the Holden Commodore and Toyota Landcruiser. So for the technically inclined, that’s 6.0L petrol engines and diesel engines up to 3.0L

There looks to be a rebranding of Rugged Geek to Car Rover here in Australia.  They look the same apart from a yellow case but the specs are the same.

I actually love the look of this product. With a tire tread grip pattern, its constructed with a lot of thought and engineering.

Rugged Geek 600A Specs

  • 3rd Gen 600 Amp Portable Jump Starter: Enough power to boost most passenger vehicles on the road today! See it boost a 6.0L Cadillac in one of the video reviews.
  • Intelligent Jumper Cables for safe, easy and risk-free Jump Starting. These have Dual Power tips (many on the market are single). All the protection circuits are in the Intelliboost cable end.
  • USB and Laptop Charging from 2 high power USB ports and 1 laptop port. Includes 4-IN-1 USB Cable and 8 laptop charging tips.
  • Ultra Bright LED Flashlight with Steady On, Strobe and SOS Modes for additional safety, protection, and convenience.
  • Clear Digital LCD display offers all the vital info you need at a glance including charge and output levels/voltage
  • This Jump starter posts to Australia and other parts of the world.
  • Practical: Aside from boosting your car, it also features 2 USB Charging ports to charge your devices, a laptop charging port with 8 included laptop tips and a powerful LED flashlight with emergency modes.
  • This portable power bank will jump any 12v car.

What’s Included in the Box

INTELLIBOOST jumper cables, 110-240v Wall Charger, 12V Car Charger, 4in1 USB Cable,(lightning, 30pin Apple, Micro USB, and Mini USB), 8 laptop tips & charging cable, and a plastic tough carrying case for it all.

The user manual for the Rugged Geek can be download here: Intelliboost_Ultra_RG600_User_Guide

Mini Jump Starter Reviews Australia rugged geek jump starter accessories

The one great thing that this compact jump starter does above the rest shown here, is the ability to charge different laptops with the included charging tips.

Laptop Charging from Car Jump Starter

laptop charging from rugged geek jump starterThere is a voltage select outlet port that you can change from 12V/16V/19V, 3.5A. This means if you have a laptop that needs 19v to charge it up, just select the correct voltage. You can then plug in the correct electrical tip, and you now have a large capacity portable power bank where ever you go.

To change the voltage, turn the Rugged Geek RG600 to “ON” (A), then press the “CIRCLE” button (B). Each short press of the “CIRCLE” button (B) will toggle the output voltage from 12V to 16V to 19V.

Please be sure that the correct output as determined is shown on the LCD display before plugging in your laptop.

As the maximum output is 19v at 3.5 amps you will have to make sure your laptop is within these specifications. My Lenovo needs 20v but this jump starter works fine. The 1V difference is within 10%.

If your laptop needs a 4.5 amp charger, you may find it best to charge it while the laptop or notebook is off.

Rugged Geek Specifications

  • , Uses 10 gauge cables
  • up to 6.0L
  • Diesel Engine Rating up to 3.0L
  • 39 wh LITHIUM ION @ 3.7 volts 10540 mAh battery
  • 1000 charges +
  • 100,000 HOURS
  • 15V, 1A
  • 3-4 Hours
  • 4-5 Hours
  •  @ 5V, 2.1A
  • 12V/16V/19V, 3.5A
  • 6.3″ x 2.9″ x 1.3″ (16cm x 7.4cm x 3.3cm)
  • 10.8″ x 9″ x 2″ (27.4cm x 22.9cm x 5.1cm)
  • 14.8 oz (420gm)
  • 2.6lbs (1.2kg)
  • 12 Month Hassle-Free Limited
  • They ship to Australia cheap

Best jump starter Australia

The Suaoki U10, in my opinion, is one of the best jump starters in Australia for our harsh conditions. With a huge brand loyal following and fantastic customer support, these guys will have your car ready to start in a flick of a switch. It is a little expensive but quality will always trump over cheap and nasty.

I own this exact model for our family car, and it has never let us down. The children use it more than we do for keeping their devices topped up. I just wish they remember to top up this jump starter as well from time to time.

Check out their Promo clip for this RG600A on a Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. Yes, it even works to jump start hybrid vehicles.

Rockford RFDJS2976DLX Portable Power Source Mini Jump Starter

The pocket power jump starter from Rockford is a nice little emergency booster pack for your car.

With 200 cranking amps and 400 peak amps, this little unit has enough power for your family car. It comes in a nice flexible tough case, which can store all of your connections and cables.

What’s nice is that it includes some different 12v connections to power low voltage devices like small TVs, radios, routers, WDTV, basically any small 12v device. Also, it has a 19v output to power and charge laptops.

The only 2 things that I didn’t quite like about the Rockford RFDJS2976DLX jump starter was that it only had 1 USB output to charge your Phones and Tablets. The second is that it only has a 12v and 19v output. I would have liked more options like the Rugged Geek 600A to be able to be adjustable like 12v, 16v, 19v.

Rockford Specifications

  • 12v Intelligent starter
  • 200 cranking amps, 400 peak amps.
  • 12v output for small devices
  • 5v USB output for mobile phones and tablets
  • High power LED flashlight with SOS options
  • 4 in 1 USB cables included
  • Smart jump starter with circuit protection.

mPower Mini Jump Starter Kit: 12V Compact Vehicle Jump Starter and Phone Charger – 6000mAh

portable jump starter australia

This micro jump starter is one of the smallest here.  It’s about the size of a smartphone. But it’s more than enough juice to jump start your recreational toys like ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, jet skis – even a full-size family car.

It’s also clever enough to charge all your electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, and tablets.

  • Multi-purpose jump-starter charges smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Slim, light and portable – slightly larger than a smartphone.
  • Jump starts 12V vehicles up to 6 cylinder cars.
  • Start Current: 150A Peak Current: 300A
  • Three charging modes. Supports fast charging with low self-discharge cycle.
  • Battery Capacity: 22.2 Wh = 6000mAh @3.7v. Full Charging Time takes about 2 hours.
  • Multiple safety protections including reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, fused lead and fused diode protection for a reverse charge.

Portable Power Bank Jump Car Australia mpower

mPower Safety Features

The Mini Jump has all the new safety features you would expect from a quality jump starter like Reverse polarity protection; Short circuit protection; Fused lead; Fused diode protection for the reverse charge. This makes it user-friendly for any member of the family to get themselves out of trouble when they have a flat battery.

If you want a mini jump starter that is one of the smallest on the market much like the Minimax as seen on TV, very similar specifications. But much cheaper.

STANLEY P2G7S Simple Start Lithium Battery Booster

best mini jump starter australia

Stanley is new to the market of Lithium Ion jump starters. But they have been long-term players in the more traditional heavy duty jump starters that include air compressors.

  • Patented Cold Start Intelligence and Up Charge Technology
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Connect two ways – directly to your car battery or plug into your vehicle’s accessory cigarette outlet.
  • 2.0 USB port
  • Emergency LED light

How to Boost your Car using the Stanley Simple Start

There are two ways to use the Stanley Simple Start jump starter.

  1. Use the alligator clamps like a tradition booster pack. All jump starters use alligator clamps just like the old jumper leads. Its the best was to provide quick amps to your battery to start your car or boat.
  2. The second way is to use the cigarette power adaptor to back feed electricity to your battery via the accessory port inside your car. Now all cars will have one of these unless your car is very old.

The only downside of using the cigarette lighter port to start your car is that it will take around 20 minutes plus to get enough power into the battery. Most of us are in a hurry so we want that car started now.

It just makes it user-friendly so people don’t have to open the hood of the car to jump start it.

Stanley Simple start light indicators

The SIMPLE START™ Li-Ion Battery Booster is equipped with an LED indicator ring that changes color depending on the unit’s function or condition.
This guide indicates what the icons and colors mean:

stanley simple start fault indicator lights meaning


Multi-colored flashes indicate the unit is not able to perform.

The unit has detected a problem with the vehicle’s battery.

The unit’s internal battery is extremely low and needs to be
recharged immediately or the unit will automatically shut down.

RED: YELLOW The unit’s internal battery is extremely low and needs to be
recharged immediately or the unit will automatically shut down.

I really like this Mini Jump Starter, the reviews from Australians have been very positive. It makes the jump starting process super easy without even getting your hands dirty.

ENERGYFLO X-21 12V New Professional Lithium Power Pack and Jump Starter (with Safe Clamps)

best jump starter australia
Click for more information over at Amazon

The Energyflo x-21 is slightly different to the other compact jump starters shown here as it has the top side filled with 45 very bright LEDs. These are for emergency lighting which comes in very handy. Seems to throw out a wide beam of light.

With the safety circuit built into the battery clamps, you can rest assured that this device is safe for your whole family to use.

  • Very compact and powerful
  • up to 450 Peak Amps
  • Comes with an UltraSafe set of clamps to avoid short circuits
  • Very large and bright LED lights and Emergency lights (Red/Blue LEDs)
  • USB Port and Multi USB cable to recharge any kind of phone or tablet
  • Comes in a premium bag with accessories
  • It has 11,000 mAh internal battery.

Mini Jump Starter Reviews Australia Conclusion

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any of these quality small jump starters. They all post to Australia at very reasonable rates with a good warranty. (At the time of writing)

I can defiantly recommend the Suaoki u10 and the newer Gooloo 800A which we have started keeping in both of our cars. They are very popular due to the small size and often they get rebranded to many other different models. We use it regularly to give our Phones a quick boost while away from home. It cost slightly more than some of the other models, but you get a whole lot more bang for your buck.

Keep your family safe, and plan for emergencies. Get your self a small reliable jump starter today. You never know when you will need it.

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I have read specs for the RG600 and most say it is suitable for up to 2.5 l diesel Yours says up to 3l My car is 2.5l diesel so I need to get this right
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